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Families covered: Catterall of Catterall (Caterall of Caterall), Caterall of Giggleswick, Caterall of Little Mitton, Caterall of Newhall, Caterall of Rathmell

This family's name is one of those that has been spelt in so many ways that it can be difficult to find references to it. Variations include Catterall, Cateral, Catheral, Catherall, and Cathrall.
1. Richard of Catterall, Garstang, Lancashire (d c1220)
  m. Isolda/Iseult, heiress of Catterall (dau of Robert de Goosnargh)
  A. Richard de Catterall of Catterall (d c1243)
  i. Ralph de Catterall of Catterall (b c1231, d c1305)
  a. John de Catterall (dvp?)
  (1) John de Catterall (a 1346, dsp?)
  b. Alan de Catterall of Catterall & Little Mitton (d 1322)
  m. Loretta de Pontchadon (dau of Richard de Pontchardon)
  (1) Richard Catterall of Catterall (b c1309)
  (A) Adam de Catterall of Catterall (d 1397)
  (i) Richard Catterall of Catterall (b c1382, a 1460)
  m. Ellen (a 1467) widow of Richard, possibly mother of his sons
  BHO mentions 3 sons of Richard " the elder". The last son mentioned was Richard but, because the mention that the widow Ellen "claimed dower against his son Richard and because of that reference to his father as "the elder", we presume that Richard's successor was ...
(a) Richard Catterall of Catterall (a 1467)
  BHO reports that, after Richard the elder, "The descent appears to be clear and uneventful from this time until the death of Thomas Catterall in 1579, when his seven daughters became co-heirs." Flower starts with the following Rauf. It is a presumption that he was son of Richard.
  ((1)) Rauf Catterall or Caterall of Caterall
  m. Elizabeth Butler (dau of James Butler of Rauclyff)
  ((A)) John Caterall
m. Catherine Langeley (dau of John Langeley of Agecrofte)
  ((i)) Rauf Caterall (dsp)
  ((ii)) Thomas Caterall of Caterall & Little Mitton (d 1579)
  m. Margaret Tempest (dau of Nicholas Tempest of Basshall)
  ((a)) Anne Caterall
  m. Henry Towneley of Barneshed (Barnside)
  ((b)) Catherine Caterall
m. Thomas Stryckland of Syanser
  ((c)) Margaret Caterall
  m. Sir John Atherton of Atherton
  ((d)) Dorothy Caterall
  m. Robert Sherborne of Catterall (d 1572)
  (((1))) Thomas Sherborne of Catterall & Little Mitton (d 1636)
  (((A))) Robert Sherborne (b c1592, a 1652?)
  ((e)) Mary Caterall
  m. John Grymshaw of Clayton
((f))+ other issue (dsp) - Elizabeth, Jane
  ((B)) Isabell Caterall
  m. Thomas Cowlthurst of Edesforthe
  ((C)) Margaret Caterall
m. Anthony Talbot of Houghton
  ((D)) Grace Caterall
  m. _ Nowell of Reade
  ((E)) Anne Caterall (d 1551)
  m1. (1537) Sir John Towneley of Towneley (d c1540)
  m2. Sir William Radclyffe of Ordsall
  ((F)) (Alice) Caterall
  m. (John) Malham of Bradley
  ((G))+ other issue - James, William, Thomas, Gyles, Richard, Ellys, Robert
  ((2)) Elizabeth Catterall possibly of this generation
  m1. William Tempest of Broughton (d before 07.1490)
  m2. Nicholas Townley
  (b) other issue - William (a 1457), Roger (a 1460)
The following comes from Visitation (Joseph Foster (Robert Glover), Yorkshire, 1584/5, 'Caterall of Rathmell') with support from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563/4, 'Caterall'). Possibly of this generation, being identified by Foster as "a younger brother out of Caterall" was ...
  (ii) Alan Caterall
  (a) John Caterall of Rauthmell (Rathmell), Craven, Yorkshire
  m. Anne Radlyffe (dau of _ Radclyffe of Wymerley)
  ((1)) Alan Caterall of Rathmell
  m. Ann Ardington (dau of Henry Ardington of Ardington)
  ((A)) William Caterall of Rathmell (a 1585) - see alternative ancestry shown below ##
  m. Jane Palmes (dau of Brian Palmes of Linley)
  Eldest son John married Anne Peacock.
((2)) Margaret Caterall
  m. Augustine (Austin) Tenant of Starbotton
  ((3)) Anne Caterall
  m. _ Claughton of Ireby (Yereby)
((4))+ other issue - Richard, Stephen, William, Dorothy
  (b) Augustine or Awsten (Austin) Caterall
  We speculate that this may just possibly have been the Awsten Cathrall of Craven who was father of ...
  ((1)) Elsabeth Cathrall
  m. Edmond Dalton
  (c) Alice Caterall
  m. (sp) Alexander de Marton (son/heir of William de Marton)
  The undermentioned John is reported (by Ormerod) to be "descended of the Catherals of Catheral, in Garstang". We speculate that the connection was as follows:
  ii. ?? Catterall or Catheral
  a. John Catterall or Catheral of Kiddington & Horton, Cheshire (a 1302)
  m. Alice Horton (a 1302, heiress)



Henry Catherall of Newhall, Staincliffe, Yorkshire
m. Emma Fleminge (dau of William or Rafe Fleminge)
1/2. Alan Caterall of Giggleswick (d before 17.12.1513)
  m. Kateryn (d before 22.03.1526)
  A. John Caterall of Giggleswick (d before 14.03.1540)
i. John Catterall of Milnthorpe, Sandal Magna (a 03.1587)
  m. Frances (d before 24.04.1593)
  ii. Robert Catterall of Wakefield (d before 17.01.178)
2/1. Rafe Caterall
  m. Ann Marshall (dau of John Marshall of Pickering)
  A. William Caterall 'of Rathmell' of Newhall (d 04.06.1591) - see alternative ancestry shown above ##
  m. Jane Palmes (dau of Brian Palmes of Lindley)
  i. John Caterall of Newhall (d before 24.03.1623)
  m. Anne Peacock of Lincolnshire
  a.+ issue (a 1585) - Richard (b c1575), Jane, Thomasine, Bridget
  ii. Ann (or Mary) Caterall
  m. John Linley of Leathley
  iii.+ other issue - William, Arthur

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : VCH (Lancashire, vol 7, 'Townships: Catterall'), Visitation (William Flower, Lancashire, 1567, 'Cathrall of Mitton')
(2) For lower section : Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, 'Catherall of Newhall') with support/contradiction from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563/4, 'Caterall')
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