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Families covered: Campbell (MacIver) of Asknish, Campbell of Ballochyle, MacIver of Dergachie, Campbell (MacIver) of Kilbryde, MacIver of Lergaconzie, Campbell of Stronshiray

It appears that Clan Iver was viewed for some years as quite separate from Clan Campbell, though the following connection shows that a connection between them has been made. www.electricscotland.com ("Clan MacIver") mentions the following Iver and we have seen it suggested elsewhere that he may have been the progenitor of many families with names as varied as Iverson, Macure, MacKeaver, MacGlasrich, MacQuee, Makiver, Orr and (as specifically mentioned by BLG1886) McUre & Ure.
Ivor Croumb = Iver Crom of Cowal, Asknish Lergachonzie & Glassary, Argyllshire father or grandfather of ...
1. Malcolm MacIver of Lergaconzie (a 1292) the first mentioned by HJHeraldry
  A. ?? MacIver
  (1) We hope in due course to find a source that provides a reasoned connection between the above Malcolm and the undermentioned Charles and Iver but, from the following quote, we understand that others have tried yet failed. BLG1952 reports that "As in the case of the MacIver Campbells of Asknish the use of the patronymic MacIver instead of the Clan surname makes it difficult to trace exactly the early history of this family".
(2) BLG1952 continues the above with: "In 1572, however, Duncan MacIver, Capt. of Inverary Castle, the head of the MacIvers of Asknish, refers to Charles Campbell of Ballochyle (see below) as his cousin, and describes Charles's grandfather (alive ca. 1500) as Alexander MacIver." We accept that the reference to "cousin" should probably be read as "kinsman" but we presume to show them connected as below. Note that this connection is deliberately vague!
  i. ?? MacIver
  Unknown number of generations deliberately omitted.
  a. ?? MacIver possibly father of ...
  (1) Iver MacIver of Lergachonzie (a 1515, "chief of the family")
(A) Duncan Campbell (dsp)
  (B) Charles Campbell of Stronshiray (dvp)
  m. _ McLachlan (dau of Kenneth McLachlan of Kellenochamach)
  (i) Sir Duncan Campbell of Stronshiray
  m1. Katherine Campbell
  m2. ?? Macdonald (dau of Somerled Macdonald, sister of 1st Earl of Antrim)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (a) Iver Campbell (dvp before 1602)
  ((1)) Iver Og Campbell (d sp before 1606)
  (b) Charles Campbell of Asknish
((1)) Angus Campbell (a 1612, dsp)
  ((2)) Iver Campbell of Asknish (a 1685)
  ((A)) Duncan Campbell of Asknish (a 1689)
  m. ?? McAlister (dau of ?? McAlister of Loup)
  ((i)) Angus Campbell of Asknish (2nd son)
  m. Catharine Campbell (dau of _ Campbell of Dunstaffnage)
((a)) Angus Campbell of Asknish
  m. Elizabeth McLachlan (dau of John McLachlan of Craiganterve)
  (((1))) Robert Campbell of Asknish, Sheriff of Argyll
  m. (1769) Catherine Eleanora Yates (dau of Mail Yates of Maghull)
(((A))) Sir Humphry Trafford Campbell (b 1770, d(sp) 09.06.1818)
  m. (27.07.1799) Elizabeth Williams (dau of John Williams of Ruthyn)
  (((2))) daughter (eldest)
  HJHeraldry reports that Angus was succeeded by his eldest daughter. It appears that she married ...
  m. ?? Paterson or Patterson
  (((3)))+ other issue (dsp) - Duncan Campbell in Glasgow (d 04.1797), Archibald (RN), Alexander, Angus, James
  ((b)) Alexander Campbell (dsp)
  ((ii))+ other issue (dsp) - Duncan, Malcolm, Donald
  (ii) Kenneth Buey Campbell or McIver (a 1549, 1616)
  (iii) Farquhar Campbell (d Polihour 1549)
  (C) Iver Bayne Campbell ("whose issue became extinct in the third generation")
  b. Iver MacIver of Dergachie (a 1445, 1481) mentioned by BLG886
  (1) John MacIver of Dergachie mentioned by BLG886
  (2) Alexander MacIver of Ballochyle & Kilbryde, Argyllshire (a 1500) - continued below



Alexander MacIver of Ballochyle & Kilbryde, Argyllshire (a 1500) - continued above the first mentioned by BLG1952
1. Archibald MacIver of Kilbryde
  A. Iver MacIver of Ballochyle (a 1563)
2. Iver MacIver of Kilbryde (a 1568)
  A. Charles MacIver or Campbell of Ballochyle & Kilbryde (a 1568, d before 20.09.1595, 3rd son?)
  m1. Violet (or Janet) Christison
  i. Elizabeth Campbell mentioned before Jean so presumed of this marriage
  ii. Jean Campbell reported as of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. (09.12.1589, sb 1569?) Niall Campbell, younger of Drumsynie
  m2. (20.09.1580) Margaret Campbell
  iii. Alexander Campbell of Ballochyle & Kilbryde (d 1655)
  m. (30.03.1613) Agnes (Anna) Campbell (d 1675)
  BLG1952 disagrees with BLG1886 over the few generations, there being some confusion over different Charleses & Ivers. BLG1886 shows that this Iver dsp and was succeeded by his brother Charles who was father of Iver (father of Alexander who m. Violet Campbell) and of a Charles (d Worcester 1651). HJHeraldry (dated 1921, which uses Burke's Landed Gentry as its authority) follows BLG1886, having started with Charles, 3rd son of Alexander. We follow BLG1952 which does not mention any Charles "slain at the Battle of Worcester".
a. Iver Campbell of Ballochyle & Kilbryde (d 1686, 2nd son)
  m. Helen Campbell (d 11.1699)
  (1) Charles McIver Campbell of Ballochyle & Kilbryde
  m1. Catherine Campbell (d 09.1698, widow of George Campbell)
  (A) John Campbell (dvp)
  m2. Mary Clerk
(B) Alexander Campbell of Ballochyle (b c1711, d 15.12.1791)
  BLG1886 & HJHeraldry report that Alexander (d 1795, aet 84) left 15 children, mentioning Daniel, Charles & Alexander. BLG1952 mentions Daniel, Alexander & Lachlan.
  m. (01.02.1734) Violet Campbell (dau of Duncan Campbell of Dergachie (cadet of Ardkinglass))
  (i) Alexander Campbell of Ballochyle (d 06.1811, 3rd son)
  BLG1886 & HJHeraldry identify Alexander's wife as Mary, dau of Robert Campbell of Ardentinny. We see no such Robert on Campbell12. BLG1952 names her as just ...
  m. Mary (d 13.03.1811)
  (a) Alexander Campbell of Ballochyle (b 14.10.1777, d 04.12.1819, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (02.06.1809) Elizabeth Forbes Rose (d 07.06.1860, dau of William Rose of Ballivat)
  (b)+ other issue (d unm) - Archibald (b 26.03.1779, d 13.05.1807), Robert (b 26.08.1782), Charles (b 03.05.1784)
  (ii)+ other issue - Daniel (d in America, disinherited), Charles (dvp 1760), Lachlan, others
  (C)+ other issue - Violet, Mary, Margaret, Susanna, Grizel
  (2) Alexander Campbell
  (3) Ann Campbell
  m. (c1701) Duncan Ferguson
  b. Charles Campbell of Ballochyle (d c1678)
  (1) Archibald Campbell in Skelmorlie had issue
  m. Isobel Wallace
  c.+ other issue - Archibald (dvpsp), Colin (a 1683), Donald (a 1683)
  m3. Mary Boyd (a 1595)
  The following Robert is mentioned by BLG1886 but not by BLG1952 & HJHeraldry. He is shown as d 07.03.1634 aged 96 which would mean that he was probably born c1540 which, if correct, would suggest that he was probably a generation earlier. If he was of this generation, it is not clear who was his mother.
  iv. Robert Campbell ancestor of McIvers or McUres of Glasgow
  B. Alexander MacIver or Campbell of Darinokeroch

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section: HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 2, 'MacIver Campbells of Asknish', p76+)
(2) For lower section: BLG1952 ('MacIver Campbell formerly of Ballochyle') with support from BLG1886 ('Campbell of Ballochyle'), HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 2, 'Ballochyle', p77+ (which identifies 'Burke's Landed Gentry' as its authority))
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