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Families covered: Carnsewe of Bokelly, Carnsewe (Carnesew) of St. Kue, Carnsewe (Carnesew) of Trecarne

Vivian shows the following Arms for this family: "Sa, a goat pass. Or, attired, beareded, and ungued Or." They are very different from the arms of the family shown on Carnsewe2.
Watkyn Carnesew of Tremboyse
m. Honor Tregose
1. John Carnesew
  A. John Carnesew
m. Jane Nulinge (dau/heir of John Nulinge)
  i. Richard (or Robert) Carnesew
  m. Alice Trecarne (dau/heir of John Trecarne of Trecarne, m2. Nicholas Cavell of St. Kew)
  a. William Carnesew 'of Bokelly'
  m. Isabell Cavell (dau of Nicholas Cavell of Trereke)
  (1) William Carnesew 'of Bokelly', Sheriff of Cornwall (a 1478)
  m1. Jane/Joane Sherston (dau of Laurence Sherston by Jennet, dau of Sir John Arundell of Trerice)
  (A) Jane Carnesew or Carnsewe
  m1. John Beauchamp of Beere
m2. Richard Langdon
  (B) Millicent Carnesew or Carnsewe
  m. John Gaverigan of Gaverigan (a 1525)
m2. Elizabeth Tregose (dau of Richard Tregose)
  (C) William Carnesew or Carnsewe of St. Kue, Cornwall (d by 1530)
  m. Jane Stradling (dau of Edmond Stradling of St. Domincks & Dantsey by Katherine, dau/heir of John Trenouth)
  (i) William Carnsewe of St. Kue
  m. Honor Fitz (dau of John Fitz of Tavistock)
  (a) Sir Richard Carnsewe (dsp bur 13.05.1629)
m. (24.09.1619) Grace Fowell (bur 08.07.1656, dau of Arthur Fowell of Fowelscombe, widow of Richard Barrett of Tregarden)
  (b) William Carnsewe 'of Buckelly' (dsp before 05.07.1627, 3rd son)
  m. (01.12.1610) Ann Arundell (dau of John Arundell of Trerice)
  (c)+ other issue - Mathew (dsp bur 30.09.1613), Frances (d unm before 04.02.1606), Grace (d unm)
  (ii) George Carnsewe of St. Kue (bur 1604)
  m. Thomazin Nicholl (bur 25.10.1603, dau of John Nicholl of St. Kue)
  (a) Francis Carnsewe of Philly, Cornwall (bpt 10.11.1572, a 1620)
  m. (26.01.1602) Mary Webber (bur 29.01.1648, dau of John Webber of St. Kue)
  ((1)) George Carnsewe (bpt 02.03.1603, d before 09.09.1691?)
  m. (25.11.1631) Ann May (dau of Humphrey May)
  ((A)) George Carnsewe (bpt 18.07.1642, 2nd son)
  m. Mary
  ((i)) Mary Carnewe (bpt 1669)
  ((B))+ other issue - Richard (bpt 17.10.1635, a 1690), Mary (bpt 18.09.1632, bur 17.06.1650), Ann (bpt 24.06.1638, bur 10.09.1640), Grace (bpt 03.04.1643, bur 06.12.1664), Frances (bpt 28.08.1645), Thomasine (bpt 31.01.1646)
  ((2)) Mathew Carnsewe
  m. (1635) Mary Webber
  ((A)) Mathew Carnsewe (bpt 02.10.1644, bur 26.04.1712)
  m1. (31.07.1674) Mary Leverton of St. Tody (bur 18.05.1679)
  ((i))+ issue - Mathew (bpt 1674, bur 24.05.1684), John (bpt 1679, bur 26.05.1746), Mary (bpt 1676)
  m2. Johanna
  ((iv)) Phillippa Carnsewe (bpt 01.04.1687)
  ((B)) Margery Carnsewe (bpt 19.02.1635)
  m. (1681) William Shoule
((C))+ other issue - John (bpt 01.05.1651), Anne (bpt 27.08.1637), Frances (bpt 24.03.1638, bur 01.12.1643), Mary (bpt 30.01.1640), Martha (bpt 26.12.1642), Mary (bpt 07.11.1643), Mary (bpt 08.02.1646, bur 13.05.1647), Phillippa (bpt 01.02.1648)
  ((3)) Philip Carnsewe (bpt 02.06.1606)
  m. (14.04.1629) Edmond Harvye
  ((4))+ other issue - Francis (bur 02.11.1664), Margaret
  (b) Honor Carnsewe
m. (05.11.1582) John Joliffe in Devon
  (c) Anne Carnsewe (bur 07.04.1634)
  m. Hugh Prust of Hartland (bur 23.06.1619)
  (d) Margaret Carnsewe
  m. (04.06.1599) John Luke of Helland
  (e)+ other issue - George (bpt 19.10.1565), William (bpt 17.02.1567)
  (iii) Thomas Carnsewe of Mabe
  m. Sibell Kestell (dau of Edward Kestell of Kestell)
  (iv) John Carnsewe of Trecarne
  m. Ann Ashurst (bur 1579, dau of Gilbert Ashurst of Lancashire)
  (a) Margaret Carnsewe
  m. Morris Hill of Heligan (d 1609)
  (v) Margery Carnsewe
  m1. Robert Flamock
  m2. John Whiston of Whitston
  (vi)+ other issue - Richard, Margaret
  (2)+ other issue - John, Jane, Alice

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions,' Carnsewe of Bockeley', p76+)
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