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Families covered: Carr of Eshot, Carr of Eshot Heugh, Carr of Hetton

William Carr of Woodhall, Walwick & Elrington (d 17.11.1624)
m. Elizabeth Carr (dau of William Carr of Ford)
1. William Carr of Eshot & Hetton (b c1602, d before 11.05.1643)
m. Anne Lisle (bur 18.10.1684, dau of John Lisle of Acton)
  A. John Carr of Hetton (d 1661)
  m. Mary (a 1661)
  B. William Carr of Eshot & Hetton (d by 1685)
  m. Jane Heron (dau of Richard Heron of Bockenfield)
  i. William Carr of Eshot & Hetton, Sheriff of Northumberland (b 14.08.1658, bur 13.11.1738)
  m1. (c05.1682) Jane Strother (bur 13.12.1704, dau of William Strother of Fowberry)
  a. William Carr of Eshot & Hetton (bpt 17.11.1685, dsp bur 25.04.1751)
  m. (c01.1723/4) Catherine Ogle (bur 14.04.1769, dau of William Ogle of Causey Park)
  b. John Carr of Eshot Heugh (bpt 30.11.1691, bur 17.05.1756)
  m. Elizabeth Sharp (bur 25.01.1768, dau of Samuel Sharp of Butterworth)
  (1) John Carr of Eshot Heugh (bur 19.08.1775)
  The following comes from 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 7, John Crawford Hodgson, 1904, 'Carr of Eshot Heugh', p351).
(A) Thomas William Carr 'of Frognal' of Eshot Heugh (b 19.03.1770, d 27.05.1829)
  m. (01.01.1794) Frances Morton (d 12.02.1836, dau of Andrew Morton of Ouseburn)
  (i) Andrew Morton Carr (bpt 17.08.1799, d 18.09.1852) had issue
  (ii) Thomas William Carr (bpt 06.07.1801, d 21.08.1840, cleric) had issue
  m1. (09.09.1829) Susan Woodword (d 08.07.1834, dau of Rev. Richard Woodword of Glanworth, widow of Rev. L.L. Hamilton of Ellseborough)
  m2. (06.04.1737, sp) Joanna Childers (bur 13.01.1887, dau of Colonel J.W. Childers)
  (iii) Sir William Ogle Carr (bpt 13.12.1802, d 24.04.1856, Chief Justice of Ceylon)
  (iv) Sarah Grace Carr (b 06.12.1794)
  m. Stephen Lushington (judge)
  (v) Isabella Carr (b 20.11.1804)
  m. Sir Culling Eardley Smith, later Eardley
  (vi) Laura Carr (b 30.03.1807)
  m. Sir Robert M(onsey) Rolfe, Lord Cranworth (dsp 1868, Lord Chancellor)
  (vii)+ other issue (d unm) - Frances Rebecca (b 08.06.1796, d 10.04.1880), Anne Margaret (b 13.12.1797, d 09.03.1872)
  (2) Elizabeth Carr (d 08.1764)
  m. George Nichols of Morpeth
  c. Thomas Carr of Eshot & Hetton (bpt 06.12.1692, dsp bur 19.07.1760)
  m. (07.1749) Mary Hebburn (dau of John Hebburn of Norham)
  d. Charles Carr of Eshot & Hetton (bpt 27.11.1698, dsp bur 25.02.1768)
  m. (23.04.1752) Margaret Brown (dau of Alexander Brown of Doxford, m2. John Storey of Learchild)
  e. Mark Carr, later in Georgia (bpt 20.03.1701/2, d c06.12.1767)
  m. (1729) Jane Perkins (dau of Roger Perkins of Brampton)
  (1) William Carr of Frederica (Georgia), later of Eshot (d before 04.12.1770)
m. Grace (m2. James Belcher of Liberty Co. Georgia)
  (A) Mary Carr in Georgia (bpt 26.07.1759)
  m. (1782) John Lines
  (2) Thomas Carr of Frederica (Georgia), last of Eshot, Sheriff of Northumberland (bpt 14.01.1733/4, bur 26.12.1793)
  (A)+ issue - Jane, 2 daughters
  (3) Judith (aka Edith) Carr (bpt 05.12.1732)
  m. (before 25.01.1769) John Polson in Georgia
  f. Mary Carr (bur 20.02.1725/6)
  m1. (03.11.1698) William Carr of Etal
  m2. (c11.1721) William Ogle of Causey Park
  g. Ann Carr (bpt 29.05.1688)
  m. William Cooper of Berwick
  h. Elizabeth Carr (bpt 19.09.1689)
  m. Richard Wilson of Ulgham
  i.+ other issue - Henry (bpt 09.12.1704, bur 20.12.1704), Robert (a 10.1736), Ursula (bpt 17.07.1695), Frances (bpt 05.11.1696, bur 10.11.1775), Jane (bur 02.12.1721)
  m2. (28.04.1709) Elizabeth (bur 05.03.1734/5, widow of _ Porter)
  n.+ other issue - George of Bowsden (d 26.02.1767), Barbara
  ii. John Carr (b 01.12.1659, bur 20.12.1738)
m. (29.03.1687) Dorothy Hunter
  a.+ issue - Thomas (bpt 22.12.1692), Robert (bpt 27.12.1697), Henry (a 10.1736), Ralph (bpt 28.12.1699, a 10.1736), Christopher of Alnwick (a 04.1751), Jane (bpt 17.10.1693), Anne
  iii. Thomas Carr (bpt 22.07.1662, a 1682)
  iv. Anne Carr (b 07.08.1656)
  m. (01.10.1674) Tristram Fenwick of Kenton
  C. Catherine Carr
  m1. Talbot Lisle
  m2. Robert Carr (vicar of Edlingham)
  D. Jane Carr
  E. Margaret Carr
  m. (26.02.1660/1) Robert Lisle of Weldon
2. Anne (or Agnes) Carr
  m. Henry Ord of Beal
3. Margaret Carr
  m. (before 29.03.1643) Ralph Clavering of Bowsden
4.+ other issue - Thomas, John (a 03.1643, had issue), Ralph (d before 01.1609), Lancelot (a 01.1643), Edmund (a 01.1643), Margery (a 03.1643, d unm?)

Main source(s): 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 7, John Crawford Hodgson, 1904, 'Carr of Eshot', p346+)
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