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Families covered: Cockburn of Cockburn, Cockburn of Henderland, Cockburn of Langton
[We are currently undertaking a review of the Cockburn family. Please note that the review has not yet been completed.]

'The House of Cockburn of that Ilk and the Cadets thereof' by Thomas H. Cockburn-Wood (1888), found on archive.org, appears to provide the definitive work on this family, branches of which achieved a position of some eminence in Scotland. However, it appears that there have been changes to parts of the recorded pedigrees in the early 20th century, presumably following further investigation. In TCB (vol 2, Cockburn of Langton', p327, note (c)), the editor reports as follows:
  "The pedigrees of Cockburn are most contradictory. (1) The most reliable, and the one that is here followed, appears to be a tabular one in MS. compiled by Sir Edward Cludde Cockburn, and lent by him, in July 1901, to Sir James Balfour Paul, Lyon King of Arms. (2) An extensive pediree, compiled by Sir William Betham, Ulster King of Arms (1820-53) for "Sir William Cockburm, Baronet" ... which pedigree is now under the Btham MSS. un Ulster's Office. (3) The very confused account given in Playfair's Baronetage [S.], published in 1811; and (4) The House of Cockburn of that ilk by T.H.C. Hood (sic), Edinburgh, published in 1888."  
Unfortunately, we have not yet obtained access to the work of Sir Edward Cludde Cockburn. However, we are pleased to report that, in January 2019 when we reviewed & expanded our pages on the Cockburn family using 'The House of Cockburn' , we found few differences between what we found in that source and what is reported in TCB. We report those differences in these pages and are otherwise happy to rely on 'The House of Cockburn'.
Piers de Cokburn (a 1232)
1. Sir Robert de Cokburn of that Ilk & Henderland (a 1262)
  A. Nigel de Cokburn of Henderland (a 1296, 1306)
Cockburn-Wood reports that some sources show the following Alexander's father as Nigel's brother Sir Thomas rather than Nigel but suggests that Nigel died soon after 1306 and that Sir Thomas was Alexander's guardian with Alexander holding-on to the family estates as he was "too young to be dangerous" when his father died. Cockburn-Wood (p17) reports that "However the truth may be of his own parentage, there is no question that from Sir Alexander ... descended the families of the Cockburns, excepting that established in the County of Fife."
  i. Sir Alexander de Cokburn of that Ilk & Henderland (d 1387-8)
  Sir Alexander is the first mentioned by BP1870 ('Cockburn of Langton') which mentions his son Alexander and then jumps to the William who married Helen Elphinstone (shown on the continuation).
  m1. (c1335) Marion or Mariota de Veteri-Ponte (dau/heir of Sir William de Veteri-Ponte)
a. Sir Alexander Cockburn of Langton and that Ilk (d 1418-9)
  m. Marjorie Hepburne (dau of Patrick Hepburne of Halis & Aldhamstokkis (who m2. Eleanor Bruce, Countess of Carrick))
  (1) Sir William Cockburn of Langton and that Ilk
  m. Margaret Haliburton (sister (aunt?) of John & Thomas Haliburton)
  (A) William Cockburn of Langton and that Ilk
  m. Helen, heiress of Reston (possibly dau of Reginald or Patrick (son of Alexander son of Adam) de Reston)
(i) Alexander Cockburn of Langton and that Ilk (d 1480)
  m1. Elizabeth Crichton (sister of William, Lord Crichton)
  (a) Sir William Cockburn of Langton and that Ilk (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  BP1870 ('Cockburn of Cockburn and Ryslaw') starts with Sir William and identifies his wife as Lady Anna Home, dau. of the Earl of Home, but (perhaps having noted that there was no Earl of Home until 1604/5) BP1934 ('Cockburn') describes her as just Anna Home. Cockburn-Wood, supported by TCB (vol 2, 'Cockburn of Langton', p327), identifies her as ...
m. Anna Home (dau of Alexander, 2nd Lord Home)
  The following is supported by BP1934 ('Cockburn of that ilk') which is consistent with BP1870 ('Cockburn of Langton') which avoids the disputed generations.
  ((1)) Alexander Cockburn (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m. Mariota Hepburn (dau of Archibald Hepburn grandson of Sir Patrick of Dunsear (Sheriff of Berwickshire, who m. Mariota Normanville?))
  ((A)) Sir James Cockburn of Langton, Sheriff of Berwickshire (d 04.03.1578)
m1. Joneta Ottiburn (dau of Sir John Ottirburn of Reidhall by Joneta Stewart)
  m2. Margaret Cockburn (dau of Sir William Cockburn of Skirling)
  ((B)) Mariota Cockburn (a 1568, Prioress of North Berwick)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Cockburn
m. John Boswall of Bowhill (son of Sir Alexander of Balmuto by Alison Sandilands)
  ((D)) Jean Cockburn (a 1586)
  m. John Renton of Billie
  ((2)) William Cockburn of Cockburn (d 1564)
  m. (before 30.12.1530) Isobel Home (dau of Sir David Home of Wedderburn)
  ((3)) Christopher Cockburn
TCB (vol 2, 'Cockburn of Langton', p327) suggests that this was the Christopher of Chouslie who was ancestor of the Cockburns of Ryslaw. BP1934 notes that that Christopher was possibly brother not son of Sir William. Cockburn-Wood (p61+) supports the 'brother not son' view (see below) and reports that this Christopher "went early" to France.
  ((A)) Adam Cockburn, 'Marechal-des-logis des gardes écossaises' had issue in France
  m. Gabrielle de Fountaine, Dame et Barronne de la Villeueve-au-chemin
  ((4)) Margaret Cockburn
  m. Sir William Cockburn of Skirling
(b) Patrick Cockburn of East Borthwick (tutor of Langton)
  m. Isobel Home (dau (not sister) of George Home of Wedderburn)
  ((1)) Patrick Cockburn (d 1559, professor in Paris)
  ((2)) Agnes Cockburn
  m. Patrick Dunn
  (c) Robert Cockburn in France (a 1515)
  (d) Christopher Cockburn of Chouslie (Choicelee)
  Cockburn-Wood (p55) reports that Christopher "was of Chouslie or Choicelee, a small estate in the vicinty of Langton which his descendants possessed, as vassals of their chief, for several generations". See note above about the Christopher shown as this Christopher's nephew and note (above) at the top of this page.
  m. Christopher Ellem (probably dau of John Ellem by Elizabeth)
  m2. (sp?) Margaret de Dundas
  (ii) Patrick Cockburn of East Reston
(iii) Margaret Cockburn
  m1. Gawin de Crichton (brother of Elizabeth)
  m2. (by 1492) John Wardlaw
  (2) Patrick Cockburn of Templelands & Myrside, Governor of Edinburgh Castle (b c1349, a 1449)
  (3) Christian Cockburn
  m. Sir John Preston of Craigmillar
  (4)+ other issue - Alexander, John, Henry
b. John de Cokburn of Bolton & Ormiston (d c1410) --
  m. (mcrt 02.1370) Joneta Lindsay (dau/heir of Sir Alexander Lindsay of Ormiston) --
  c. Piers de Cokburn of Henderland (a 1383)
  m. Marjorie (de Soulis?)
  d. Helena de Cokburn
  m. John Papedy de Mandredistown (Manderston) of Berwickshire (probably son of Thomas Papedy de Manderston)
  m2. (1363) Margaret de Monfode (dau of Sir John de Monfode of Braidwud (widow of John de Cragi), cousin (not sister) of wife of Sir John Douglas)
  e. William de Cokburn of Scraling (a 1380)
m. Christian St. Clair, heiress of Cessford (dau of Walter St. Clair (de Sancto Claro))
  f.+ other issue - Edward of Cockburn (dsp?, chaplain), Agnes
  B. Sir Piers de Cokburn (d by 1296?)
  m. Helena de Papedy or Pepdie (probably dau of Stephen de Papedy by Helena)
  i. Edward de Cokburn (a 1300)
  m. ?? (possibly dau/heir of Adam or Thomas de Orde/Horde/Urde)
  a. daughter
  m. John de Crake
  ii. Adam de Cokburn
  m. Alina or Elyne de Prendergest
  C. Sir Thomas de Cokburn of Roxburghshire (a 1314) had issue
  D. daughter
  m. Thomas Finemund

Main source(s): 'The House of Cockburn of that Ilk and the Cadets thereof' (Thomas H. Cockburn-Wood, 1888) with a little support from BP1934 ('Cockburn')
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