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Families covered: Campbell of Kildalloig, Campbell of Kilmory, Campbell of Kilberry, Campbell of Kilduskland, Campbell of Knockbuy, Campbell of Torblaren
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Donald Campbell, 1st of Kilmory (d after 07.11.1593)
m. Grizel or Elspeth Stewart (of Kildonnan)
1. Dugald (Dougald) Campbell of Kilmory (d 1612)
  m. Elizabeth (Elspeth) Lamont
  HHJHeraldry reports that Dougald dspm. BLG1952 reports that he left a daughter, Elizabeth. BP1934 reports that he had the following sons who are shown by HJHeraldry & BLG1952 as nephews rather than sons of Dougald, being sons of Dougald's brother, Archibald. Fortunately, this discrepancy makes no difference to the later generations below.
  A. Dugald Campbell (d unm)
  B. Duncan Campbell
  m. _ Lamont (dau of Lamont of Silvercraigs)
  C. Patrick Campbell of Kilmory
  m1. Katherine McLachlan of Lephimore (dsp)
m2. Grizel (probably not Guirnal) Campbell (dau of Donald Campbell of Kilmichael)
  i. Donald Campbell of Kilmory (dsp)
  D. Elizabeth Campbell
2. Archibald Campbell of Kilmory (a 1620, 1631)
3. Duncan Campbell (d before 1592, vicar of Kilfinnan)
  BLG1952 identifies Duncan's wife as Finghuala, dau of Alastair MacIan Campbell of Nether Finchorne. BP1934 identifies her as ...
  m. ?? McAlister (dau of ?? McAlister of Loup)
  A. Dugald Campbell (minister of Letterkenny)
  m. Annabella Hamilton (dau of Robert Hamilton of Barncleugh & Torrens)
  i. John Campbell of Kildalloig and/or Letterkenny (d c1706, chamberlain of Kintyre)
  m. (1660) Elizabeth (Elspeth) McNeil (dau of Lachlan McNeil of Losset)
  a. Duncan Campbell of Kildalloig
  m. (mct 29.04.1704) Margaret Hamilton (of Brownmuir)
  (1) John Campbell of Kildalloig (dsp 12.08.1738)
  (2) Elspeth Campbell
  m. Patrick Campbell of North Knapdale
  b. Dugald Campbell of Kildalloig (d 16.10.1741, minister of Southend, Argyll)
  m1. Grizel Campbell (dsps 18.10.1706, dau of Baillie Angus Campbell)
  m2. Ann Macdonald (d 08.01.1786, dau of Archibald Macdonald of Sanda)
(1) John Campbell of Kildalloig (d 03.02.1796)
  m. Mary Campbell (dau of David Campbell, minister of Southend)
  (A) Dugald Campbell of Kildalloig (d 04.1834)
  m. Catharine Kingsley (d 29.12.1832)
  (i) Sir John Eyton Campbell, 8th Bart of Auchinbreck (b 22.05.1809, d 09.12.1853) had issue
  John inherited the baronetcy from the 7th Bart, a distant kinsman.
  m. (29.04.1841) Charlotte Ferrier (d 17.09.1903, dau of Louis Henry Ferrier of Belsyde)
  (ii) Helen Campbell probably of this generation
  m. (sp) James Coutts Crawford of Overton (d 05.1828)
  (B) Peter Campbell of Askomell (Captain)
  m. Catherine Williamson Ramsay (of Maxtone)
  (i) Elizabeth Jane Campbell (d 05.1861)
  m. (07.1847) W.D.H. Campbell-Davys (d 11.09.1885)
  (C) David Campbell of Kildalloig
  m. Hetty Treves (d 04.06.1864, dau of Peregrine Treves)
  (D) Elizabeth Binning Campbell
  m. (06.03.1808) Norman Shairp (d 07.04.1864)
  c. Archibald Campbell of Danna in Knapdale had issue
  d.+ other issue - Lachlan (d unm, minister of Campbelton, later in Dublin), William (d Darien)
  ii. Alexander Campbell of Donegal (d c1664)
  a. Patrick Campbell
iii. George Campbell (dsp, captain)
  m. Ann Melvill
  iv. Duncan Campbell of Inverary (to Ulster)
  m. Mary McCoy
  a. Patrick Campbell of Moyris & Magherahubber (b c1613, d 1661)
  (1) John Campbell (to Virginia in 1726, youngest son) had issue
  (2)+ other issue
  v. William Campbell
  m1. _ Lamont
  m2. Mary (widow of Archibald Campbell of Ormsary)
  a.+ 4 daughters
  vi.+ 7 other sons
  B. Duncan Campbell
  i. Fingua Campbell
  m. Neil Malcolm (parson of Lochow)
  C.+- other issue (dsp) - Duncan (Major), Colin
4. Colin Campbell of Kilmichael "whose male line ended at the death of his grandson"
5. Patrick Campbell of Stuck (d by 1633) - immediately below
  m. Elizabeth Cameron (dau of John Cameron of Callart)



Patrick Campbell of Stuck (d by 1633) - immediately above
m. Elizabeth Cameron (dau of John Cameron of Callart)
1. Dugald Campbell (b 1599, d 1673, minister of North Knapdale)
  m. Margaret Maxwell (dau of George Maxwell, niece of Sir Patrick of Newark)
  A. Patrick Campbell of Torblaren (b 1633, d 03.1700, minister of Glenary)
  HJHeraldry suggests that Patrick's wife Jean was dau/heir of John McIver Campbell of Pennymore. BLG1952 identifies her as ...
m. Jean Campbell of Pennymore (widow of Major John Campbell of Glenary)
  i. Dugald Campbell of Torblaren, later of Kilmorie
  m. Margaret Maxwell (dau of John Maxwell "of the Newark family")
  BLG1952 reports that Dugald had "numerous sons, most of whom settled in Jamaica". HJHeraldry reports the following.
  a. James Campbell of Kilmory & Orangeby in Jamaica
  m. Henrietta Campbell (dau of Colin Campbell of Knockbuy)
  (1) John Campbell of Kilmory (dsp)
  m. Grizel Campbell (dau of Archibald Campbell of Knockbuy)
  b. Oeter Campbell of Fishriver, Jamaica
  m. (1734) Deobrah Lewis
  (1) Peter Campbell of Kilmory (b 07.01.1735)
  m. (1764) Mary Campbell (dau of Colin Campbell of Newhope, Jamacia) @1@just below
  (A) Peter Campbell of Kilmory (b 17.05.1766)
  m. Elizabeth Woolrey
  c. Colin Campbell of Newhope, Jamaica
  m. Mary Tomlin
  (1) John Campbell of Newhope
m. (1744) Helen Storer (dau of Thomas Storer of Bellisle & Frome)
  (A) James Campbell (b 08.04.1786, d 1838, 5th son) had issue
  m. Ann Armstrong (dau of John Armstrong)
  (B)+ 4 other sons
  (2) Mary Campbell probably of this generation
  m. (1764) Peter Campbell of Kilmory @1@ just above
  ii. Colin Campbell of Knockbuy (d 12.1715)
  m. Margaret Graham (dau of Walter Graham of Inverary)
  a. Archibald Campbell, 2nd of Knockbuy (b 1693, d 10.09.1790)
  m. (02.1718) Grizel Campbell (dau of Dugald Campbell, 5th of Kilberry)
  (1) Archibald Campbell, 3rd of Knockbuy (d 08.07.1798)
  m. (28.09.1759) Ann Brown (d 05.1800, dau of H. Brown of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica)
  (A) John Campbell, 4th of Knockbuy, 8th of Kilberry (d 03.1838) had issue
  m. (1802) Margaret Rankine (dau of William Rankine of Dudhope)
  (B) Robert Campbell (d 1804, Captain)
m. Margaret Maitland (dau of Pelham Maitland)
  (C) Riddell Campbell (d 26.03.1807, youngest son)
  m. _ Stewart of Castle Stewart
  (D)+ other issue (dsp) - Henry (Captain), Archibald, Colin
  b. Colin Campbell (dsp, Captain)
  c. Susan Campbell probably of this generation
m. Alexander Campbell (b c1694, d 1773)
  iii. Duncan Campbell of Glasgow
  a.+ issue - James, John, 3 daughters
  iv. John Campbell of Blackriver Estate, Jamaica (b 1673, d 29.01.1740, Colonel) had issue
  Some web sites show Colonel John as father (by Katherine, dau of Colonel _ Clayborn) of Major John Campbell.
  v. Elizabeth Campbell
m. (30.09.1681) Colin Campbell of Inverhea, later of Ederline (cadet of Clenmacrie, cadet of Dunstaffnage)
  vi. Jean Campbell
  m. (06.1692) Daniel (or Donald) Campbell of Duchernan (d 28.03.1722, minister of Glassary)
  B. Duncan Campbell (b 1630, d 03.1711, minister of Glenorchy then North Knapdale) "whose male line is extinct"
  m(2). Mary Campbell (dau of Donald Campbell of Culygaltro)
  C. Alexander Campbell (Commissary of the Isles)
  HJHeraldry suggests that Alexander's wife Margaret was dau of Colin Campbell, Tutor of Calder. BLG1952 identifies her as ...
  m. Margaret Campbell (dau of George Campbell of Airds, son of 4th Laird of Calder, widow of Archibald Campbell of Knockamelie)
  i. George Campbell (dsp)
  D. Elizabeth Campbell
m. (15.07.1655) Archibald Campbell of Kirnan ("of the race of MacIver")
2. Duncan Campbell of Ardgadan (Ardgadden)_
  A. Dugald Campbell of Glensaddle (d 1707)
  The following comes from HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 1, 'Glensaddle', p94+).
  i. John Campbell of Glensaddle (d c1732)
  m. Elizabeth Hunter
  a. Dugald Campbell of Glensaddle (d 1737)
  m. Mary Lindsay (d 1771, dau of John, 19th Earl of Crawford)
  (1) John Campbell of Glensaddle (d by 06.1799)
  m. (1786) _ Bogle
  (A) Dugald Campbell of Glensaddle (a 1844)
  (B) Alexander Campbell (d 13.03.1825, Captain RN)
  b. Hugh Campbell (a 1737)
  ii. Duncan Campbell (a 1714)
  B. Colin Campbell of Attichuan "whose male line is extinct"
3. John Campbell of Fernoch
  The following been supplemented by data found on various web site, shown in italics.
m. (c1633) Florence Lamont (dau of _ Lamont of Silvercraigs)
  A. Archibald Campbell of Kilduskland
  m. Jean McLachlan (dau ofRev. William McLachlan of Kilmartin)
  i. Grisella Campbell
  m. Neil McNeill
  B. Patrick Campbell of Kilduskland (b c1651, d 14.03.1753)
  m. (c1682) Isabel MacAlister
  i. Duncan Campbell of Kilduskland (dsp)
  ii. James Campbell (dsp)
  iii. Henrietta Campbell
  m. Neil Campbell (b c1678, d 22.06.1761, principal of Glasgow University)
  iv. Florence Campbell
  m1. _ McDonald
  m2. Lachlan McLachlan
  m3. Hector McNeill
  v. Janet Campbell probably of this generation
  m. Donald (or Daniel) Campbell of Carsaig (d before 22.07.1788)
  C.+ other issue

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BP1934 ('Campbell of Auchinbreck') with support from HJHHeraldry (Campbell, vol 1, 'Kilmory and Auchinbreck', p90+) and just a little support/contradiction from BLG1952 ('Campbell of Kilberry')
(2) For lower section : BLG1952 ('Campbell of Kilberry'), HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 1, 'Kilmory, Knockbuy amd Kilberrry', p962+)
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