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Families covered: Campbell of Ardentinny, Campbell of Blythswood, Campbell of Dunoon, Campbell of Elie, Campbell of Silvercraig, Campbell of (North) Woodside, Douglas of Mains, Douglas of Douglas Support

Colin Campbell of Ardentinny (d 1510)
1. Donald Campbell of Ardentinny (dspm?)
2. Colin Campbell of Ardentinny, Dunoon & Kilmun (d before 1566)
  m. (c1505) Jonet Carlyll see note below under Walter, Colin's 2nd son, possible duplication?
  A. Donald Campbell of Ardentinny, Dunoon & Kilmun, Provost of Inverary (d before 20.04.1558)
  m. _ Crawfurd (of Fluttertoun?)
  i. Archibald Campbell of Ardentinny, Dunoon & Kilmun (b c1532, a 1558) probably father of ...
  a. Duncan Campbell of Ardentinny, Dunoon & Kilmun (b c1558, d before 15.08.1633)
  m1. (c1583) Jean Galbraith
  (1) John Campbell (dvp before 03.1629)
  (2) Donald Campbell of Orchard (b c1586)
  ## FSCOMT shows one Donald of Orchard as of this marriage and another as of the second marriage and shows this one as father of Colin of Ardentinny (the mother not being named). HJHeraldry shows just one Donald, of the 2nd marriage, showing him as 'of Ardentinny', and that he "was succeeded by" Colin and then notes that Colin "called himself nephew and apparent heir to Donald Campbell". It is possible that there were 2 Donalds of this generation, one by each marriage. and it is possible that that reference (Colin calling himself nephew) was to this Donald rather than to his father. However, the dates (some from HJHeraldry and others from FSCOMT) make it impossible that it was the 2nd Donald who was father of Colin. We therefore assume that this Donald EITHER did not succeed his father for some reason (because of some agreement with the 2nd father-in-law??) but was replaced by his younger brother, also named Donald, who dsp, leaving this Donald's son as successor OR he did succeed for a short time but died leaving his son too young so that his uncle stepped in to manage the estates. Accordingly, we follow FSCOMT in showing this Donald as father of ...
(A) Colin Campbell of Ardentinny, Dunoon & Kilmun (b c1612, a 03.1672)
  m. (c1635) Anna Lindsay (dau of George Lindsay of Blakholme)
  (i) John Campbell of Ardentinny, Dunoon & Kilmun (b c1636, d by 1702)
  m. (1660) Anne McAuley (dau of Walter McAuley, 7th of Ardencaple)
  (a) Colin Campbell of Ardentinny, Dunoon & Kilmun
  m. ?? Campbell (dau of Walter Campbell of Skipnish)
  ((1)) Donald (or Daniel) Campbell, last of Ardentinny, Dunoon & Kilmun
  m. (mcrt 10.03.1732) Anne Lamont (dau of John Lamont of Kilfinnan)
(b) Margaret Campbell
  m. (mcrt 10.05.1660) Dugald Lindsay of Glenorchy
  (c) Jean Campbell
  m. Robert Campbell of Orchard (d before 28.03.1699)
  (d)+ other issue (a 1692) - Walter, Alaisdar
  (ii) George Campbell of Kerdochhouse
  m. (29.04.1655) Catherine Campbell (dau of Matthew Campbell of Skipness, m2. Charles Campbell of Ballochyle)
(a) Walter Campbell of Kerdochhouse (a 10.1684)
  (iii) Elizabeth Campbell
  m. (mcrt 02.10.1666) Alexander Campbell (son of Colin of Clenamacrie, son of Alexander of Dunstaffnage)
  (iv)+ other issue - Duncan, Donald
  (3) Elizabeth Campbell
  m. Andrew Ure of Glenaray
  m2. (11.05.1591) Margaret Macawley (sister of Awlay McAwle or Macawley of Ardencaple)
  (4) Donald Campbell of Ardentinny (b c1591, d before 28.03.1672) dsp? see note ## above
  m. (mcrt 15.08.1633) Barbara Montgomery of Lanarkshire (m2. William Wardrop of Glasgow)
  ii. Walter Campbell of Skipness (a 1564)
  iii. Janet Campbell
  m. John Macgregor of Legare
  iv.+ other issue - Duncan (a 1558), Colin, Katharine
  B. Walter Campbell
  HJHeraldry suggests that Walter m c1533 Janet Carlyle (possibly the same person shown by FSCOMT as this Walter's mother?) "and also probably he married the heiress of Skipnish" but then goes on to show Walter of Skipnish as 2nd son of Donald of Ardentinny (see just above). FSCOMT also a Walter as 2nd son of this generation but does not show any family for him.
  m. ?? Campbell (dau of Alexander/Archibald Campbell of Skipniss possibly fits here
  C. |Colin Campbell (a 1615) - continued below
  m. Margaret Lyon (probably dau of Archibald Lyon of Rosneath, son of the Earl of Strathmore)
3. Agnes or Anne Campbell



|Colin Campbell (a 1615) - continued above
m. Margaret Lyon (probably dau of Archibald Lyon of Rosneath, son of the Earl of Strathmore)
1. Colin Campbell of Elie, Fife (a 1636, 1645)
  m. Grizel Ross (dau of _ Ross of Thorntoun)
  A. Robert Campbell of Elie & Silvercraig
  m. (12.02.1623) Marion Stewart (dau of James Stewart of Flosk)
  i. Robert Campbell of Silvercraig
  m. (1661) Lilias Stewart (dau of James Stewart of Christwell)
  a. Jean Campbell
  m. Walter Scott
  b.+ 2 daughters
B. Colin Campbell, 1st of Blythswood (d before 16.05.1671)
  m1. Margaret Fleming (sister of Sir Archibald Fleming of Ferme)
  m2. Janet Muir (dau of James Muir of the family of Rowallan)
  Not clear which wife was mother of which child.
  i. Colin Campbell, 2nd of Blythswood
  m. (1657) Margaret Lauder (dau of Sir John Lauder, 1st Bart of Fountainhall)
  a. Mary Campbell of Blythswood
  m. Colin Campbell @@ below
  ii. Robert Campbell of (North) Woodside (d 06.1694, Dean of Guild in Glasgow)
  m1. Catherine Napier (dau of John Napier of Kilmahew)
  a. Lilias Campbell (b c1675, d 1709)
  m. (1689) James Dunlop, 3rd of Garnkirk (b 1655, d 1719)
m2. (1680) Jean Dunlop (dau of James Dunlop, 2nd of Garnkirk, m2. Patrick Coutts)
  b. Janet Campbell
  m. (1701) Thomas Haliburton 'of Newmains' of Dryburgh Abbey
  (1) Barbara Haliburton ("grandmother of Sir Walter Scott")
  m. Robert Scott
  iii. John Campbell of Woodside
  m. Mary Douglas of Mains (dau of John Douglas of Mains)
  a. Colin Campbell of Woodside (d 1746?)
  m. Mary Campbell of Blythswood (dau of Colin Campbell, 2nd of Blythswood) @@ above
  (1) Colin Campbell of Blythswood (dsp 1739)
  (2) James Campbell of Blythswood (dsp 1767)
  m. Mary Walkinshaw (dau of John Walkinshaw of Camlachie & Barrowfield)
  b. James Campbell, later Douglas, 13th of Mains (d 1744)
  m1. Isobel Corbet (dau of Hugh Corbet of Hardgray)
  (1) John Campbell or Douglas, 14th of Mains
  m. (1732) Agnes Jones (dau of _ Jones of Clober)
  (A) James Douglas, later Campbell of Blythswood (d 08.01.1773)
  m. (1755) Henrietta Dunlop (d 1788, dau of James Dunlop)
  (i) John Campbell of Blythswood (d Martinique unm 1794, Lt. Col)
  (ii) Archibald Campbell of Blythswood (d unm 1838, Major)
  (iii) Henrietta Campbell
  m. (22.10.1776) Archibald Swinton of Kimmerghawe
  (iv)+ other issue - James (d 1781), Mary (d unm 1850)
(B) Robert Douglas, 15th of Mains (d 1804, 4th son)
  m. Sarah Davis (dau of J. Davis of Sunbury)
  (i) Colin Douglas, 16th of Mains (b 26.01.1781, d 29.04.1820)
  m. (24.08.1805) Sophia Armine Boydell (d 19.9.1826, dau of J. Boydell)
  (a) Archibald Douglas of Mains, later Campbell of Blythswood (d 07.1868) had issue
  m. Caroline Agnes Dick (d 28.11.1897, dau of M. Dick of Pitkerro)
  (b) Colin Douglas, 17th of Mains (dsp 16.07.1847)
  (C) Campbell Douglas
  m. Agnes Marshall (dau of Robert Marshall)
  (i) John Campbell Douglas, 18th of Mains (d 1857) had issue
  m. (1836) Helen Bogle (d 1856, dau of Archibald Bogle of Calderbank)
  (D)+ other issue (dsp) - John (d Quebec), Colin
  m2. Rebecca Wallace
(2) James Campbell or Douglas of Virginia
  m. Katherine Brent (dau of George Brent of Virginia)
  (A) Archibald Douglas of Douglas Support (dsp 17.01.1804)
  (B) Margaret Douglas of Douglas Support (d unm 1832)
  (C) Catherine Douglas of Douglas Support (dsp 1848)
  m. George Pye, later Douglas (General)
  (3) Colin Douglas (d unm)
  (4) Margaret Douglas (dsp 24.10.1774)
  m. (01.03.1758) Archibald Douglas, Duke of Douglas (bpt 13.10.1694, dsp 21.07.1761)
  (5) Jean Douglas
  m. Walter Monteath of Kipp
  (6) Mary Douglas (dsp)
  m. Major Hepburn
  (7) Elizabeth Douglas
  m. Thomas Wallace
  C. James Campbell (dsp)
  m. Jane Cunningham
  D. Isabel Campbell
  m. James Bell of Glasgow

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 26.01.15) : HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 2, 'Ardentinny', p17+) with input from FSCOMT which is shown in italics
(2) For lower section (uploaded 28.08.04) : BP1870 ('Blythswood') with some support from HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 2, 'Blythswood', p29+), BLG1952 ('Douglas of Mains')
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