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Families covered: Cheney of Cralle, Cheney of Higham, Cheney (Cheyne) of Shurland (Sherland, Isle of Sheppey), Cheney of Sittingborne, Cheney of Toddington

The first mentioned by BE1883 is Richard (m. heiress of Cralle) who "was descended from Ralph de Caineto, who came into England with the Conqueror". Rylands starts with ...
Alexander Cheney (d 1295-6)
m. Agnes de Say, heiress of Patricksorne (dau of William de Say)
1. William Cheney (b c1273)
  m. Margaret Sherland (dau/heir of Sir Robert Sherland of Sherland)
  A. William Cheney (dsp 1334-5)
  B. Sir Robert Cheney of Sherland, isle of Sheppey, Kent (b c1304?, d 1364-5)
  The first mentioned by BE1883, Visitation (Kent) & Berry, Visitation (Bedfordshire), though the last names him John, was ...
  i. Sir Richard Cheney of Sherland (b c1326?)
  BE1883 identifies the mother of William as a dau/coheir of Robert Cralle. Visitation (Bedfordshire) does not identify her, Visitation (Kent) names her Elizabeth whilst Rylands (as Margery) & Visitation (Sussex) (as Margaret) identify her as ...
  m. Margery/Margaret Cralle (dau/coheir of Robert Cralle of Cralle by Margaret, dau/heir of Symon Peplesham)
a. (Sir) William Cheney of Sherland (d 1443) this line supported by Ryland, BE1883, Berry & Visitation (Bedfordshire)
  m. Eleanor Salerne (dau of John Salerne of Iden) identified by Berry as just Margaret
  (1) Sir John Cheney of Shurland (d before 11.1487)
  m. Elinor Shottisbroke (d before 11.1487, dau of Sir John Shottisbroke by Edith, dau of Lord Stourton, widow of John de Beauchamp)
  (A) William Cheney of the Isle of Sheppey, Constable of Queenborough Castle (3rd son?)
  m1. Isabel Boleyne (d 1485, dau of Geffrey Boleyne, Lord Mayor of London)
  (i) Sir Francis Cheney, Constable of Queenborough Castle (dsp)
  m. Werburga Brierton
  m2. Margaret Yonge
  (ii) Sir Thomas Cheney of Shurland, later of Toddington (d 08.12.1558)
  m1. Frideswide (Friswith) Frowyke (dau of Sir Thomas Frowyke, chief justice)
(a) John Cheney (dsp)
  m. Margaret Nevil (dau of George Nevil, Lord Abergavenny)
  (b) Catherine (or Cicely) Cheney
  m. Sir Thomas Kemp of Olantigh & Wye (a 1574)
(c) Frances Cheney (dsp)
  Frances is shown by MGH (NS1, vol 4 (1884), p340) as dau of Sir Henry & Jane Wentworth (below).
  m. Nicholas Cripps (son of Sir Henry)
  m2. Anne Broughton (d 18.05.1562, dau of Sir John Broughton of Toddington)
  (d) Sir Henry Cheney, Sheriff of Bedfordshire, Lord Cheney of Toddington (bur 03.09.1587)
m. Jane or Joan Wentworth (d 16.04.1614, dau of Thomas Wentworth, 1st Lord)
  (e) Anne Cheney shown by Rylands & Berry as dau of Friswith but by BE1883 as dau of Anne
  m. Sir John Perrot
  (B) Sir John Cheney of Shurland, Lord Cheney (dsp 30.05.1496)
  m. (after 1478) Margaret Chidiocke (dau of Sir John Chidiocke by Katherine Lumley)
  (C) Sir Roger Cheney of Woodhey, Berkshire (6th son)
  m. Anne Stanley (dau of Richard Stanley of the Pipe)
  (D) Edith (or Margaret or Elizabeth) Cheney
  m. Sir William Sandys of The Vine (d 26.10.1496)
  (E)+ other issue - Edmund (d young), Edward (Dean of Salisbury), Sir Robert (dsp), Alexander, Geoffrey/Humphrey (d young)
  b. Simon Cheney of Milsted & Cralle, Sussex this line supported by Rylands, Visitation (Sussex), Berry & Visitation (Kent)
m. Elianor Nottingham (dau/heir of John Nottingham)
  (1) William Cheney of Warbleton or Warblington in Hinck Cheyney, Sussex
  m. Margaret Keghley (dau of _ Keghley (or Righley) by _ Lewknor)
  (A) William (probably not John) Cheney of Crall and/or Carlley Warbleton
  m. Agnes (dau/heir of John Farby or Foreby)
  (i) William Cheney
  m. Malyn or Mary Fincham ## see here ##
  (a) William Cheney
  m. Margaret Palmer (dau of _ Palmer of Augmering)
  ((1)) Robert Cheney of Cralle
  ((A)) Sir Oliver Cheney of Cralle
  (b) Margaret Cheney
  (ii) Thomas Cheyney
  m. Constance (dau of Richard Seras or 'Seras de Houghter')
  (a) William Chyeney duplication just above?
  m. Margaret Palmer
  (b) Thomas Chyeney
  m. _ Hinxsted (dau/heir of _ Hinxsted of Winchelsey)
  ((1)) John Cheyney
  m. Elizabeth Palmer (dau of John Palmer, sister of Sir Anthony)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Cheyney
  m. Sir Thomas Colpepper of Grenway Court
  (c) John Chyeney
  (iii) Margaret Cheney (dsp)
  m. Richard Oxenbridge
  (iv) Parnell Cheney
  m. Richard Bellingham
  (v) Elizabeth Cheney
  m. Henry Darrell
  (vi) Joane Cheney
  (2) Robert Cheney of Crall & Higham
  m. Anne Lovelace (dau of Richard Lovelace)
  (A) Humphrey Cheney of Higham the last mentioned by Rylands
  m. Alice Wotton (dau of Edward (or Sir Nicholas) Wotton of Bocton (Boughton) Malherb)
  (i) John Cheney of Callis (Calais) & Higham
  m1. Elizabeth Gyles (dau of Hugh Gyles)
  (a) William Cheney of Higham & Sittingborne
  m. Elizabeth Ashley (dau of John Ashley of Norfolk)
  ((1)) Josias Cheney of Higham (a 1619)
  m. Margaret Finch (dau of Randolph Finch of Kingsdowne)
  ((A)) John Cheney of Higham (Heyham in Milsted)
  m. Judith Wood (dau/coheir of Richard Wood of Hollingbourne)
  ((B)) Frances Cheney
  m. Thomas Swalman
  ((C))+ other issue - Astley, Norton, Agnes, Dorothy, Elizabeth
  ((2)) Walter Cheney
  ((3)) Astley Cheney
  m. Rebecca House
  m2. Mary Gyles
  (b)+ other issue - Thomas, Richard, Henry, Symon, Robert, Margaret, Frances
  (ii) Humphrey Cheney
  (iii) Isabell Cheney
  m. William Lambert
  (a) Mary Lambert
  m. Lawrence Neale
  (b) Joane Lambert
  m. _ Phillips
  (iv)+ other issue - Anthony, Thomas
  (B) John Cheney (4th son?)
  (i) Christopher Cheney
  (C) Robert Cheney
  (i) John Cheney of Sittingborne
  (D) Amicia Cheney
  m1. _ Reade
  m2. William Pawlett
  (E)+ other issue - Roger, Hugh (married 3 times)
  (3) Alexander Cheney
  (A) John Cheney of Sittingborne
  (4) Richard Cheney
  c. Alice Cheney
  m. John Cobham of Beland
  d. Margery Cheney
m1. Jacob Donet (James Dannett)
  m2. John Salerne of Iden
  e. Joane Cheney
  m. Thomas Towne or Atowne
  f. Elizabeth Cheney
  m1. John Wilcotts of Oxfordshire
  m2. Sir Richard Walksted
  g. Isabel Cheney
  m. John Pimp or Pympe of Kent
  h. Margaret Cheney
  m. Sir John Sentleger (St. Leger?)
  i. daughter
  m. _ Wardener
  ii. Roger Cheney (b c1356, a 1362)

Main source(s): Visitation (Rylands (1908), Berkshire (additional), 'Cheney of Woodhey') with input/support from BE1883 ('Cheney of Toddington' & 'Baron Cheney'), Visitation (Kent, 1574+1619, 'Cheney'), CountyGen (Kent, Berry, 1830, p125), Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1566, 'Cheney of Toddington'), Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, 'Cheney' (2 folios))
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