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Families covered: Cappe of York, Crew of Holt, Crue of Chester, Cart of Hansworth, Cart of Manchester, Crawshay of Cyfarthfa, Crawshay of Stoke Newington, Child of Surat

Joseph Cappe of Leeds (b c01701, d 1749, minister, "of a Lincolnshire family")
m. ?? Newcome (dau/coheir of ?? Newcome of Waddington)
1. Newcome Cappe of York (b 21.02.1732-3, d 24.12.1800, minister)
  m1. ?? Turner (dau of William Turner of Hull by dau of Samuel Blythe of Norton Lees)
  A. Joseph Cappe of York (d unm)
  B. Sarah Cappe
  m. John Bell of Overton
  C.+ other issue - William of London (a 1821), Robert of York (d unm), Mary (a 1821), Anne (a 1821)
  m2. (sp) Catherine Harrison d 29.07.1821, dau of Jeremiah Harrison (vicar of Catterick) by Sarah, dau of Edmund Winn of Ackton & aunt of Sir Edmund Winn of Ackton, Bart)
2. Mary Cappe (d unm c1806)



Randle Crew of Holt
m. Jane Edgworth of Holt
1. Randle Crew of Holt
  m. Margaret Dod (dau of Owen Dod of Sutton in Escoyd)
  A. Thomas Crew
2. William Crew or Crue of Chester (d by 1704, ironmonger)
  FMG does not actually connect William Crue & descendants with William Crew & parents/siblings but, under the latter, reports "This is clearly the William (above)".
  m. Susanna (a 1704)
  A. ?? Crue of Chester
  i. William Crue of Chester (d unm)
  ii. Susan Crue (d unm)
  iii. Catherine Crue
  m. _ Cross
  B. Susanna Crue (d 29.09.1719)
  m. John Eddowes of Nantwich (b 1678, d 07-8.1738)
  C. Mary Crue
  m. John Moulson of Chester (dsps, m2. ?? Kirks of Chester)
3. Samuel Crew of Holt
  m. Alice Read
  A.+ issue - Randle, Thomas, Jane



William Cart (rector of Tankersley)
1. George Cart (bur 06.02.1623-4, clerk, schoolmaster)
2. William Cart of Worksop (d 08.10.1644, rector of Hansworth)
  m. (11.05.1615) Catherine Hardstaffe (bur 25.04.1654)
A. John Cart (bpt 13.02.1619, bur 08.09.1674, rector of Hansworth)
  m1. (24.03.1648) Emote Steade (d 20.04.1652, dau of Nicholas Steade of Onesacre)
  i. John Cart of Manchester & Herringthorpe (bpt 21.04.1650)
  m. (13.05.1680) Sarah Morewood (dau/coheir of Andrew Morewood of Hallows (Dronfield) by Mary, dau of William Spencer of Attercliffe)
  a. Mary Cart (d 15.12.143)
  m1. John Waterhouse of Sheffield (bpt 30.08.1666, bur 15.08.1714, son of Robert of Sheffield, m1. Rebecca Bower (d 1708))
  m2. (1716) James Walker of Manchester
  b. Elizabeth Cart (b 06.02.1682-3, d 30.09.1763)
  m. Gamaliel Lloyd of Manchester (d 1749)
  c. Bethia Cart
  m. Richard Butler of Manchester (haberdasher)
  (1) Sarah Butler (d 21.12.1784)
  m. John Ravald of Manchester
  (A) John Ravald (b 1735, d unm 1763)
  (2)+ "several sons" (dsp?)
  ii. William Cart (bpt 20.07.1651, a 1669)
  m2. (02.01.1655-6) Mary Saunderson (bpt 29.05.1622, d 09.051696, dau of Nicholas Saunderson of Sheffield)
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 02.08.1657, d 17.11.1658), Mary (bpt 10.03.1661, bur 22.08.1678), Elizabeth (bpt 10.10.1662, bur 03.01.1662-3)
  B. Ann Cart (bpt 13.07.1628)
m. (01.04.1657) Matthew Bloom (minister)
  i.+ issue (a 1699) - Ann, 4 others
  C. Elizabeth Cart
  m1. (28.05.1650) Alexander Hodgkin of Amsterdam (bpt 26.02.1624)
  i. Mary Hodgkin (bpt 258.03.1653)
  m. (18.02.1668-9) (Gilbert) Bury
  ii. Elizabeth Hodgkin (a 1669)
  m2. Anthony South of Cliffe Regis (b 05.02.1611-2, a 1681)
  D. Catheirne Cart
  m. (06.12.1646) Robert Wright
  i. Susanna Wright
  E. Mary Cart (bpt 10.02.1621-2, bur 11.01.1683)
  m1. Robert Hoole of Attercliffe
  m2. (26.10.1663) Thomas Bretland of Sheffield (grocer)
  F.+ other issue - William (bpt 05.05.1616), Francis (bpt 21.03.1617), Charles (bpt 15.06.1637)



Richard Crawshay of Cyfartha House, Glamorganshire (b 1739, d 27.06.1810, ironmonger, "from Normanton, Yorks.")
m. Mary Bicklewith (d 03.1811)
1. William Crawshay of Cyfarthfa & Stoke Newington (Middlesex) (b 1764, d 11.08.1834)
  m. Eliza Couzens (d 30.09.1825)
  A. Richard Crawshay of Towfant (Sussex) & Honingham Hall (Norfolk), later of Ottershaw Park (Surrey) (b 01.09.1786, d 22.05.1859) had issue
  m. (26.10.1808) Mary Homfray (d 17.07.1863, dau of Francis Homfray of The Hyde)
  B. William Crawshay of Cyfartha Castle & Cabersham Park, Sheriff of Glamorganshire (b 27.03.1788, d 04.08.1867, ironmaster) had issue
  m1. (1808) Elizabeth Homfray (b c1785, d 1813, dau of Francis Homfray of The Hyde)
  m2. Isabel Thompson (d 28.05.1827, dau of William Thompson of Craigrig (Westmorland))
  m3. (08.06.1828) Isabella Johnson (d 15.01.1885, dau of William Johnson, sister of Richard of the Rhymney Works)
  C. George Crawshay of Colney Hatch (b 12.03.1461, d 27.11.1873) had issue
  m. (1818) Josephe Louise Dufaud of Fourchambault (d 30.04.1883)
  D. Eliza Crawshay of Stoke Newington (b 1790, d 01.06.1877)
  m. Rev. Augustus Clissold (d 30.10.1882)
  E. Mary Crawshay (b 13.08.1793, d 06.04.1881)
  m. Frederick Wood (Captain)
2. Charlotte Crawshay
  m1. (16.12.1801) Benjamin Hall of Hensol Castle & Abercarn (MP)
  m2. S. Hawkins of Court Herbert



TCB reports that the relationship between the following family and that shown on Child01 "is not clear" but the will of the undermentioned Sir John, 1st Bart, includes mention of Sir Josiah, the 1st Bart of that line.
John Child of Brentford & Colebrook, Middlesex
m. Margaret Reade of Brentford "said to be" parents of ...
1. Theophilus Child of Newton, Northamptonshire (a 1689) the first mentioned by BEB1841 which names him John
  m. Frances Goodyear (dau of Francis Goodyear of Herefordshire, sister of John (Deputy Governor of Bombay))
  A. Sir John Child of London & Surat, 1st Bart (d 1690, President of the Council in Surat, General)
  m. (by 1678) Susanna Shackstone (d by 1697, dau of John Shackstone (Deputy Governor of Bombay), m2. George Weldon)
i. Sir Caesar Child of Cleybury (Barking, Essex), 2nd Bart, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (b c1678, d 07.03.1724/5)
  m. (01.12.1698) Hester Evance (bur 14.03.1732/3, dau of John Evance of London (by Hester), niece of Sir Stephen Evance)
  a. Sir Caesar Child of Wyvenhoe (Essex), 3rd Bart (b 08.02.1701/2, d unm 24.09.1753)
  b. Hester Child (bpt 11.04.1700, bur 27.05.1723
  m. (1716) John Tyssen
  c. Sjusanna Child
  m. (1721) William Cleland
  d. Anne Child
  m. (1724) James Collet
  e. Elizabeth Child
  m. William Cleland of Tapley Hall
  e. Frances Child (b c1717, d 18.12.1759) who married ...
  m. Nicholas Corsellis of Wivenhoe
  f.+ other issue (d unm) - Stephen, John
  ii. John Child (d unm 1718)
  B. daughter
  m. _ Ward of Bombay
  C. daughter
  m. Thomas Mitchel of Bombay

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