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Families covered: Crowe of East Bilney, Crowe of Ennis, Crowe of Llangerne (Laugharne), Crowe of Mileham, Crowe of Norwich

Richard Crowe of Longham, Norfolk (a 1481)
1. Christopher Crow of Mileham, Norfolk (d 07.12.1527)
  m. Christian
  A. Thomas Crow (b c1501, dsp bur 11.06.1558)
B. Richard Crow (b c1502, a 1558)
  Carthew shows 2 names for Richard's wife/wives, Anne, dau of Thomas Townsend of Testerton, in brackets just above Katherine Skarlett (not in brackets). Noting the dates of the first Thomas Townsend of Testerton and that Richard's son Christopher married Susan Townsend, provisionally we omit further reference to Anne Townsend.
  m. Katherine Skarlett (dau of John Skarlett of East Dereham)
  i. Christopher Crowe of East Bylney (d 01.10.1612)
  m. Susan Townsend (dau of Thomas Townsend of Testerton)
  a. Christopher Crowe of East Bylney & Little Bittering (b c1572, d 06.10.1637)
  m1. Elizabeth Bozon (dau of Roger Bozon of Wysingsete)
  (1) Roger Crowe of Mileham (d 13.07.1640)
  m. Phillis (a 1642, dau of Elizabeth Hall of East Bilney, m2. Robert Dockant)
  (A) John Crowe of Mileham (bpt 01.08.1639, d before 08.04.1672)
  m. Dorothy Ball (bur 04.11.16783, dau of William Ball of Little Horsley)
  (i) John Crowe (bpt 09.08.1664, a 1686)
  m. Mary (a 1686)
  (a)+ issue - Mary (bpt 04.1684, bur 1684), Dorothy (bpt 02.1685)
(ii)+ other issue - Christopher (bpt 24.08.1669, bur 17.06.1682), William (bpt 21.10.1670, a 1686), Elizabeth (bpt 18.12.1665, a 1686), Anne (bpt 09.05.1667, a 1686), Dorothy (bpt 22.06.1668, bur 28.05.1670)
  (B) Roger Crowe (bpt 15.09.1640, a 1665)
  (2) Bozoun Crowe of East Bilney (a 08.1658)
  m. (before 20.12.1636) Elizabeth Gournay (dau of Thomas Gournay, sister of Edward of West Barsham)
  (A) Christopher Crowe of East Bilney (d 1706)
  m. (13.04.1662) Abigail Spelman (bpt 17.02.1641, bur 23.08.1721, dau of John Spelman of Narburgh (MP) by Anne, dau of Sir John Heveningham)
  (i) Spelman Crowe of East Bilney (a 1686, bur 28.11.1741, 2nd son)
  m. Amy Thorold (bur 05.01.1723-4, dau of William Thorold, widow of Roger L'Estrange of Hoe)
  (ii) Ann Crowe
  m. William Vesey of Hobland Hall then North Elmham
  (a) Katherine Vesey (b c1699, d 02.01.1773)
  m. John Munnings of Norwich
  ((1)) Christopher Munnings of Bilney Hall (b c1725-6, d 01.09.1805, Rector of Beetley & East Bilney)
  m. Mary Davy (d 14.10.1789, dau of Edward Davy of Mileham)
  ((A)) Ann Rachel Munnings (bpt 01.06.17**, d 04.11.1830)
  m. Paul Johnson of Runton (b 1758-9, d 30.07.1835, Rector of Beeston Regis & Ingworth)
  ((B)) Catherine Munnings (bpt 13.08.1766)
  m. N. Vicary of Holt (surgeon)
  ((C)) Mary Munnings (bpt 01.10.1763)
  m. _ Cox of Kingstoin-on-Thames
  ((D)) Elizabeth Munnings (bpt 02.05.1761)
  m. _ Lamb
  ((E)) Rebecca Munnings (bpt 21.05.1772)
  m. William Pearse of East Bilney (Steward to King George III)
  ((F))+ other issue - Thomas Crowe of Gorgate Hall in Hoe (bpt 18.11.1756, cleric, m. ??), Christopher (bpt 11.03.14768), John Spelman (bpt 10.08.1770), William Vesey (bpt 22.02.1774, d 04.02.1830), Sarah (bpt 23.11.1766), Charlotte (bpt 20.04.1769)
((2)) Anne Munnings
  ((3)) Dorothy Munnings
  m. William Webb of Gressenhall
  ((A)) William Webb had issue
(iii)+ other issue - Christopher (d 04.11.1690), Katherine (d before 08.09.1706), Dorothy (d unm bur 22.04.1732), Magdalene (d unm bur 11.07.1741), Clemence (a 1686, d unm bur 11.1738)
  (B)+ other issue (a 1658) - Gournay (a 1684), Elizabeth, Martha
  (3) William Crowe of East Bilney (a 1674, 4th son)
  m. (before 04.08.1637) Martha Heydon (dau of Sir (Christopher?) Heydon of Baconsthorpe)
  (A) John Crowe (a 1664, dsp)
(B) Anne Crowe (b c1639, a 1703)
  m. Henry Bedingfield of Sturston (d before 14.04.1694)
  (4) Hanson Crowe (dsp, Rector of Caister)
  m. Martha (dau/widow of _ Hayward)
  (5) Mary Crowe
  m. Thomas Bransby of Yarmouth
  (6)+ other issue - Christopher of East Bilney (dsp before 03.12.1684), John of Norwich (a 1663)
  m2. (05.11.1614) Mary Hunt (dau of Edm. Hunt of Hilderston, relict of _ Sutton)
  (8) Henry Crowe of Little Bittering (d before 04.05.1687)
  m. Ann Hawys (a 1683, dau of John Hawys of Norwich)
  (A)+ issue - John (bpt 23.01.1648-9), Henry (bpt 27.06.1651, bur 18.10.1651), Henry (bpt 13.02.1652-3), Christopher (b 26.03.1654), Mary (a 1683), Ann
  (9) Susan Crowe (a 1647)
  m. (before 07.04.1640) Edward Heare (a 1647)
  (10)+ other issue - Thomas (a 09.1658), Sarah (a 08.1637, 10.1647)
  b. Thomas Crowe
  c. Richard Crowe (d before 04.10.1664)
  (1) Thomas Crowe
  m. (05.10.1657) Mary
  (2) Richard Crowe
  d. William Crowe (d 07.1633, vicar of Mutford-cum-Barnby)
  m. Margaret (a 1633)
  (1) Henry Crow, Sheriff then Mayor of Norwich (bur 09.05.1686, 3rd son)
  m. (before 1663) Hannah (d before 07.01.1705)
  (A) Henry Crowe of Norwich (b 05.01.1667, dsp 08.04.1710, 2nd son)
  m. Jane Ward (b 1674-5, d 10.04.1708, dau of Sir Edward Ward of Bixley, Bart)
  (B) Thomas Crowe of London (b 12.10.1672, dsp 10.08.1751)
  m. Ann Kenrick (b 1689-90, d 28.08.1768, dau of John Kenrick of London & Flora)_
  (C)+ other issue - William of Norwich (b 06.04.1665, d unm bur 26.01.1701-2), Sarah (b 22.08.1663, bur 09.1663), Hannah (b 22.08.1663, bur 09.1663)
  (2) Frances Crowe (a 1685)
m. John Ward of Norwich
  (3) Margaret Crowe (a 1685)
  m. _ Borrett
  (4)+ other issue - William in Henstead, James in Mutford (a 1633), Elizabeth (a 1633)
  e. Jane Crowe (bur 06.04.1590)
  m. (08.04.1589) William Davy of Stanfield (m2. Margaret m3. Frances)
  f. Sarah Crowe
  m. P. Bishop of Wiveton
  g. Katherine Crowe (d before 18.12.1623)
  m. Edward Thurlow of Burnham
  h. Susan Crowe
  m. John Wymer
  ii.+ other issue - Nicholas, Thomas (cleric), "Divers daurs."



BEB1841 identifies the arms of the following family as "Gu. a chevron or, between three cocks ar.".
William Crowe of Socketts, Kent
m. Anne Sackville (dau/coheir of John Sackville of Chiddingstone)
1. Sir Sackville Crowe of Llangerne (Laugharne) (Caermarthenshire), 1st Bart (d 1683, MP, Treasurer of the Fleet)
  m. Mary Manners (dau of Sir George Manners of Haddon (by Grace, dau of Sir Henry Pierrepoint), sister of John, 8th Earl of Rutland)
  A. Sir Sackville Crowe of Llangerne, 2nd Bart (b c1674, dspms 21.06.1706)
  m1. (c02.1670) Anne Rouse (b c1641, d 13.12.1679, dau of Sir William Rouse, Bart)
  i. Sackville Crowe (b c1672, dvp unm 15.02.1700)
  ii. Jane Crowe
  m. Francis Cornwallis
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth Herbert (b 1636-7, d 21.06.1706, dau of William Herbert of Llangattock, widow of Sir Henry Vaughan of Derwhitt)



BLGI1912 identifies the arms of the following family as "Arg. on a mount vert an oak tree ppr., a canton gu. charged with an antique Irish crown or.".
Robert Crowe of Nutfield
1. Thomas Crowe (2nd son)
  A. Robert Crowe
  i. Thomas Crowe of Ennis, co. Clare
  m. _ Wainwright of Dublin
  a. Thomas Crowe of The Abbey, Ennis
  m. (1799) Ellen Tymons (dau of John Tymons of Ballyket)
  (1) Thomas Crowe of Dromore House, Sheriff (b 1803, d 1877) had issue
  m. (1838) Isabella Hume (d 07.069.1907, dau of William Hoare Hume of Huimewood)
  (2) John Crowe (Captain) had issue
  m. (18.08.1829) Frances Elizabeth Stather (dau of Hon. E. Stather of Nevis, West Indies)
  (3) Wainwright Crowe of Cahircalla, Ennis, Sheriff of co. Clare (b 29.12.1817)
  m. (29.04.1857) Annie Millicent Spaight (dau of Rev. George Spaight o Corbally)
  (4) Eliza Crowe
  m. William Keane of Ennis
  (5) Ellen Crowe
m. Jossph Tabuteau of Cork
  (6) Anne Crowe
  m. Thomas Keane of Ennis
  (7) Matilda Crowe
  m . James Johnston of Kincardine Castle
  (8)+ other issue (d unm) - James, William, Robert
  b. Anne Crowe (d 02.11.1846)
  Anne is mentioned in BLG1858 ('Crowe of The Abbey') which identifes her as an aunt of Wainwright Crowe.
  m1. William Arthur
  m2. Sir Henry Marsh of Dublin, Bart
  c.+ 3 sons (dsps) + 4 daughters

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(2) For middle section : BEB1841 ('Crowe of Llanherne'), TCB (vol 2, 'Crowe of Laugharne', p29)
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