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Families covered: Coppinger of Ballyvolane, Coppinger of Barryscourt, Coppinger of Cork, Coppinger of Granacloyne, Coppinger of Midleton, Coppinger of Rossmore

Stephen Copinger or Coppinger, Mayor of Cork (a 1319)
1. ?? Coppinger
  A. ?? Coppinger
  Unknown number of generations omitted.
  i. ?? Coppinger
  a. ?? Coppinger
  (1) Stephen Coppinger, Mayor of Cork (a 1559, d 02.07.1600) - continued below



Stephen Coppinger, Mayor of Cork (a 1559, d 02.07.1600) - continued above
1. William Coppinger (b c1570, dsp 01.12.1606)
2. Thomas Coppinger (b c1578, d 24.12.1635)
  m. Catherine Coppinger (dau of alderman John Coppinger, son/heir of John Coppinger by Johan, dau of Judge John Meagh)
  Commoners starts with the following Stephen (shown as d 1678) but shows him as son of another Stephen who died in 1620. We follow BLGI1912.
  A. Stephen Coppinger of Ballyvolane (b 1610, d 28.07.1681)
  m. Ellice Gould (dau of Henry Gould of Cork)
i. Thomas Coppinger of Ballyvolane (a 1696)
  m. (06.1669) Hellen Galway (d 1684, dau of Edward Galway of Lotabeg (Galwey of Lota), sister of John)
  a. Stephen Coppinger of Ballyvolane
  m. (mcrt 18.10.1700) Johanna Gould (dau of Stephen Gould of Cork, cousin)
  (1) John Coppinger of Ballyvolane (d c1747)
m1. (1729) Mary Blundell (d 06.08.1734, dau/coheir of Nicholas Blundell of Crosby by Frances, dau of Marmaduke, Lord Langdale)
  (A) Stephen Coppinger (d 1745)
  m2. (1736) Elizabeth Moore (dau/coheir of Michael Moore of Drogheda)
  (B) Mariana Coppinger (d 22.05.1759/28.05.1768)
m. (27.07.1767) Charles Howard, 11th Duke of Norfolk (b 1746, dsp 1815)
  (2) William Coppinger of Ballyvolane & Barryscourt (d c1775)
  m. (1737) Elizabeth Galwey (dau of John Galwey of Lota, cousin)
  (A) William Coppinger of Barryscourt (b c1740, d 15.07.1816, 2nd son)
  m. (11.1777) Jane McMahon (d 31.01.1833, dau of Stanislaus McMahon, sister/heir of Donat of Clonagh)
  (i) William Coppinger of Barryscourt & Ballylean Lodge (b 09.12.1778, d unm 06.11.1862)
(ii) John McMahon Coppinger (d unm 1830)
  (iii) Elizabeth Coppinger (d 21.12.1863)
  m. (02.1806) John O'Connell of Grenagh (brother of Daniel)
  (iv) Mary Coppinger (dsp 09.1833)
  m. James Blackney (son/heir of Walter, cousin)
  (v)+ other issue - John McMahon (d unm 1830), others (dvpsp)
(b) Thomas Coppinger of Rossmore (co. Cork) & Barryscourt (4th son)
  m. Dorinda Barry (dau of Edmond Barry of Dundullerick & Rocklodge by Johanna Coppinger)
  (i) Edmond Coppinger of Rossmore had issue
  m. Alice Shea (dau of Luke Shea by Catherine Coppinger of Granacloyne) @1@ below
  (ii) William Coppinger (d 03.1837) had issue
  m1. Mary Power (dau/coheir of John Power of Brooklodge)
  m2. (sp?) Elizabeth Hickson (dau of John Hickson of co. Kerry)
  (iii) Johanna Coppinger
  m. Stephen William Coppinger of Midleton @2@ below
  (iv) Dorinda Coppinger
m. Luke Shea of the Rennies (cousin)
  (v) Mary Coppinger
  m. Michael Cronin of Cork
  (vi) Teresa Coppinger
  m. James Fitzgerald of Carrigacrump
  (vii)+ other issue (d unm) - John (d 1850), Joseph (d 1854)
  (C) Joseph Coppinger of Ballydaniel, co. Cork (6th son)
  m. Alicia Coppinger (dau of John Coppinger of Granacloyne) @3@ below
  (i) William Joseph Coppinger had issue
  m. Margaret O'Brien (sister of Cornelius O'Brien of Kilcor, cousin)
  (D) James Coppinger
  m. Alicia Coppinger (sister of William Coppinger of Midleton) @4@ below
  (i) William Coppinger (2nd son) had issue
  m1. Ellen Moylan (dau of Richard Moylan)
  m2. Harriet Sanders (dau of Rev. James Sanders)
  (ii) Stephen Coppinger (d 1831, 4th son) had issue
  m. Louisa Usborne (dau of James Usborne of Trinidad)
  (iii) Thomas Coppinger (d 1878, Commander RN) had issue
  m. (1827) Rosanna Duncan (dau of William Duncan)
  (iv)+ other issue (d unm) - John (d c1818), James (d 1847), Richard (d 1853), Eliza (d 1868), Jane (d 1847), Mary (d 1876, nun), Alicia (d 1878, nun)
  (E) Mary Coppinger
  m. (02.1770) Cornelius O'Brien of Kilcor
  (F) Catherine Coppinger
  m. (10.1779) John Callanan of Cork
  (G) Teresa Coppinger
  m. (11.1789) Pierce Power of Clonmult
  (H)+ other issue (d unm) - Stephen (dvp), John, Richard, Elizabeth (nun)
  (3) Joseph Coppinger
  m. (1743) Mary Arthur
  (A) Stephen Coppinger
  m. _ Gallwey of Killarney
  (B) William Coppinger, Bishop of Cloyne
(C) Peter Coppinger (4th son)
  m1. ??
  m2. _ O'Brien (dau of Henry O'Brien of Kilcor by _ Coppinger)
  (i) William Henry Coppinger of Roseville, co. Waterford
  m. Elizabeth O'Byrne (dau of Richard O'Byrne of 'the house' of Cabinteely)
  (D) daughter
  m. Daniel Cronin of The Park
  (E) (Teresa) Coppinger
  m. (sp) Nicholas Tuite Selby of London
  (F)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp in West Indies), Joseph (dsp), John (dsp), 2 daughters (nuns)
  (4) Mary Coppinger (d 17.08.1736) possible duplication below?
  m. (02.02.1732) Patrick Rochfort
  (5) Teresa Coppinger
  m. Patrick Sarsfield of Johnstown
  b. Edward Coppinger (d unm 1696 (or dsp Bottlehill 30.04.1691), Captain)
  c. John Coppinger of Granacloyne
The following comes from BLGI1912 ('Coppinger of Midleton').
  m. (11.1711) Mary Gould (dau of Stephen Gould of Cork, sister of Johanna)
  (1) John Coppinger 'of Granacloyne'
  m. Alice Lonergan (dau of John Lonergan of The Wildnerness)
  (A) Catherine Coppinger
m. Luke Shea of Britfieldstown
  (i) Alice Shea
  m. Edmond Coppinger of Rossmore @1@ above
  (B) Mary Coppinger
  m. Robert Wigstrum
(C) Alicia Coppinger
  m. Joseph Coppinger (son of William of Ballyvolane) @3@ above
  (D) Hanna Coppinger
  m. Luke Gardiner of Cork
  (E)+ other issue (d young) - John, William, Morgan
(2) William Coppinger 'of Midleton' of Granacloyne (b 1720, d 10.1787)
  m. (04.1755) Mary Gould of Cork
  (A) Stephen William Coppinger of Midleton, co. Cork (b 17.05.1764, d 06.07.1804?)
  m. Johanna Coppinger (dau of Thomas Coppinger of Rossmore) @2@ above
  (i) Thomas Stephen Coppinger of Midleton (b 06.01.1800, d 13.08.1661) had issue
  m. (13.02.1840) Anne Power (dau of Sir John Power of Edermine, Bart)
  (ii) Joseph William Coppinger of Farmley & East Clonmult (b 08.09.1807, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (11.06.1835) Agnes Mary Cooke (dau of William Lador Cooke of Fortwilliam)
  (iii) Edmond Stephen Coppinger of Glenturkin, co. Cork (d 02.08.1881, youngest son) had issue
  m. Maria Brenan (dau of Thomas Brenan)
  (iv) Dorinda Coppinger (d 06.07.1884)
m. John Mussen Ashlin of Rushhill & Carriigrennan
  (v)+ other issue - Stephen William (d 1851, priest), William of Balyrearta (d unm 16.01.1885), Richard of Midleton House (d unm 1847), Mary
  (B) Alicia Coppinger
  m. James Coppinger (son of William of Ballyvolane) @4@ above
  (C) Charlotte Coppinger
m. Maurice Fitzgerald (representative of the seneschal of Imokilly)
  (D) Anne Coppinger (dsp)
  m. (1794) Garrett Barry (representative of Barrys of Rahinisky & Robertstown)
  (2) Johanna Coppinger
  m. (1737) Edmond Barry of Dundellerick & Rocklodge
d. Joan Coppinger
  m. (11.1706) Conor O'Brien of Kilcor, co. Cork
  (1) daughter
  m. Henry Coppinger @5@ below
  e. Katherine Coppinger
  m. (11.1706) Joseph Ronayne of Cork
  (1) Catharine Ronayne probably of this generation
  m. (1725) Francis Stacpoole of Cork (d 1741)
  (2) Elinor Ronayne possibly of this generation
  m. James Stacpool of Rockhill
  f. daughter mentioned by Commoners but not by BLGI1912
  m. _ Nihil of Limerick
  g. daughter mentioned by Commoners but not by BLGI1912, possible duplication above?
  m. Patrick Rochfort of Cork
  ii. William Coppinger, Sheriff of Cork (a 1687)
  m. _ Verdon
  a. Luke Coppinger
  (1) William Coppinger in Bordeaux
  (A) William Coppinger (b 1735, d 1802)
m. _ Sexton (dau of Edmund Sexton)
  (i) James Coppinger in Paris had issue
  m. _ de Salle of Martinique
  (ii) Adelaide Coppinger
  m. Luke Callaghan in Paris (d 03.01.1832)
  (iii)+ other issue including Emilie
  (B)+ other issue
  (2) Elizabeth Coppinger probably of this generation
  m. (1730) Garrett Barry of Dundullerick (b c1680, d 1760)
  iii. Henry Coppinger
  a. Henry Coppinger had issue
  m. ?? O'Brien (dau of Connor (Cornelius) O'Brien of Kilcor by daughter of Thomas Coppinger) @5@ above
  iv. Matthew Coppinger (d unm?)
  B. Catherine or Jane Coppinger
  m. Francis Roche, Sheriff of co. Cork (a 1641)
  C.+ other issue - John (a 1636), Joan

Main source(s): BLGI1912 ('Coppinger of Rossmore (formerly of Ballyvolane)'), Commoners (vol 2, 'Coppinger of Ballyvolane', p326+) with input as reported above
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