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Families covered: Cunninghame of Ashinyards (Eissenyards), Cuningham of Cairncurran

James Cunninghame of Ashinyards (Eissenyards) (a 1567)
This section was first done using 'Topographical description of Ayrshire, more particularly of Cunninghame' (George Robertson, 1820, 'Cunninghame of Ashinyards', p200+). The section was redone (on 03.06.20) using Paterson who refers to Robertson's work and mentions some mistakes. However, Paterson generates some confusion on the next generation as he shows that James had 2 sons by Margaret Fleming (Alexander & William) but refers to Alexander being succeeded by his brother James and mentions other brothers, John & Robert. Robertson suggested that James, father of James & William, was son of the first James mentioned below rather than the same person.
m. Margaret Fleming (dau of Alexander Fleming of Barrochan)
1. Alexander Cunninghame of Ashinyards (Eissenyards) (a 1597, dsp 1613?)
2. James Cunninghame of Ashinyards (Eissenyards) (d 1616-7)
  m. Marion Fleming (d 12.1618)
  A. James Cunninghame of Ashinyards (Eissenyards)
  i. James Cunninghame of Ashinyards (Eissenyards)
m. Jean Campbell (a 1637) 
  a. William Cunninghame of Ashinyards & Whitehirst (a 1664, 1712)
  m. Margaret Wilkie
  (1) Elizabeth Cunninghame (b 1677)
  m. (1695) John Bowman of Glasgow (a 1715, Chief Magistrate)
  (3) Jean Cunninghame
  m. (1706) Andrew Martin of Lochridge, later of Ashinyards (d before 20.02.1739, preacher)
  (A) Andrew Martin (to West Indies)
  m. Isabel Aitchison
  (i) 2 children (d young)
  (B) Margaret Martin
m. (1728) _ Glasgow
  (C) Magdalene Martin
  m. _ Sommerville
  (3)+ other issue - Alan (a 14709, dvp), James (d young), Anna (b 1678)
3. Gawen or Gabriell Cunninghame (d 29.12.1623, 4th son)
  A.+ issue - Alexander, John, Gabriell, Marion
4. William Cunninghame (d before 1646, Clerk of the Signet, Depute-keeper of the Privy Seal, youngest son)
  m. Rebecca Muirhead (dau of laird of Lenhouse)
  A. Richard Cuninghame of Glengarnock (d by 1671)
  Richard bought Glengarnock from the Robertland family.
  m. (1654) Elizabeth Heriot (d 03.1672, dau of James Heriot)
  B. William Cunninghame
  C. Jean Cunninghame
  m. Alexander (Cunninghame) of Craigends
5. Jean Cunninghame
  m. Hew Campbell
6.+ other issue - John (d unm 1623), Robert



William Cuninghame of Cairncurran (a 1534)
1. Gabriel Cuningham of Caircurran
  A. William Cuningham of Cairncurran (1)
  Robertson reports (in 1818) that, from the time this William succeeded, "till the decease, in 1807, of William, the father of the present proprietor, there was an uninterrupted succession of Williams in the family of Cairncurran, he being the ninth William Cuningham, from father to son, in a direct line from the said Gabriel Cuningham." However, we suspect that there are too many generations!
  i. William Cuningham of Cairncurran (2)
  a. William Cuningham of Cairncurran (3)
  (1) William Cuningham of Cairncurran (4)
  (A) William Cuningham of Cairncurran (5)
  (i) William Cuningham of Cairncurran (6)
  (a) William Cuningham of Cairncurran (7)
  ((1)) William Cuningham of Cairncurran (8) (d 10.05.1734)
  Robertson reports that, in about 1722, William "removed the family residence from ancient Cairncurran to New Cairncurran, where he built a house and offices, and which were rebuilt afterwards by his successor in 1782."
  m. (1726) Margaret Coats (d 25.02.1770, dau of Rev. Charles Coats of Govan)
  ((A)) William Cuningham or Cunninghame of Cairncurran (9) (d 11.04.1807)
  m. (1768) Janet Lang (dau of Gabriel Lang of Overton)
  ((i)) Charles Cuningham of Cairncurran (a 1818, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (1802) Elizabeth Gray Park (dau of Robert Park of Glasgow)
  ((ii)) Margaret Cuningham
  m. John Speirs (physician in Greenock)
  ((iii))+ other issue - William (dvp 25.11.1776), Gabriel (dvp 24.01.1774), William (d 12.11.1798 in Jamaica), John (d 24.07.1808 in Jamaica), Alexander, Janet, Susan, Grace
  ((B))+ other issue - Charles, James, John, Margaret, Janet

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (redone 03.06.20) : 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 2, 1852, p248+)
(2) For lower section : Crawfurd (Ren) = 'A General Description of the Shire of Renfrew' (George Crawfurd, 'continued to the present period' by George Robertson, 1818, p405+)
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