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Families covered: Crispe of Clive, Crispe of Copcott (Copcote), Crispe of London,Crispe of Maidstone, Crispe of Marsfield, Crispe of Queckes (Queeks), Crispe of Stanlake

William Cripps alias Crispe of Stanlake, Oxfordshire
1. Henry Crispe of Stanlake
  m. Matilda Harcourt (dau of John Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt)
  A. John Crispe
  m. Anna Phillips (dau of William Phillips)
  i. Henry Crispe
  m. Jane Dyer (dau of Nicholas Dyer)
a. William Crispe
  m. Anna Darrington (dau of Sir John Darrington)
  b. John Crispe of Quecke or Queeks in Thanett, Kent
  m. _ Quekes (dau/heir of John Quekes of Quekes)
  (1) John Crispe 'of Quicks'
  m. Avicia Denne (dau/heir of Thomas Denne of Kingstone)
(A) John Crispe of Clive in Thanett
  m. Anna Tuke (dau of Robert Tuke)
  (i) Richard Crispe of Clive Court
  m. Jane Slyfield (dau of Edmond Slyfield (Slyfeild) of Surrey)
  (a) Sir Edmond Crispe
  (b) Elizabeth Crispe
m. Thomas Paramour (d 1601)
  (c) Margaret Crispe
  m. William Proud
  (ii) Henry Crispe of St. Johns
  m. Mary Culpeper (dau of Thomas Culpeper of Eylesford)
(a) Henry Crispe 'of Wrotham' (2nd son?)
  m. Elizabeth Norton (dau of John Norton of Boughton Monchensey)
  ((1))+ issue (a 1619) - Henry (b c1606), John (b c1609), Charles (b c1615), Mary, Elizabeth
(b)+ other issue (dsp) - Richard, Thomas
  (iii) Elizabeth Crispe
  m. Richard Lee of Maydston (Maidstone)
  (iv) Friswida or Frediswed Crispe
  m. _ Wolltet
  (v) Avice Crispe
  m. _ Adams
(B) Sir Henry Crispe of Queckes (Queekes) (a temp Henry VIII who r. 1509-1547)
  m. Anna Haselhurst (dau/heir of George Haselhurst)
  (i) Nicholas Crispe of Gregill, Sheriff of Kent (dvpsp)
  m. Frances Cheney (dau of Sir Thomas Cheney of Shurland)
  (ii) John Crispe of Queeke (Queeks)
  m. Elizabeth Roper (dau of Thomas Roper)
  (a) (Sir) Henry Crispe of Queekes (a 1619)
  m1. (sp) Elizabeth Monins (dau of Sir Edward Monins)
  m2. Ann Nevinson (dau of Thomas Nevinson of Eastry)
  (iii) Henry Crispe
  m. Anna Colepeper (dau of Thomas Colepeper of Eylesford)
  (a) Henry Crispe of Charde Magna 'of Quake'
  m. Mary Culpeper (dau of Sir Anthony Culpeper of Bedgebery)
  ((1))+ issue (a 1619) - Nicholas (b c1607), Henry
  (b) Thomas Crispe
  m. Anna Roberts (dau of Sir Thomas Roberts of Glassenbury)
  ((1)) Henry Crispe (2nd son)
  The following comes from CountyGen (Kent, Berry, 1830, p491).
  m. Barbara Jarvis
  ((A)) Henry Crispe (rector of Catton in Yorkshire)
  m. Ann Percy (dau of Francis Percy)
  ((i)) Henry Crispe of London ("of the Custom-house")
  m. Mary Rawlinsonn (dau of James Rawlinsonn of Herfordshire, widow of Lewin Cholmley)
  ((ii)) Thomas Crispe of London & West Ham ("of the Custom-house")
  m. Susan Barwick (Dau of Samuel Barwick)
  ((a)) Susan Crispe (a 1734)
  m. George Elliot
  ((b)) Ann Crispe (a 1734)
  ((iii)) Henry Crispe
  ((B)) Thomas Crispe (dsp)
  ((C)) Mary Crispe
  m. George Friend of Birchenston
  ((D)) Frances Crispe
  m. _ Isaake (Captain)
  ((E)) Ann Crispe
  m. Thomas Halfhide
  ((F)) Elizabeth Crispe
  m. Thomas Rentice
  ((2))+ issue (a 1619) - Thomas, Richard
  (c) Richard Crispe of Maidstone
We presume that this was the Richard of Maidstone who is shown by Visitation (Armytage (1906), Kent, 1663, 'Crispe') as having the following family.
  m. Elizabeth White (dau of Deodatus White of Henley-upon-Thames)
  ((1)) Richard Crispe of Maidstone
  m. Dorothy Thompson (dau/heir of Anthony Thompson of Lenham)
  ((A))+ issue (a 1663) - John (b c1661), Dorothea
(d) Maria Crispe
  m. John Alchorne
  (vi) Jane Crispe probably of this generation
  m. John Johnson of Nethercourt
  (C) William Crispe (Lieutenant of Dover Castle)
  m1. Mary Randolfe (dau of Avery Randolfe of Badlesmere)
  (i) John Crispe
  m1. Catherine Knatchbull (dau of William Knatchbull of Mersham)
  m2. Mary Gage (dau/heir of John (sb Edward?) Gage of Bentley)
  (a) William Crispe
  (b) Elizabeth Crispe
  m. John Herington of Bishton
  (c) Mary Crispe
m. Henry Wells
  (ii) Anna Crispe
  m. _ Darrell
  (iii) Frances Crispe
  m. Richard Vincent
  (iv) Sibilla Crispe
  m. Sir Stephen Thornehurst
  (v) Anna Crispe (2nd)
  m. Regnold (Reginald) Knatchbull
  (vi) Alice Crispe
  m. Thomas Monins
  (vii)+ other issue - Edward, Avery, Catharine, Maria
  m2. (sp) Anna Brent (dau of John Brent)
  (D) Margaret Crispe
  m1. John Crayford of Mongham
  m2. John Blechenden of Mersham
  (E) Avicia Crispe
  m1. _ Hills
  m2. _ Fineux
  (2) Alice Crispe
  m1. John Symons
  m2. _ Darknoll or Darknell
  (3) Margaret Crispe
  m. Henry Thorne
  (4) Agnes Crispe
  m. Henry Gosborne



Henry Crispe of Copcote, Oxfordshire
m. Isabell
1. Henry Crispe of Copcott
  m. Alice
  A. John Crispe
  m. Isabel Eton (dau of Nicholas Eton of Eton Hall)
i. Richard Crispe of Copcott
  m. Elizabeth Skyrmeston (dau of Thomas Skyrmeston of Woodhall)
  a. Richard Crispe of Copcott ## see here ##
  m. Alice Lenthall (dau of William Lenthall of Lachford)
  (1) Christopher Crispe of Copcott
  m. Elenor Dormer (dau of Peter Dormer of Lee)
  (A)+ issue - Henry, Peter, Leonard, Nicholas, Michael, Arthur, Joseph, Anne, Frances
  (2) Cicely Crispe
  m. James Pettie of Tettesworthe
  (3) Isabell Crispe
  m. Thomas Dormer of Armonthill
  (4) Anne Crispe (d 1582)
  m1. Peter Dormer of Newbottell 'of Lee Grange'(d 01.04.1555)
  m2. Raffe Pamer
  m3. Francis Ingleby (Ingoldsby) of Boughton
  (5)+ other issue - Edmond, Richard
  ii. William Crispe



Henry Crispe of Leicestershire
m. _ Eaton (dau of _ Eaton of Godby)
1. Thomas Crispe of Marsfield, Gloucesershire
  m. Mary Chambers of Gloucesershire
  A. Thomas Crispe of Marsfield
  m. Elizabeth Steward (dau of Robert Steward)
i. Eles (Ellis or Elias) Crispe, Sheriff of London (a 1625)
  m. Hester Ireland (dau of John Ireland of London, m2. Sir Walter Pye)
  a. (Sir) Nicholas Crispe of London (a 1634, Captain)
  m. Anne Prescot (dau/coheir of Edward Prescot of London)
  (1) Eles (Ellis or Elias) Crispe probably the Elles who married ...
m. Anne Strode (dau of Sir George Strode 'of Westrom' by Rebecca Crisp)
  (2)+ other issue - Nicholas (dsp by 1634), Nicholas (dsp by 1634), Edward, John (dsp by 1634), Elizabeth, Hester, Anne, Mary, Rebecca
  b. Elizabeth Crispe
  The following is supported by 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 3, No. 32 (March 1915), p248).
  m1. Thomas Ince of Lancashire
  (1) Thomas Ince of London (d before 1661, fishmonger)
  m. Ann (m2. Francis Cheston of the Minories)
  (A)+ issue - Thomas (d 1652/61), Hester (a 1661), 2 others (a 1661)
m2. Roger Charnock of Elston (a 09.1643, of Gray's Inn)
  c.+ other issue - Samuel, Tobias (rector of Brinckworth)
  B. (Sir?) Nicholas Crispe of London (a 1633)
  m. Rebecca Pake (dau of John Pake of Bromfield)
  i. Rebecca Crispe (d 10.1645)
  m. (11.02.1615) George Stroude of Westrom
  ii. Mary Crispe
  m. Thomas Colum of London (draper)
  iii. Abigail Crispe
  m. Abraham Reynardson of London
  iv. Hester Crispe
  m. Henry Whitacre of Amsterdam
  a. Rebecca Whittaker (bur 26.09.1683) apparently of this generation
  m. Edward Turgis of London (bpt 02.1619-20, bur 01.1686-7)

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