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Families covered: Cuninghame of Auchinharvie (Auchenharvie), Cuninghame of Baidland (Cunynghame of Bedland), Cuninghame of Craigance, Cunyngham of Glengarnock

We hope to find more on the Cuninghams (or Conynghams) of Craigance. Paterson identifies the under-mentioned Robert as "faider-broder" (uncle) of William IV. From that we speculate that there were 3 Williams before him.
(William) Cuninghame of Craigance
1. William Cuninghame of Craigance
  m. Geils Campbell mother of Robert, presumed also of ...
  A. (William) Cuninghame of Craigance
  i. William Cuninghame of Craigance
  B. Robert Cuninghame of Bedland (Baidland) (a 1567) - continued below
  m. Christen Park (dau of William Park of that ilk)



Robert Cuninghame of Bedland (Baidland), also of Auchinharvie (a 1523, 1567) - continued above
Paterson (1/427) reports of Robert that "Of him the Soutbok, Bedland, and Auchinherview families sprang but mentions only his son John. Paterson (2/446) implies that Robert was successor in Auchinharvie of Edward Cuninghame, 4th son of 1st Earl of Glencairn, but does not specify whether the succession was by inheritance or purchase.
m. Christen (Christian) Park (dau/coheir of William Park of that ilk)
1. Edward Cuninghame of Auchinharvie (a 1526) this line given by Paterson (vol 2), the dates suggest that he was significantly older than John
A.+ issue - Margaret, Janet, Elizabeth, Helen
  One of these daughters married ...
  m. Adam Cuninghame of Auchinharvie ("presumed to have been of the Craigends family")
  i. Robert Cuninghame of Auchinharvie & Chapeltwon (a 03.1566)
  m. Elizabeth Boyle (dau of John Boyle of Kelburne) possibly wife of this Robert, possibly mother of ...
  a. Robert Cuninghame of Auchinharvie (a 1615)
  m1. Catherine Cuninghame (dau of Rev. Robert Cuninghame of Barnweil by Jean, dau of the Laird of Hunterston)
  (1) John Cuninghame of Auchinharvie succeeded by ...
  (2) Robert Cuninghame of Auchinharvie (a 1625)
  (A) Adam Cuninghame (dvp?)
  (B) Patrick Cuninghame of Kirkland named on TCB (vol 2, 'Cuningham of Auchenharvie', p153)
  (i) Sir David Cuninghame or Cunnignham of London, Balgray & Auchinharvie, Bart (d unm byr 07.02.1658/9)
m2. (before 1613) Kathrein Hunter (relict of Hew Garven)
2. John Cunynghame of Bedland (Baidland) (a 1613) this line given by Paterson (vol 1)
  m. Margaret Crawfurd (dau of _ Crawfurd of Flattertoun in Innerkip)
  A. John Cunynghame of Bedland (d 04.1635, minister of Dalry)
m(1). Jean Fleming (dau of Earl of Wigtown??)
  i. John Cuninghame of Baidland (a 1660)
  m1. Margaret Cunyngham (dau of ?? Cunyngham of Collelan)
  a. John Cuninghame of Baidland (a 1679)
  m. Elizabeth Cunynghame (dau of _ Cunynghame of Langmuir)
  (1) William Cuninghame (d young)
  (2) Elizabeth Cuninghame, heiress of Baidland
m. (c1686) Richard Cuninghame (son of Richard of Glengarnock) @@ below
  Paterson (1/428) identifies John's 2nd wife as a dau of _ Campbell of Gargunnock. TCB (vol 4, 'Cuningham of Auchenharvie', p295+), which (along with Paterson (2/446+)) supports the following line of Sir Robert, identifies her as ...
  m2. Jean Ker (dau of Robert Ker of Trearne)
  b. Sir Robert Cuninghame, 1st Bart of Auchinharvie (bur 04.03.1673/4, physician to Charles II)
  m1. (before 1653) Elizabeth Dundas (dau of _ Dundas by dau of Busby of Addington)
  m2. (14.05.1660) Elizabeth Henderson (dau of Sir John Henderson of Fordell by Margaret Monteith)
  (1) Sir Robert Cuninghame, 2nd Bart of Auchinharvie (bpt 07.08.1662, dsp before 29.08.1674)
  Paterson suggests that Robert was son of Elizabeth Dundas but TCB suggests that his mother was Elizabeth Henderson.
(2) Anne Cuninghame of Auchinharvie (d unm 1677)
  c. ?? Cuninghame
  (1) Robert Cuninghame of Edinburgh, later of Auchinharvie (d 10.07.1715, surgeon)
m. Anne Purves
  (A) James Cuninghame of Auchinharvie (d 12.1728)
  m. (c1711) Marion Fullarton (dau of (George) Fullarton of Fullarton)
  (i) Robert Cuninghame (b c1718, d unm 12.1733)
  (ii) Anne Cuninghame of Auchinharvie
  m. (07.1737) John Reid (son of Rev. William of Stevenston)
  Their elder on inherited Auchinharvie and assumed the name Cuninghame-Reid.
  (iii) Elizabeth Cuninghame (d unm)
  (iv) Barbara Cuninghame
  m. William Cuninghame in Kilwinning
  (B)+ 16 other children (11 d young)
  d. Euphame Cuninghame
  m. William Cunynghame (d 1669, minister of Kilbryde, "son of Collelan")
  m2. Jean Kerr (dau of _ Kerr of Trihorne) confusion with the next generation?
  Paterson reports that Crawfurd suggests that the sons of this marriage were Sir Robert of Auchinharvie and Gabriel (d Aldeton Moor) but that "This, however, does not accord with his latter-will." He reports the following children in addition to his successor John. We suspect that Paterson confused the generations and that this marriage was shown in error.
  ii.+ other issue - Gabriell in Irvine (d 1646), Robert, James, Lillias
  B. Gabriel Cunynghame, Provost of Glasgow (a 1639)
Paterson (2/446) identifies Christian's eldest daughter, albeit without confirming that she was also Robert's daughter, was ...
3. Janet Park, heiress of Park
  m. George Houstoun, later of Park



Richard Cuninghame of Glengarnock (d by 1671)
m. (1654) Elizabeth Heriot (d 03.1672, dau of James Heriot (probably not 'of Trabroun'), niece of George Heriot of Heriot's Hospital)
1. Richard Cunyngham, last of Glengarnock (b 1656)
  m. (c1686) Elizabeth Cunynghame, heiress of Baidland @@ above
  A. Margaret Cunyngham (b 05.1701)
  m1. (1743) John Wilson in Irvine
  m2. (1749) John McDowall (factor to Castlesemple)
  B.+ other issue - Richard (b 02.02.1687, a 1710), John (b 01.10.1690, a 1710), Alexander (b 13.07.1694), Robert (b 02.01.1699), ?? (b 12.07.1702), William (b 21.11.1703), Ann (b 16.06.1692), Euphame (b 03.1696), Mary (b 14.03.1705), son (d infant), 4 daughters (d infant)
2. Alexander Cunyngham (b 1665, d 1712, minister of Dreghorn, 5th son)
  m. Janet Aikenhead (dau of _ Aikenhead of Jaw)
  A. William Cunyngham
  m. Elizabeth Cuninghame (dau of Robert Cuninghame of Cayen in St. Christopher's, cousin)
  i.+ "several children" (all dsp)
  B. Richard Cunyngham (d 1760, minister at Symington)
  m. Ann Murray of Edinburgh (d 1775)
  i. Alexander Cuningham (b c1736, d unm 1782, minister at Symington)
  ii. Robert Cuningham of Blandford, Virginia (d 1796)
  m. Martha Baird ("an American lady")
  a.+ issue (in Virginia) - Alexander, Richard, 2 daughters (d unm)
  iii. Elizabeth Cuningham
  m. George Bannatyne (minister at Craigie, later in Glasgow, son of James of Edinburgh)
  C.+ other issue
3. Robert Cunyngham of Cayen in St. Christopher's, West Indies (b 1669)
  m1. (1693) Judith Elisabeth de Bonnisson (dau of Daniel de Bonnisson of Morlaix (France) by Mary, sister of Lt. General Charles de Barat, Sn de la Bodie)
  A. Daniel Cunyngham (6th son)
  m. Elizabeth Hodges (b c1700, d 1772, dau of Anthony Hodges, Governor of Montserrat)
  i. Robert Cunyngham in Montserrat
  iv. Anthony Cunyngham
  m. Harriet Rook
  iii. Elizabeth Philadelphia Cunyngham
  m. Charles Pearce of London
  iv. Henrietta Cunyngham
  m. John Knight of Seacastle, Worcestershire
  B.+ 14 others ("most of whom died young")
  m2. Mary Garnier ("his house-keeper")
  P. Susanna Cunyngham of Baidland
  m. _ Hay of Nunraw (Major)
4.+ other issue - John (a 1676, to IReland), William, David (a 1671)

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