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The original lower section of this page has been moved to Clapham2 and a new lower section has been added to show an alternative pedigree for the Thomas (Thomlyn) who lived in the early 1400s. Some names are shared by the two pedigrees so it is not unlikely that at least some of the people mentioned were indeed ancestors of that Thomas. Whilst it is of course certain that at least one of the pedigrees must we wrong, and we are somewhat sceptical of the lower one, we suggest that both pedigrees should be viewed with caution.
Adam Clapham of Clapham
1. Arthur Clapham (a 1119)
  m. Isabella Danfield (dau of John Danfield)
  A. Alred/Alured Clapham
  i. William Clapham this generation omitted by Vivian
  a. Edmond Clapham (a 1193)
  m. Jane Osbertson (dau of Sir Francis Osbertson)
  (1) Walter Clapham (a 1230)
  m. Blanche Haryington (dau of Sir Giles Haryngton)
(A) William Clapham (a 1276)
  m. Armygell or Armiger Thornton (dau/coheir of Sir Gregory or George Thornton)
  (i) John Clapham (a 1272)
  m. Josyan Sutton (dau/coheir of Sir Alexander Sutton)
  (a) William Clapham (a 1328)
  m. Cysseley/Cicily Otterburne (dau of Sir Raff Otterburne or Otterborne)
  ((1)) William Clapham (a 1340)
  m. Susan Helias (dau of _ Helias (Elias or Helyers) of Tresford or Thressfield or Eresfeld)
  ((A)) John Clapham
  m. Constance Helden (dau of Sir Nicholas (or Myles) Helden (or Hebden) of Helden)
  ((i)) Thomas (Thomlyn) Clapham - see below @@
  m. Elsabeth Moore (dau/coheir of William Moore of Otterburne by Thomasin, dau/coheir of Peter Maleverer or Malyvery of Beamsley)



FMG starts with the following Jonas who is identified as "3rd son of Alphonsus, Duke of Lorraine, 6th son of Pharamond, King of France". We assume that that was the Pharamond, King of the Franks (d 425), whom we show in the Ancient section of the database (here). We do not make the connection because it has the appearance of being apocryphal.
Jonas Clapham, lord of Clapham
1. Manfred Clapham
  A. William Clapham
  i. Arthur Clapham
  a. William Clapham ("unto whom William the Conqueror gave the barony of Denton, Sedbrough")
  (1) Robert Clapham
  (A) Walthrau Clapham
  (i) Albone/Alured Clapham
  (a) John Clapham (dsp, "attainted and lost the barony of Denton, Sedburgh"_
  (b) Thomas Clapham
  m. _ Butler (dau/heir of John Butler of Lund)
  ((1)) Sir John Clapham of Clapham
  m. _ Sutton (dau/heir of Sir John Sutton)
  ((A)) Arthur Clapham of Clapham
  m. _ Otterburne (dau/heir of Sir Ralph Otterburne)
  ((i)) Robert Clapham (a temp Henry V who r. 1413-1422)
  m. _ Harrington (dau of John Harrington of Hornby)
  ((a)) Arthur Clapham (a 1433)
  m. _ Danselde (dau of Sir John Danselde)
  (((1))) Edmond Clapham
  m. _ Redman (dau of Sir William Redman of Harewood)
  (((A))) Thomas Clapham of Clapham, Lund, Kittmore & Otterburne - see above @@
  m. Elizabeth Moore (dau/coheir of William Moore of Otterburne by Thomasine, dau/coheir of Peter Mauleverer of Beamsley)

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