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Families covered: Coleridge of Ottery St. Mary, Crochrode of Toppesfield, Chinnery of Flintfield, Cosin/Cosyn (Bishop of Durham), Chaucer of London

John Coleridge of Crediton, Devon
1. John Coleridge (b 21.01.1719, d 1781, vicar of Ottery St. Mary)
m1. (24.05.1743) Mary Lendon (d 1753)
  A.+ 3 daughters (dsp)
  m2. Anne Bowden (d 1809, dau of Roger Bowden)
  D. James Coleridge of Ottery St. Mary (b 03.12.1759 (or 15.12.1760), d 10.01.1836, Colonel, 3rd son)
  m. (28.02.1788) Frances Taylor (d 05.08.1838, dau of Bernard Frederick Taylor by Frances, dau of George Duke)
  i. James Duke Coleridge (b 13.06.1789, d 26.12.1857, prebendary of Exeter) had issue (2 daus)
  m. (09.06.1814) Sophia Badcock (dau of Col. Stanhope Badcock)
  ii. Sir John Taylor Coleridge of Ottery St. Mary (b 09.07.1790, d 11.02.1876, recorder of Exeter, judge) had issue
  m. (07.08.1818) Mary Buchanan (dau of Rev. Gilbert Buchanan)
  iii. Francis George Coleridge (b 25.12.1794, d 26.08.1854) had issue
  m. Harriet Norris (dau of Thomas Norris)
  iv. Henry Nelson Coleridge (b 25.10.1798, d 26.01.1843) had issue
  m. (03.09.1829) Sara Coleridge (dau of Samuel Taylor Coleridge) @@ below
  v. Edward Coleridge (b 11.05.1800, d 18.05.1883, vicar of Maple Durham)
  m1. (03.08.1826) Mary Keate (d 10.121859, dau of Rev. John Keate)
  m2. (04.09.1862, sp?) Mary Caroline Bevan (d 05.03.1907, dau of Rev. George Jones Bevan)
  vi. Frances Duke Coleridge
  m. Sir John Patteston (d 28.06.1861)
E. Edward Coleridge of Ottery St. Mary
  m1. Elizabeth Wagg (dsp)
  m2. (18.08.1802) Anne Bowden (dau of Robert Bowden)
  i.+ issue (dsp) - Edward Ellis (b 24.05.1803), Elizabeth (d 16.01.1895), daughter
  F. George Coleridge (d 12.01.1828, schoolmaster)
  m. Jenny Hart (dau of Richard Hart of Exeter)
  i. George May Coleridge (b 26.10.1798, d unm, vicar of St. Mary Church)
  G. Luke Herman Coleridge of Thorverton, Devon (b 18.10.1765, d 1790, surgeon)
  m. Sarah Hart (dau of Richard Hart of Exeter)
  i. William Hart Coleridge, Bishop of Barbados (b 27.06.1789, d 20.12.1849) had issue
m. (11.10.1825) Sara Eliza Rennell (dau of Thomas Rennell, Dean of Winchester, by dau of Sir William Blackstone)
  H. Samuel Taylor Coleridge (b 20.10.1772, d 25.07.1834, poet, 8th son)
  m. (08.1795) Sarah Fricker (dau of Stephen Fricker, sister of Mrs. Southey)
  i. Hartley Coleridge (d 06.01.1849, author & poet)
  ii. Derwent Coleridge (b 14.09.1800, d 28.03.1883, writer & divine) had issue
  m. (06.12.1827) Mary Simpson Pridham (d 11.09.1887, dau of John Drake Pridham of Plymouth)
  iii. Sara Coleridge (b 1803, d 03.05.1852)
  m. (03.09.1829) Henry Nelson Coleridge @@ above
  I.+ other issue (d unm) - John (b c1756, d 1787, Captain), William (b c1757, d 1780, cleric), Francis Syndercombe (b c1771, d 1792), Ann (b c1768, d 1791)



The name of this family also appears as Crachrode, Crachroode, Crocherode and probably has other variations.
Robert Crochrode (a 1341)
1. Thomas Crochrode (a 1415)
  A. John Crochrode
m. Agnes Gates (dau of John Gates son of Sir John of Rivenall)
  i. John Crochrode of Toppesfield, Essex
  m. Agnes Carter (dau of Thomas Carter)
  a. William Crochrode of Toppesfield (d 10.01.1585)
m. (c1530) Elizabeth Raye ((d 17.02.1587, dau of John Raye of Denton)
  (1) Thomas Crochrode of Toppesfield
  m. Ann Mordant (dau of Robert Mordant or Mordaunt of Hempsted)
  (A) William Crochrode (dsp)
  (B) Thomas Crochrode of Fincham, Norfolk (a 1612, 1634)
  m. Susan Godbold (dau or Richard Godbold of Swaffham or Fincham)
  (i)+ issue (a 1634), Mordant, Thomas, John, Richard, Elizabeth (a 1612), Bridget, Susan
  (C) Elizabeth Crochrode
  m. John Freer or Frere of Belchamp St. Paul
  (D) Barbara Crochrode
  m. _ Harris of Cambridge
  (E) Frances Crochrode
  m. Robert Wilkins of Bumpsted and/or Ugley
  (F) Anne Crochrode
m. John Allston of Otton Belcham
  (G) Jane Crochrode
  m. John Cole of Hempsted
  (H) Barbara Crochrode
  m. Thomas Bull
  (2) Matthew Crochrode of Cavendish, Suffolk
  m. (1572) Mary Smith (dau of John Smith of Denston)
  (A) Bridget Crochrode probably of this generation
  m. George Kempe of Wooddalling (d before 10.03.1646)
  (B) Agnes Crochrode probably of this generation
  m. Christopher Kempe of Finchilde
  (3) John Crochrode of Toppesfield
  m1. Susan Cheshul (dsp, dau of William Cheshull alias Chishul of Little Bardfield)
m2. Ellenor Harlakenden of Kent
  (A)+ issue - John, Dorcas
  (4) Anne Crochrode
  m. John Motham of Marks Tey
  (5)+ other issue - Thomas, William
  b. Ellen Crochrode (d 1578)
  m. William Hunte of Gosfilde (d 1552)
  c. Joanne Crochrode
  m. John Tendringe of Boram
  d. Jullian Crochrode
  m. _ Lee of Essex
  e. Jayne Crochrode
  m. Peter Fitche of Writtal
  ii.+ other issue - William (a 1509, Clerk of the Green Cloth), John



TCB starts with Rev. George but his son married his cousin so we start with Rev. George's unnamed father:
?? Chinnery
1. George Chinnery of Midleton, co. Cork (d before 23.04.1755, Rev.)
  m. Eleanor Whitfield (dau of William Whitfield by Catherine, sister of Alan Brodrick, 1st Viscount Midleton)
  A. George Chinnery, Bishop of Cloyne (dsp 20.08.1780)
  B. son
  C. Sir Broderick Chinnery of Flintfield, Sheriff of co. Cork, 1st Bart (b c1740, d 05.1808, MP)
  m1. (02.1768) Margaret Chinnery (d 01.10.1783, dau/heir of Nicholas Chinnery of Flintfield, cousin) @@ just below
  i. Sir Broderick Chinnery of Flintfield, 2nd Bart (b 29.05.1779, d 19.01.1840, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (25.02.1803) Diana Elizabeth Vernon (d 16.06.1824, dau of George Vernon of Clontarf Castle by Elizabeth, relict of ?? Hughes)
  ii.+ other issue - Nicholas (b c1769, d unm 1790), George (b 1773-4, d 08.1797)
2. Nicholas Chinnery of Flintfield, co. Cork
  m. Barbara O'Callaghan (dau of Roger O'Callaghan of Derrygallon)
  A. Margaret Chinnery (d 01.10.1783)
  m. (02.1768) Sir Broderick Chinnery of Flintfield, 1st Bart (b c1740, d 1808) @@ just above



Giles Cosyn of Norwich (d 1609, "of the family of the Seaven Burnhams in Norfolk")
m. Elizabeth Remington of Norfolk
1. John Cosin or Cosyn, Bishop of Durham (b 30.11.1594, d 15.01.1672)
  The dates for Bishop John comes from Wikipedia ("John Cosin").
  m. Frances Blakiston (dau of Marmaduke Blakiston, son of Sir William of Blakeston)
  A. John Cosin (b c1633, a 09.1666)
  B. Mary Cosin (bur 05.12.1680)
  m. Sir Gilbert Gerard (son of Ratcliffe (brother of Thomas, Lord of Gerard Bromley))
  C. Elizabeth Cosin or Cosens
  m1. Henry Hutton (son of Sir Richard of Goldsborough)
  m2. Sir Thomas Burton of Brumpton
  m3. Samuel Davison of Wingate Grange (son of Sir Alexander of Blakeston)
  D. Frances Cosin
  m. Charles Gerard (brother of Sir Gilbert)
  E. Anne Cosin (Cosyn)
  m. Dennis Grenevile (son of Sir Bevile of Kilkhampton, brother of John, Earl of Bath)



Robert Chaucer of Ipswich & London (b c1288, d 1314/5)
m. Mary Heron
1. John Chaucer of London (b c1312, d 1368)
  m1. Joan de Esthalle (a 1331)
  A. Geoffrey Chaucer (b c1340, d 25.10.1400, author, poet)§G
  m1. Philippa Roet (b c1351, d 1387, dau of Sir Payn de Roet)
  i. Thomas Chaucer of Ewelme (b 1367/8, d 1434, Speaker of the House of Commons)
  m. Maud de Burghersh (b c1379, d 04.1436/7, dau of Sir John de Burghersh)
  a. Alice Chaucer (b 1404, d 1475)
  m1. Sir John Philip (d 02.10.1415)
  m2. (sp) Thomas Montagu, 4th Earl of Salisbury (b 1388, d 03.11.1428)
  m3. (11.11.1430) William de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk, Earl of Pembroke (b 16.10.1396, d 02.05.1450)
  ii. Elizabeth Chaucer (b c1365?, nun)
  m2. Cecily Chaumpaigne
  Uncertain which wife was mother of ...
  iii.+ other issue - Lewis (b 1381, a 1403), Agnes (a 1399), Katherine
  m2. Agnes de Copton (d c1381)

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