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Families covered: Cornewall (Cornewalle or Cornwall) of Burford

Richard de Cornewall of Thunnock (b c1234, d Berwick 1272)
m. Joan de St. Owen (dau of John, "Lord St. Owen") named by BLG1952 as Joan, her father being given by BE1883
BLG1952 indicates that Edmund was the elder of Richard's 2 sons but BE1883 indicates that Geoffrey was.
1. Sir Geoffrey de Cornewall of Ever, 1st of Burford (d before 06.1335)
  BE1883 suggests that Geoffrey's father-in-law, Lord Hugh, was son of a Lord Wigmore. BLG1952 correctly cross-refers to the Mortimers of Richard's Castle.
  m. (by 1309) Margaret Mortimer (dau/coheir of Hugh de Mortimer of Richard's Castle, 'Baron of Burford')
  A. Geoffrey de Cornewall
  B. Sir Richard de Cornwall, 2nd of Burford (b 1313, d 1343)
  BE1883 follows the line of Richard's younger brother Sir John. BLG1952 identifies Sir Richard's wife as Joan. A contributor (TPL, 06.11.08) advised us that some sources identify her as Sibil de Bodruggan whilst another contributor (TW, 09.03.04) kindly identified her as ...
  m. Sibella Bodrugan (dau of Otho Bodrugan)
  i. Sir Geoffrey de Cornewall, 3rd of Burford (b 1335, d 1365)
  BLG1952 identifies Sir Geoffrey's wife as Cecilia Seymour, TW naming her father John (Seymour). TPL referred to some recent work by John Reed (published by The Foundation for Medieval Genealogy) which suggests that there has been some confusion with the wives over the next few generations, starting with the view that the following Cecilia was probably not a Seymour.
  m. Cecilia
a. Sir Bryan de Cornewall, 4th of Burford, Sheriff of Salop and Staffordshire (b 1355, dsp 1400)
  m. Matilda
  b. Richard de Cornewall, 5th of Burford (b 1360, d 1443)
  BLG1952 identifies Richard's wife as Cecilia, dau of Sir John Merbury. TW suggested she was called Alice. TPL reported the view that she was ...
  m. Cecily Seymour (probably dau of Roger Seymour by Cecily de Beauchamp)
(1) Edmund Cornewall (dvp 1435)
  BLG1952 does not name Edmund's 1st wife but TPL reported the view that she was ...
  m1. Alice Merbury (dau of John Merbury)
  m2. Elizabeth de la Barre (dau of Thomas de la Barre)
  (A) Thomas Cornewall, 6th of Burford, Sheriff of Salop (d 1473)
  m. Elizabeth Lenthall (dau of Sir Roland Lenthall)
  (i) Sir Edmund Cornewall, 7th of Burford (d 1489)
  m. Maria Hoorde (dau of Thomas Hoorde, Attorney General)
  (a) Sir Thomas Cornewall, 8th of Burford (b 1468, d 1538) - continued below
  m. Anne Corbet (dau of Sir Richard Corbet)
  (ii) Sir Rowland (or Richard) Cornewall of Berington
(B) Eleanor Cornewall probably of this generation
  m1. Sir Hugh Mortimer of Kyre Wyard
  m2. Sir Richard Croft of Croft Castle, Sheriff of Herefordshire (b c1431, d 29.07.1509)
  (2) Cecilia Cornewall (d 1444) probably of this generation
  m. John Statham of Morley
  (3) Maud Cornewall possibly of this generation
  m. John Walcot of Walcot
  C. Sir John de Cornewall
  m. _ (niece of the Duke of Brittany)
i. Sir John de Cornewall, Lord Fanhope, Lord Milbroke (d 10/11.12.1443)
  m. (before 12.12.1400) Elizabeth Plantagenet (b by 21.02.1363, d 24.11.1425, dau of John Plantagenet 'of Gaunt', Duke of Lancaster)
  partner(s) unknown
  a.+ issue - John (b c1404, d Meaux 12.1421), Thomas
  D. Ellen de Cornewall
  m. Iorwerth of Dudleston
  E. Elizabeth Cornewall shown by various web sites as of this generation
  m. Sir William Champernowne of Clist (d 1353)
  F. Joan Cornewall probably of this generation
  m. Sir James Nevill of Whilton (a 1362, dsp)
2. Sir Edmond de Cornwall of Kinlet (d 22.03.1354)
  m. Elizabeth de Brampton (dau of Sir Brien de Brampton of Brampton Brian)
A. Sir Edmond de Cornwall of Kentwell
  m. Isabel
  i. John de Cornewall (dsp)
  B. Brian de Cornwall of Outragorther, Kinlet, etc (b c1326, d 1392)
  m. Maud Strange (b c1333, dau of Lord Strange of Blackmere)
  i. Sir John Cornwall of Kinlet (d c1415)
  m. Elizabeth Wastneys (dau of Sir John Wastneys of Tixhall)
  a. Elizabeth Cornwall
  m. Roger Corbett of Morton Corbett
  b. Matilda Cornwall
  m. John Wode
c. Elizabeth Cornwall
  m. Sir William Lichfield
  ii. Isabella Cornwall
  m. Sir John Blount of Sodington (d 1423)
  C. Peter of Cornwall (d 13.07.1387/8)
  m. _ Hanley (dau of Roger Hanley) parents or grandparents of ...
  i. Edmond Cornewall
  a. Thomas Cornewall
3. Joan de Cornwall (b c1285, d 1341)
  m. Sir John Howard of Wigenhall (d 1331)



Sir Thomas Cornewall, 8th of Burford (b 1468, d 1538) - continued above
m. Anne Corbet (dau of Sir Richard Corbet)
1. Richard Cornewall, 9th of Burford (b 1493, d 1569)
  m. Janet Wogan (dau of Henry (sb John?) Wogan)
  A. Edmund Cornewall, 10th of Burford, Sheriff of Salop (b 1537, d unm 1585)
  B. Thomas Cornewall, 11th of Burford (b 1538, d 1615)
  m. Katherine Hartley (dau of John Hartley (Harley))
i. Sir Thomas Cornewall, 12th of Burford, Sheriff of Salop (b 1573, d 1638)
  m. Anne Lyttleton (dau of Sir Gilbert Lyttleton)
  a. Sir Gilbert Cornewall, 13th of Burford (b 1598, bur 05.10.1671)
  m. Elizabeth Reade (bur 24.12.1671, dau of Sir Thomas Reade of Ipsden)
(1) Thomas Cornewall, 14th of Burford (bur 22.07.1686, Major)
  m. Anne Reade (bur 15.03.1691, dau of Thomas Reade of Ipsden)
  (A) Thomas Cornewall, 15th of Burford (b 1651, d 1724)
  m. Katherine Read
  (i) Francis Cornewall, 16th of Burford (b 1685, d 1727)
  m. Mary Woodhouse (dau of James Woodhouse of Woodhouse)
  (a) Anna Maria Cornewall (d 07.07.1741)
m. (1731) George Legh of High Legh (b 11.07.1703, d 26.01.1780)
  (2) Mary Cornewall (d 26.04.1703)
  m. (1650) Sir Compton Reade of Barton Court, 1st Bart (bpt 24.01.1625-6, d 29.09.1679)
  b. Mary Cornewall
  m. (08.09.1624) Thomas Reade of Ipsden and Appleford (bpt 22.02.1606-7, dvp bur 14.12.1634)
  c. Katharine Cornewall possibly of this generation
  m. John Barneby of The Hill (d 03.1639-40)
  d. Margaret Cornewall (b c1613, d 11.11.1656) possibly of this generation
  m1. Humphrey Hare of Brilley
  m2. John Dansey (b c1612, dvp before 1636)
  C. Anne Cornewall possibly of this generation
  m. Francis Walshe of Sheldsley (d 19.07.1596)
2.+ 3 daughters

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Legh of High Legh), BE1883 (Cornwall of Fanhope, etc)
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