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Families covered: Calderwood of Dalkeith, Calderwood of Polton

?? de Calderwood
1. son (d before 10.1567)
  A. William Calderwood of Dalkeith (b 1550, d 1605)
  i. William Calderwood (b 1573)
  m1. Elizabeth Douglas (d 27.03.1618)
  a. Elizabeth Calderwood
  b. Jane Calderwood
  m2. Marion Sadler
  c. Sir Alexander Calderwood (b 1621)
m. (1645) Jane Moffat
  (1) Sir William Calderwood of Polton (Senator of College of Justice as Lord Polton)
  m1. (1706) Margaret Leirmont (dau of Thomas Leirmont)
  (A) Thomas Calderwood of Polton (d 08.09.17*3)
  m. (1735) Margaret Steuart (b 1715, dau of Sir James Steuart of Coltness, 1st Bart of Goodtrees)
(i) William Calderwood of Polton (b 1745, dsp 1787, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (1780) Anne Balkneaves (dau of Col. John Balneaves of Cairnbadie)
  (ii) James Calderwood (d unm 1770, captain)
  (iii) Margaret Calderwood (d unm)
  (iv) Anne Calderwood (b 1734, d 1797)
  m. (1753) James Calderwood Durham, 5th of Largo and Polton (b 1732, d 1808)
  (B) Alexander Calderwood (a 1724)
  (C) Helen Calderwood (dsp 1733)
  m. (1732) William Congalton
  (D) Jean Calderwood
  m. Sir Robert Stewart, Bart of Tillycoultry (d 04.03.1767)
  m2. (1722) Alice Watt
  (2)+ 4 sons
  d. James Calderwood (b 1624, d 1679, minister of Humbie)
  m. (1648) Margaret Scott
  (1) Jane Calderwood
  (2) Joanna Calderwood
  m. (1683) Robert Hepburn (brother of William Hepburn of Beinstown)
  (3) John Calderwood in Dalkeith
  (4) Margaret Calderwood
  e. William Calderwood (minister of Dalkeith) had issue
  m. Margaret Craig (dau of Thomas Craig of Riccarton)
  f. Thomas Calderwood had issue
  m. Margaret Stevenson
  g. David Calderwood (d 1657, apothecary in Edinburgh)
  h. Archibald Calderwood (d before 1650, Bailie of Dalkeith)
  i. Isabel Calderwood
  m. William Ramsay
  j. Agnes Calderwood
  m. Oliver Calderwood
  ii. David Calderwood (d 10.1650, ecclesiastical historian)
  iii. Peter Calderwood (d 05.1610)
  a. Thomas Calderwood (d 1675, Dean of Guild of Edinburgh)
  m. Elizabeth Martine
  (1) William Calderwood (d 04.03.1680, minister of Dalkeith)
  m. Margaret Craig (d 30.09.1682, of Riccarton)
  (A)+ issue - Thomas, Lewis (d by 1680), other
  (2) David Calderwood (a 1673 in Edinburgh)
  (3) Robert Calderwood (a 1680)
  (4) Archibald Calderwood (d 1681, minister of Holyroodhouse)
  B.+ 3 daughters (Agnes, Katherine, Margaret)
2. James Calderwood of Dalkeith (d 10.1567)
  A. Ninian Calderwood
  B. John Calderwood (d 10.1585)
  i. John Calderwood (d 1665, in Edinburgh)
  m. Janet Reid
  C. Adam Calderwood
  D. James Calderwood
  i. Thomas Calderwood of Dalkeith (d 01.1605)
  m. Euphame Guthrie (d 01.1605)
  a.+ issue - Marion, Barbara
  ii. William Calderwood (d 11.1610)
  m. Christian Galli***
  iii. James Calderwood
  a. John Calderwood (b 1653, d 01.1706, town clerk of Dalkeith)
  E.+ 3 daughters
3. John Calderwood
  m. (before 1567) Christian Cuthbertson

Main source(s): 'The Calderwood Families of Scotland, Ireland and America' by Albert A. Taylor, published by The Research Publishing Company, London, in 1964
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