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Families covered: Cresset of Cound, Cresset (Cressett) of Upton

(1) It is not known whether or not this family was connected to the Cressy family.
(2) The Visitation record starts with the following Hugh but, as the Harleian editor placed his name in brackets, this may not be secure.
Hugh Cresset of Upton Cresset, Sheriff of Salop (a 1435)
1. Robert Cressett of Upton Cresset, Sheriff of Salop (a 1469)
  m. Chrispiana Stapleton (dau of John Stapleton (Stepleton) of Stapleton, m2. _ Eyton, m3. _ Burton)
  A. Thomas Cresset or Cressett of Upton
  m. Jane Corbet (dau of Sir Roger Corbet of Morton)
i. Richard Cresset
  a. Robert Cresset
  (1) Richard Cresset of Upton Cresset and Holgate, Sheriff of Salop (dsp)
  (2) Thomas Cresset
  ii. Thomas Cresset of Upton
  m. Elizabeth Cornwall (dau of Edmund Cornwall)
  a. Francis Cresset of Upton
m1. Katherine Slade (dau of William Slade of Wotton)
  (1) Francis Cresset of Cotes in Upton (a 1623)
  m. Margaret Fowler (dau of John Fowler of Rushall)
  (A) Edward Cresset probably the Edward of Cotes who was father of ...
  (i) Elinor Cresset (d 29.04.1684, 3rd dau)
  m. (13.06.1678) Edward Hussey of Norgrove's End (b 1642, d 1707)
  (B)+ other issue - Thomas, Francis, Henry, Margaret
(2) Eliza (Etheldreda) Cresset
  m. John Hargill
  (3) Elizabeth Cresset
  m. William Aston of Ludlow
  (4) Awdrey Cresset (dsp)
m. Edward Hargill
  (5)+ other issue (dsp) - Edmund, Jane
  m2. Martha Wilford
  (7) Edward Cresset of Upton 'of Cound' (a 1623)
  m. Elizabeth Townsend (dau of Sir Henry Townsend of Cound)
  The Harleian editor added the following in italics.
  (A) Richard Cresset 'of Cound'
  m. (17.11.1628) Jane Huxley (dau of George Huxley)
(i) Robert Cresset or Cressett
  This may be the Robert Cressett of Upton Cressett & Cound who, according to BLG1886 (Pelham of Cound), married the following Elizabeth Huxley. BLG1886 also reported that Frances Pelham (son of Thomas son of Sir Nicholas Pelham by Jane Huxley) married her cousin, Bishop Edward Cressett. Although the generation difference implies that they were 2nd rather than 1st cousins, the following may therefore apply.
  m. Elizabeth Huxley (dau of James Huxley of Downford, sister of Jane, wife of Sir Nicholas Pelham of Cottesfield)
(a) ?? Cressett
  ((1)) Edward Cressett, Bishop of Llandaff
  m. Frances Pelham (dau of Thomas Pelham)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Cressett, heiress of Cound
  (ii) Katherine Cresset probably the Catherine who married ...
  m. Sir Walter Acton, 2nd Bart of Aldenham (b c1621, d 1665)
(iii)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Alice
  (B) Rachell Cresset
  m. _ Bartley
  (C) Mary Cresset possibly the Mary (d 1647) who married ...
  m. Robert Bright of Brockbury (b 1616-7, bur 28.05.1665)
  (D)+ other issue - Henry, Elizabeth, Theodocia, Margaret, Martha, Bridget
(8) Richard Cresset (dsp)
  b. Joyce Cresset
  m. Thomas Botterell
  iii. Richard Cresset of Upton (2nd of that name)
  m. Jane Wrottesley (dau of Walter Wrottesley of Staffordshire)
  a. Robert Cresset of Upton
  m. Katherine or Alice Charleton (dau of William Charleton of Apley)
(1) John Cresset of Upton
  m. Katharine Harley (b c1539, d 16.02.1623, dau of John Harley of Bramton, m2. Thomas Cornwall)
  (A) Richard Cresset of Upton
  m. Jane Hopton (dau of John Hopton of Rockhill and/or Cherbury)
  The following Richard and his son and grandsons appear to have been added by the Harleian editor.
  (i) Richard Cresset
  (a) Robert Cresset
  ((1))+ issue - James, Richard
  (ii) Mary Cresset
  m. Edward Blenerhasset of Norfolk
  (B)+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, John
  (2) Cecily Cresset possibly some confusion with Elizabeth (below) who (also?) m. (an) Adam Lutley
  m. Adam Lutley (a 1584)
  (3) Elizabeth Cresset possibly some confusion with Cecilia (below) who m. Thomas (sb Richard?) Leighton
  m. Edward (Richard?) Leighton of Cotes
  (4) Jane or Joane Cresset
  m1. Thomas Chetwyn
  m2. Roland Fewtrell
(5) Thomazina Cresset
  m1. Richard Draper
  m2. Francis Holland
  (6) other issue (dsp) - Thomas, Peter
  b. Frances Cresset
  m. Robert Smith
c. Dorothy Cresset
  m. William Minde of Newton (Mynde of Myndtowne)
  d. Cecilia Cresset
  m. William Acton of Longnor (Aldenham)
  e. Margaret Cresset
  m. Thomas Moore of London
  f.+ other issue (dsp) - Edmund, Henry, Jane, Maria
  iv. Jane Cresset
  m(1). Thomas Witton or Whitton
This may have been the Jane who (also) married ...
  m2. Sir Henry Eyton of Eyton (d 1535?)
  v. Cecilia Cresset possibly some confusion with Elizabeth (above) who (also?) m. an Edward or Richard Leighton
  m. Thomas (sb Richard?) Leighton of Cotes
  vi. Thomazina Cresset
  m. Richard Draper of Walton
  vii. Elizabeth Cresset possibly some confusion with Cecily (above) who m. Adam Lutley
  m. Adam Lutley
  viii. Joyce Cresset possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Edward Burton of Longner (d 23.04.1524)
  B. Mary Cressett
  m. John Lawley of Wenlock
  C. Elizabeth Cressett
  m. _ Botterell
  D. Anna Cressett
  m. Laurence Ludlow

Main source(s): Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Cressett of Upton Cressett)
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