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Families covered: Clayton of Adlington, Clayton of Clayton (Lancashire), Clayton of Fulwood, Clayton of Thelwell

Robert de Caudevec (Normandy), later of Clayton (Lancashire) (a 1066, "a man of valour, and skilled in arms")
1. William de Clayton (d 1130/1141, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Hyde of Yorkshire
  A. Robert de Clayton
  m. Margaret Osbaldeston of Osbaldeston
  i. William de Clayton (d 1152)
  m. Elizabeth Farrington ("of a good stock and lineage")
  a. Robert de Clayton (3rd son)
  m. (1151) Elizabeth Parker
  (1) John de Clayton (d 1209, 3rd son)
  m. (1204) Cicely Peel (dau of John Peel of Peel)
  (A) William de Clayton (b c1206, d 1213)
  (B) Thomas de Clayton of Clayton (d 1280)
  m. Ruth de Latham (dau of John de Latham)
  (i) Ralph de Clayton
  (a) John de Clayton (a 1347)
  m. (1307) Mary de Langtown (dau of Hugh de Langtown)
((1)) John de Clayton (b c1333?, d 1399)
  ((A)) John de Clayton (d 1440)
  m. (1390) Mary Fereby
  ((i)) Thomas de Clayton (of Clayton & Thelwell) (d 1426?)
  m. Dorothy Thelwell of Thelwell
  ((a)) John de Clayton (b 1419) - continued below
  m1. (1440) Mary Mainwaring of Cheshire (d 1445)
  m2. Jane Clifton of Clifton
  ((b))+ other issue - William (b 1420, dsp 1471), Mary (b 1421), Dorothy (b 1423), Jane (b 1424)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Robert, William, Jane, Helen
  ((B))+ other issue - William (a 1386), Ralph, Robert., Margaert, Sarah
  ((2))+ other issue - Richard, Robert, Margaret, Elizabeth
  (b)+ other issue - Giles, Nicholas, Elizabeth, Jane
  (ii)+ other issue - Ralph, Elizabeth, Margaret
  (2)+ other issue - William (a 1200, dsp?), Robert (a 1200, dsp?), Thomas, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth
  b.+ other issue - Richard (priest), Thomas (dsp)
  ii.+ 2 daughters
  B. William de Clayton (d unm?)
2.+ other issue - John (d 1090), Robert, Mary, Alice



John de Clayton 'of Clayton & Thelwell' (b 1419) - continued above
m1. (1440) Mary Mainwaring of Cheshire (d 1445)
1. Thomas Clayton (b 1441, disinherited)
  A. William Clayton 'of Clayton' (b 1463, d 1493)
  m. Mary Atherton of Atherton
  i.+ issue - Thomas (b 1485, dsp), William (b 1487, dsp), Richard (b 1488, dsp), Giles (b 1489, dsp), Margaret (b 1490)
  B. Robert Clayton 'of Clayton' (b 1465, d 1510, 4th son)
  m. (1497?) Jane Farrington
  i. Thomas Clayton (b 1498, d 1580)
m. Anne Jackson of Bocking
  a. Robert Clayton (d 1599)
  (1) John Clayton 'of Clayton' 'of Crooke' (b 1596, d 20.12.1623)
  m. Joanna Pye (dau of Sir Robert Pye)
  (A) Richard Clayton 'of Crooke' (dsp)
  m. _ Farrington of Worden
(B) Dorothy Clayton
  m. George Leicester of Toft (b c1623, d 1671)
  (C) Elizabeth Clayton
  b. William Clayton
  m. (1582) Elizabeth Rigby (dau of Nicholas Rigby of Harrock)
  (1) Thomas Clayton of Fulwood, Lancashire (b 1585)
  m. Anne Blundell (dau of Robert Blundell or Blondell of Ince)
Betham confuses the issue a bit over the next few generations, showing the succession as going through Thomas then his only son, Bishop Robert, and then identifies the Thomas who m. Anne Atherton as "the brother of the bishop". Fortunately, BLG1858 starts its pedigree with this Thomas (m. Anne Blundell) and clarifies the position, supporting the following except that it names the Bishop as Thomas instead of Robert.
  (A) Robert Clayton of Fulwood (d 1728, minister in Dublin, Dean of Kildare)
  m. Eleanor Atherton (dau of John Atherton of Busie ('of Atherto'n))
  (i) William Clayton 'of Liverpool and/or Fulwood' who apparently married ...
  m. (1690) Elizabeth Leigh (dau of George Leigh of Oughtrington)
  (a) Anne Clayton (coheir) probably of this generation
  m. Banastre Parker of Cuerden Hall (d 1738)
  (b) Margaret Clayton (coheir) possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Case of Red Hazles
(ii) Robert Clayton, Bishop of Killala then York then Clogher (b 1695, d 1758)
  Some details on Robert and his family come from Wikipedia ("Robert Clayton (bishop)").
  m. (1723) Catharine (dau of Nehemiah, "lord chief baron Donnellan")
  (iii) Elizabeth Clayton who appears to have married ...
  m. William Browne (b c1684, d 1772)
  (iv)+ other issue - John, Richard, Anne, Margaret, Mary
  (B) Thomas Clayton of Worthington & Adlington (b 1630, d c1721)
  m. Anne Atherton (d 1695, dau of John Atherton of Busie)
Betham confuses the issue just a little here, showing that Thomas & Anne had 2 sons called Thomas, the first marrying Martha Horton, with descendants as shown but with the second Thomas (4th son) being highlighted "of whom hereafter" with no later reference. The family tree then shown by Bethan then omits that second Thomas. We do so also. Unfortunately, BLG1858 does not help here as it jumps from this Thomas (m. Anne Atherton) to his great-grandson, the 1st Bart.
  (i) Thomas Clayton (b c1668, d 1728)
  m. (1697) Martha Horton (d 1723, dau of Joshua Horton of Chaderton)
  (a) William Clayton of Adlington (d unm 06.1735, 2nd son)
  (b) Richard Clayton, Lord Chief Justice in Ireland (b 1701-2, dsp 08.07.1770)
  (c) Edward Clayton of Adlington (d unm 1772, Major)
(d) John Clayton of Adlington (a 1772, d before 05.1774)
  The following is supported by BEB1841 ('Clayton', in Addenda) & TCB (vol 5, 'Clayton of Adlington', p169+).
  m. Elizabeth Goodwin (dau of Rev. _ Goodwin of Tankerley)
  ((1)) Sir Richard Clayton of Adlington, 1st Bart (b c1745, d 29.04.1828)
  m. (1780) Anne White (dau of Charles White of Manchester)
  ((A)) Henrietta Clayton of Adlington (b 12.02.1782, d 10.03.1845)
  m. (01.12.1803) Robert Browne, later Browne-Clayton of Adlington Hall (General)
  ((2)) Sir Robert Clayton of Adlington, 2nd Bart (b 1746, dsp 10.08.1839, Major)
  m. (1780) Christophora Baldwin (d before 07.1848, dau of Rev. Roger Baldwin of Aldingham)
  ((3)) William Clayton (d unm)
  ((4)) John Clayton (dsp, rector of Evershot)
  m. Catharine Fisher (dau of Edward Fisher of Sherington)
(a)+ other issue - Thomas (b c1698, d 1717), Mary, Anne, Sarah, Betty
  (ii) Anne Clayton
  m. John Williamson of Liverpool
  (iii) Eleanor Clayton
  m. Nicholas Rigby of Harrock
  (iv) Sarah Clayton
  m. Daniel Sephton of Skelmesdale
  (v)+ other issue - John, Richard, Robert, Ruth, Margaret, Mary, Catharine
  (C) Anne Clayton who appears to have married ...
  m. Ralph Livesey of Livesey (b c1611, d 1695)
  (2) Anne Clayton (b 1596) probably the Anne (bur 04.03.1623-4) who married ...
  m. (c09.1610) Roger Langton of Broughton Tower (b 1559, d 04.1644)
  (3)+ other issue - William (b 1587), John (b 1583), Ralph (b 1589), Richard (b 1592), Elizabeth (b 1594), Lettice (b 1595)
  ii.+ other issue - John (b 1499), Edward (b 1505), Richard (b 1506), Sarah (b 1500), Susanna (b 1502), Catharine (b 1503)
  C.+ other issue - John (b 1464), Thomas (b 1470)
2.+ other issue - William (b 1442, dvpsp?), Mary (b 1443), Dorothy (b 1444), child (d 1445?)
m2. Jane Clifton of Clifton
6. Robert Clayton 'of Clayton' (b 1448, dsp 1471)
7. Richard Clayton of Lyme, Cheshire (b 1449, d 1485?)
  m. Elizabeth Leigh (dau of Sir Peers Leigh, son of Sir Peers)
8. Elizabeth Clayton (b 1450)

Main source(s): Betham's 'Baronetage of England' (vol 3, 1803 , '306. Clayton of Adlington, Lancashire', p409+) with input/support as reported above
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