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Families covered: Camoys of Camoys, Chattan of Chattan, Chamond of Launcells (Lancells)

Ralph de Camoys (d 1259)
m. Ascelina de Torpel
1. Ralph de Camoys, Baron (d by 1277)
  A. Sir John de Camoys (d c1297)
  m. (by 1279) Margaret de Gatesden (d before 01.1311, dau of Sir John de Gatesden)
  'The Hundred of Launditch and Deanery of Brisley' (G.A. Carthew, 1877, Part 1, p241) shows Margaret (m2. William Pagnell) as dau of John de Gatesden (by Hawisia de Nevill), son of John son of?? by Ermengarde, dau/coheir of John de Bidun of Kirkby.
  i. Sir Ralph de Camoys, Baron (d 1336, Constable of Windsor Castle)
  m1. (1303) Margaret de Braose (dau of William de Braose or Brewes)
  a. Sir Thomas de Camoys (dsps 10/11.04.1372)
  m. Margaret
  (1) Ralph de Camoys (dvp)
  m2. (before 1319) Elizabeth (a 1370, dau/sister of William de Rogate)
  b. John de Camoys
  m. Margaret Foliot (dau/sister of Richard Foliot)
TCP and BP1934 both report that John married Margaret Foliot (BP1934 as daughter of Richard Foliot, TCP as sister) but TCP reports that it is "very doubtful" that she was Thomas's mother because Thomas did not inherit any of the Foliot estates. The ancestry of the following Thomas is given very differently in Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Lewknor) so, given the uncertainty mentioned by TCP, we will review that in due course.
  (1) Sir Thomas de Camoys, 1st Lord of Broadwater (d 28.03.1419/21)
  m1. Elizabeth Louches (dau of William Louches of Milton)
  (A) Sir Richard de Camoys (dvp)
  m. Joan Poynings (dau of Richard, Lord Poynings)
(i) Hugh de Camoys, 2nd Lord (b before 1415, d unm 18.06.1426)
  (ii) Margaret Camoys
  m. Ralph Radmylde of Sussex (d 03.08.1443)
  (a) Robert Radmylde
  ((1)) Sir William Radmylde (dsp 1499)
  (b) Margaret Radmylde
  m. John Goring of Lancing / Burton (d 1495)
(c) Isabella or Elizabeth Radmylde
  m. Nicholas Lewknor (a 1473)
  (iii) Alianora or Allice Camoys
  m. Sir Roger Lewknor of Horsted Keynes
  (B) Maud Camoys
  m. Edward Courtenay, 3rd Earl of Devon (b c1357, d 05.12.1419)
  (C) Alice Camoys (a 01.1455)
  m. Sir Leonard Hastings (b 1396, d 20.10.1455)
  m2. Elizabeth Mortimer (b 1371, d 20.04.1417, dau of Edmund Mortimer, 3rd Earl of March)
  ii. Mary or Isabell Camoys possibly fits here
  m. Sir Roger Covert
2. Ela Camoys possibly fits here
  m. Sir Piers de Goushill of Goxhill, Baron (d before 01.07.1286, son of Sir Giles of Goxhill, Sheriff of Lincoln then York)
  A. Ralph de Goushill of Goxhill (b c1274, d before 30.08.1294)
  m. Hawise FitzWarine (d 02.09.1344, dau of Sir Fulk FitzWarin)
  i. Margaret de Goushill (b 12.05.1294, d 29.07.1349)
  This connection given by TCP (Goxhill).
  m1. Philip le Despenser (d 24.09.1313)
  m2. Sir John de Ros (dsp 1338)



Gillicattan or Gillichattan, 1st captain of Clan Chattan (a 1057)
In Gaelic, "gillichattan means 'servant of St. Chattan'. According to BLG1952, he was "the baillie or temporal leader of the Abbey lands of Ardchattan".
1. Diarmid, 2nd captain of Clan Chattan
  A. Gillicattan, 3rd captain of Clan Chattan (a temp David I 1124-53)
  i. Diarmid (dsp 1153)
  ii. Muirach (Murdoch), 4th captain of Clan Chattan (d after 1200)
  m. dau of Thane of Calder
  a. Gillicattan, 5th captain of Clan Chattan
  (1) Dougal Phaol, 6th captain of Clan Chattan (d temp Alexander III 1249-85)
  (A) Eva --
  m. (1291) Angus Mackintosh of Torcastle, 6th of Mackintosh (d 1345) --
  b. Ewan or Eugine Ban 'Macparson' (a temp Alexander II 1214-49)
  Ewan was known as 'mac parson' ie. son of the parson. He is regarded as the founder of Clan Macpherson.
  c.+ other issue - Neill, Ferquhard, David



Bartholomew Chamond of Trenouth Chamond, Cornwall
1. John Chamond or de Calvo Monte
  A. John Chamond or de Calvo Monte of Trenouth
  i. Sir Alexander Chamond of Launcells, Cornwall
  a. Alexander Chamond of Lancells
m. Elizabeth Treughans (dau/heir of Thomas Treughans)
  (1) Thomas Chamond of Lancells
  m. Agnes Worthe (dau of Thomas Worthe (Writhe) of Washfield)
  (A) Sir John Chamond of Lancells, Sheriff of Cornwall (d 13.01.1544)
  m1. Margaret Tregarthen (dau/coheir of Thomas Tregarthen)
  (i) Thomas Chamond of Lancells (b c1514)
  m. Christian Arscot (dau of John Arscot)
  (a) Margaret Chamond
  m1. Thomas Arundell of Tolverne
  m2. Richard Trevanyon
(b) Katherine Chamond
  m. _ Tripcony Edward?? see here ##
  (ii) Elizabeth Chamond
  m. Henry Courthi
  (iii) Agnes Chamond
  m. Edward Thorne
(iv) Jane Chamond
  m. Digory Penfound
  m2. Jane Grenvile (dau of Sir Thomas Grenvile, widow of Sir John Arundell of Trevice)
  (v) Richard Chamond of Lancells, Sheriff of Cornwall (b c1514, d 11.04.1599)
  m. Margaret Trevener (dau/coheir of Richard Trevener)
  (a) Digory Chamond of Lancells d 14.12.1611)
  (b) John Chamond of Lancells (b c1550, d 13.10.1624, 3rd son)
  (c) Gertrude Chamond
  m. Walter Porter of Lancells
  (d) Jane Chamond (b c1564)
  m. _ Taverner (d by 1624)
  (e)+ other issue - Richard, Charles, Emmanuel

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