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Families covered: Dawson of Armagh, Dawson of Charlesfort, Dawson of Clare Castle, Dawson Lord Cremorne, Dawson of Dawson's Grove

BP1895 reports of this family that "The Dawsons, originally from Yorkshire, removed to Ireland towards the close of Queen Elizabeth's reign."
Thomas Dawson of Armagh (a temp James I who r. 1603-1625)
1. John Dawson of Armagh (d 1691)
  m. Annie Richardson
  A. Walter Dawson of Armagh (d 1704)
  m1. Mary Dixie (dau of Edward Dixie)
  i. Walter Dawson of Dawson's Grove, co. Monaghan
  m. (11.1672) Frances Dawson (dau/heir of Richard Dawson of Dawson's Grove)
  a. John Dawson (dvpsp, 2nd son)
  m. Eleanor Dawson (dau of James Dawson of New Forest, co. Tipperary)
b. Richard Dawson of Dawson's Grove (d 29.12.1766, MP, banker, alderman of Dublin)
  m. (1723) Elizabeth Vesey (dau of John Vesey, Archbishop of Tuam)
  (1) John Dawson (d 1742)
  (2) Thomas Dawson, Lord Dartrey, Viscount Cremorne, 1st Lord Cremorne (b 25.02.1725, d 01.03.1813)
  m1. (15.07.1754) Anne Fermor (d 01.03.1769, dau of Thomas Fermor, 1st Earl of Pomfret)
  (A)+ issue (dvp) - Richard (d unm 03.03.1778), daughter (d young)
  m2. (08.05.1770) Philadephia Hannah Freame (dau of Thomas Freame of Philadephia by Margaretta, dau of William Penn (founder of Philadephia))
  (C)+ other issue (dvp) - Thomas (b c1771, d 09.10.1787), daughter (d young)
  (3) Richard Dawson of Ardee (d 1782)
  m. (1758) Ann O'Brien (dau of Sir Edward O'Brien, 2nd Bart of Dromoland)
  (A) Richard Dawson (d 03.09.1807, MP)
  m. (1784) Catharine Graham (dau of Arthur Graham of Hockley)
  (i) Richard Thomas Dawson, 2nd Lord Cremorne (b 31.08.1788, d 21.03.1827) had issue
  m. (10.03.1815) Anne Elizabeth Emily Whaley (dau of John Whaley of Whaley Abbey, m2. Maj. Gen. J. Dawson Rawdon)
  (ii) Penelope Catherine Dawson (d 1837)
  m. Jean Fidelle D'Hersant (Monseigneur)
  (iii) Anna Maria Dawson (d unm 27.04.1883)
  (iv) Eliza Dawson (d 23.06.1850)
m. Simon Bunbury Isaac of Holywood House
  (v) Louisa Dawson (d 03.11.1879)
  m. Charles Coote of Bellamont Forest
  (B) Thomas Vesey Dawson (b 1768, dsp, dean of Clonmacnoise, 3rd son)
  m. (1793) Anna Maria Balfour (dau of Blayney Townley Balfour)
  (C) Mary Dawson (d 1831)
  m. (1783) Windham Quin (Colonel)
  (D) Henrietta Frances Dawson
  m. Charles Rawdon (Colonel)
  (E)+ other issue - Edward (b 1767, Lt. Colonel), Lucius Henry (d 1795, Captain RN)
  (4) Frances Dawson
  m. (07.1748) Windham Quin of Adare (b 1717, d 04.1789)
c.+ other issue - Walter (dvpsp), Mary, Elizabeth
  ii. Thomas Dawson of Termonmaguirk, co. Armagh (d 1728)
  The following is supported by BLG1886 (Westropp-Dawson of Charlesfort).
  m. Mary
  a. Chapell Dawson of Dublin (b 1699)
  m. (06.1731) Hannah Maria Townley (dau of Thomas Townley of Dromroosk)
  (1) Thomas Townley Dawson of Kinscaly
  m. (11.1759) Joanna Saunders (dau of Anderson Saunders of Newtown Saunders)
  (A) Katherine Maria Dawson (b 1760-1, d 24.02.1851)
  m1. James Tisdall of Bawn
  m2. (04.06.1798) Charles William Bury, 1st Earl of Charleville (b 30.06.1764, d 31.10.1835)
(2) Hannah Dawson
  m. Archibald Richardson
  (3)+ other issue - Jane (b 15.05.1733), Mary (b 29.06.1734), Charity (b 28.03.1736)
  b. Walter Dawson of Clare Castle, co. Armagh (d 1756)
  m1. Elizabeth Newton of Charlesfort (dau/heir of Rev. Edmund Newton of Umrigar)
(1) Thomas Dawson of Clare Castle
  m. Sarah Miles
  (A) Charlotte Eliza Dawson
  m1. Rev. Charles Dawson @@ just below
  m2. John Charles Archdall (Archdeacon of Ferns)
  (2) James Dawson of Forkhill, co. Armagh
  m. (03.06.1798) Olivia Daly ('dau of Matthew Daly')
  (A) Matilda Ellen Dawson (d 12.09.1868)
  m. (17.06.1822) Sir John Slade of Maunsell, 1st Bart
  (B)+ other issue - Richard (dsp 1866), Vesey Thomas (had issue)
(3) Charles Dawson of Charlesfort, co. Wexford (b 1745, d 1833)
  m. Deborah (dau of John Bury, alias Palliser, of Comragh)
  (A) Walter Dawson of Charlesfort (d unm 1859)
  (B) Charles Dawson (Rev.) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Charlotte Eliza Dawson (dau of Thomas Dawson of Clare Castle) @@ just above
  (C) Richard Dawson of Bunratty (d 1817) had issue
  m. Ellen Studdert
  (D) Eliza Dawson
  m. (1815) Clement Wilward of Tullogher (Admiral RN)
  (E) Jane Dawson (d 1859)
  m. (1813) Montiford Westropp of Mellon (b 1781, d 1843)
  Charlesfort passed to one of their sons who took the name Westropp-Dawson.
  (F) Anna Dawson
  m. Henry Butler of Castle Crine
  m2. (06.1741) Katherine Grattan (dau of Henry Grattan)
  m3. Elizabeth Fenton (widow of _ BEnnett)
  c. Charity Dawson
  m. John Lyndon of Glasnevin
  d. Mary Dawson
  m. _ Fulton
  e.+ other issue - Edward, Elizabeth (d unm 1775), Margaret, daughter
  iii. Edward Dawson
  iv. Margaret Dawson
  m. _ Colyer of Donegal
  v. Mary Dawson
  m. Francis Foster
  vi. Elizabeth Dawson
  m. _ Fletcher
  m2. (02.12.1680) Anne Jeeves (dau of John Jeeves of Drogheda)
  B. Margaret Dawson
  m. (11.1696) Richard Chapell

Main source(s): BP1895 (Dartrey) with input/support as reported above
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