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Families covered: Calthrop (Calthorp or Calthorpe) of Burnham Thorpe, Calthrop (Calthorp) of Erwarton

We have not yet managed to ascertain the 'correct' spelling of the family name of this family and suspect that different branches of the family have adopted different versions. It appears in two main forms - Calthrop or Calthorp(e). We use Calthrop on this page as that is the spelling used in the Visitation records but Calthorp on the continuation page.
Sir William Calthrop
m. Cicely or Sibbell Warren (dau of Philip Warren of Burnham)
1. Sir Walter Calthrop
  m. Elle (dau of either Sir Hervey of Stanhow or Henry Welles)
  A. Sir William Calthrop
  m. Isabel Lovell (dau of John Lovell)
  i. Sir Oliver Calthrop of Burnham Thorp
  m. Isabell Bacon (dau of Robert Bacon)
  a. William Calthrop
  m. Elenor Mawtby (dau of Sir John Mawtby)
  (1) Sir John Calthrop
  m. Anne Withe (dau of John Withe or Wythe of Smallburgh)
  (A) Sir William Calthrop of Burnham Thorp (b 30.01.1409/10, d 15.11.1494)
  m1. Elizabeth Grey (dau of Lord Grey of Ruthyn)
(i) John Calthrop of Burnham Thorpe
  m. Elizabeth Wentworth (dau of Roger Wentworth)
  (a) Sir Philip Calthrop (d by 1535)
  m1. Mary Say (sister of Sir William Say)
  ((1)) Sir Philip Calthrop of Erwarton (d 07.04.1549)
  m. Amy (or Jane) Bullyne (dau of Sir William Bullyne, 'Earl of Ormond')
  ((A)) Elizabeth Calthrop (d 26.05.1578)
  m1. (by 1549) Sir Henry Parker (dvp 06.01.1551/2)
  m2. Sir William Woodhouse of Hickling (d 11.1563)
  m3. Dru Drury of Norwich (b c1518, d 1617)
((2))+ other issue - Dorothy (nun), Elizabeth (d young)
  m2. Jane Blenerhasset (d 27.04.1550, dau of John Blenerhasset)
  ((4)) Henry Calthrop (dsp)
  ((5)) Thomas Calthrop (dsp)
  m. Alice Lestrange (dau of Thomas Lestrange)
  ((6)) Katherine Calthrop
  m. Anthony Heveningham
  ((7)) Anne Calthrop
m. (before 21.11.1538, div 11.1555) Henry Ratcliffe, 2nd Earl of Sussex (b c1507, d 17.02.1556/7)
  (b) Ann Calthrop
  m1. John Cresnor
  m2. Edward Knevett
  (c) Agnes Calthrop
  m1. William Curson
  m2. John Crane (d c1505)
(d) Margaret Calthrop (Abbess)
  (ii) William Calthrop of Poke
  (a) Anne or Amie Calthrop
  m. Robert/Roger Jennyson of Barnham Nethgate
  (iii) Anne Calthrop
  m. William Gorney
  m2. Elizabeth Stapleton (d 18.02.1504/5, dau of Sir Myles Stapleton)
  (iv) Edward Calthrop
  m. _ Cromer
(v) Francis Calthrop 'of Ingham, Norfolk'
  m. Elizabeth Wyndham (dau of Sir John Wyndham)
  (a) William Calthrop
  m. Thomazine Tindall (dau of Sir Thomas Tindall)
  (b) Charles Calthrop
  (c) Bridget Calthrop
  m. Edward Eden of Martham
  (vi) John Calthrop or Calthorpe of Cockthorp or Cockthorpe
  m. _ Ermingland
  (vii) Anne Calthrop
  m. Sir Robert Drury
  (viii) Elizabeth Calthrop
  m. Francis Haselden
  (B) Joan (or Anne or Mary) Calthrop or Calthorpe
  m. Thomas Bruse of Wenham (d 17.06.1482)
2. Phillip Calthrop
3. Isabell Calthrop
  m. Edmund Hengrave (son of Thomas)

Main source(s): Visitation (Norfolk, 1563/1589/1613, Calthrop)
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