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Families covered: Cage of Hormead, Cage of London, Cage of Longstowe, Cage of Milgate

_ Cage of Waltham-in-the-Willows (Walsham), Suffolk
1. Richard Cage of Pakenham, Suffolk the first mentioned by Berry
A. Anthony Cage of London
  Berry shows just 1 wife for Anthony, "Lady Hart", with her shown as mother of Anthony & Nicholas. Metcalfe identifies the 3 wives but shows the order as Elizabeth (mother of Anthony + others), Anne (who m2.) then Katherine (mother of Nicholas). Confirmation but restatement of the order of 3 wives, plus further identification of the children, comes from Visitation (Cambridgshire).
  m1. Elizabeth Dale (dau/heir of Richard Dale of Walden)
i. Anthony Cage of Longstowe, Cambridgeshire
  m. Dorothy Rudston (dau/heir of William Rudston of Swaffham Bulbeck)
  a. Sir John Cage of Longstowe (a 1619)
  m. Joyce Mount (dau/coheir of _ Mount of Kent)
  (1) Anthony Gage
  m. Mary Seckford (dau/heir of Sir Thomas Seckford of Seckford Hall)
  (A)+ issue (a 1634) - John (b 30.06.1631), Anthony (b 13.07.1632), Anne (b 18.04.1630)
  (2) Susan (Susanna) Cage (d 07.01.1634)
  m. William Cage of Milgate (b c1599, d 04.1677) @1@ below
  (3) Sara Cage
  b. Edward Cage of Weldhall, Essex
  m. Mary Nicholls (dau of George Nicholls of Walden)
  (1) Anthony Gage
  c. Thomas Cage of Eltesby, Cambridgeshire
  m. Elizabeth Pelsant (dau of Gawyn Pelsant or Pelsett of Hertfordshire)
d. Anthony Cage (rector of Burrow Greene)
  m. Anne Muntford
  (1) Anne Gage
  e. Mary Cage
  m. Sir Isack Apleton of Waldingfield
  f. Anne Cage
  m. Richard Fox of Bromfeild and/or Staunton Lacye
  g. Elizabeth Cage
  m. _ Parker of Bigrave
  h.+ other issue - Thomas, William (had issue), Daniell (had issue), Martha, Margaret
  ii. John Cage of Totteridge, Hertfordshire
  m. Joane Thornhill (dau of Richard Thornhill)
  a. Richard Cage of Thames Ditton, Surrey
  m. Jane Fowler (dau/coheir of Gariell Fowler of Tillesworth)
  b. John Cage of Thames Ditton
  iii. Edward Cage of Southwick and/or London
m. Judith Hart (dau of Sir John Harte, Lord Mayor of London)
  a. John Cage
  iii. Daniell Cage 'of Buningford' of Hormead or Hormedbury (Hertfordshire) (6th son)
  The following comes from Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1634, 'Cage of Hormead'). Whilst Visittaion (Essex) identifies him as of Occles and his wife as Catherine, dau of Charles Mordaunt of Okley, Visitation (Hertfordshire) identifies him as of Hormead and his wife as ...
  m. Elizabeth Mordaunt (dau of Charles Mordaunt of Hill)
a. Philip Cage of Hormead (a 1634)
  m1. Elizabeth Thornton (dau/coheir of Robert Thornton of Hingham)
  (1)+ issue - Robert, John, Anne
  m2. Alice Wade (dau of Sir William Wade of Mallandyne or Munuden)
  (4)+ other issue - William, Anthony, Thomas, Abigale. Elizabeth, Mary, Penelope, Christian
  a.+ other issue - John, Edward, Elizabeth, Anne, Mary, Catherin, Martha, Jone, Susan
  iv. Martha Cage
  m1. Thomas Lawrance of London (goldsmith)
  m2. John Bromley
  v. Elizabeth Cage
  m. George Warren of London
  vi. Thomazin Cage
  m. George Hawes of London
  vii. Agnes Cage
  m1. Rowland Elrington of Essex
  m2. Ellis Wyn (of the Chancery)
  viii.+ other issue - William, Anthony (dsp), Catherine
  m2. Catherine
  m3. Anne Haynes (or Heynes) of London (m2. Sir John Hart, Mayor of London)
  ix. Nicholas Cage of London (d 1607)
  m. Anne Wood (d 07.02.1632, dau of Toby Wood of Minories in London, m2. Robert Barker)
  a. Elizabeth Cage
  m. Charles Barker (son of Robert)
  b.+ other issue - Tobias of Britwell (a 1623, of Gray's Inn), John (of Lincoln's Inn), Anne (d unm)
  B. Symond Cage of St. Edmond's Bury, Suffolk
  This generation is given by Visitation (Cambridgshire), and is mentioned by Visitation (Essex), but is omitted by Berry who shows Robert of London as the youngest son of the above Richard of Packenham.
m. _ Parker (dau of William Parker)
  i. Robert Cage of London
  m. _ Fulkes of London
  a. Robert Cage of London & Lowbridge in Essex (not Cambridge?)
  The following is partly supported by Visitation (Armytage (1906), Kent, 1663, 'Cage') which identifies Robert as of Farrington, Southamptonshire.
m. Ann Webb (d 10.06.1632, dau of John Webb of Charford, sister of William of Old Stoke (Oldstock))
  (1) William Cage, later of Milgate (Millgate) in Bersted (b c1599, d 04.1677, of Lincoln's Inn)
  m1. Susan Cage (d 07.01.1634, dau of Sir John Cage) @1@ above
  (A) (Sir) William Cage of Milgate & Hollingbourne (dvp 1676)
  m. Cicely Culpeper (dau/coheir of Sir Cheney Culpeper of Leeds Castle)
  (i) William Cage of Milgate, Sheriff of Kent (bpt 28.03.1665/6, d 21.01.1738, MP)
  HoP ("William Cage") reports that William had 3 sons (2 dvp) + 4 daughters (2 dvp) and mentioned that the (main) beneficiaries of his will was a son, John, and a grandson, Lewis. The following is supported by BHO ('The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent, Volume 5, 'Parishes: Bersted').
  m. (before 1690) Catherine
  (a) Lewis Cage of Milgate (dvp)
((1)) Lewis Cage of Milgate
  m. Annetta Coke (dau/coheir of Edward Coke of White Friars, Canterbury)
  ((A)) Lewis Cage of Milgate
  m. Fanny Bridges (dau of Sir Brook Bridges, Bart)
  ((i)) Fanny Cage (b c1793, d 28.10.1874, "1st da.") apparently of this generation
  m. (04.07.1834) Sir Brook William Bridges, 5th Bart, Lord FitzWalter of Woodham Walter (b 1801, dsp 12.1875)
  ((ii)) Sophia Cage possibly of this generation
  m. Henry Knight of Milgate (d 1843, Major)
  ((B)) Edward Cage (rector of Easling)
  m. Jane Van (dau of Charles Van)
  ((C)) Charles Cage (vicar of Bersted, youngest son)
  m. Elizabeth Graham (dau of Colonel _ Graham)
  ((D))+ other issue - John (d unm 1789), Catherine
((2)) Catherine Cage (dsp)
  m1. George Eastchurch of Maidstone
  m2. Christopher Hull
  (b)+ other issue - William (dvpsp), John of Lower Milgate (a 1738), 2 daughters, 2 daughters (dvp)
  (ii) Elizabeth Cage
  (B)+ other issue - Robert, John, Susanna
  m2. Joane Colepeper (dau of Sir Thomas Colepepher by Elizabeth Cheyney)
  (C) Thomas Cage
  (D) Robert Cage (b 1645)
  m. (1666) Eleanor Cage @2@ just below
  (2) John Cage of Maidstone, Kent (a 1664)
  (A) Eleanor Cage (b 1644, d 04.05.1669)
  m. (1666) Robert Cage @2@ just above
  (B)+ other issue - Robert, Alice
  b. John Cage of London
  (1)+ issue - Robert, Thomas, John, Edward, George
  c. Elizabeth Cage
m. George Nicholls of Walden
  d.+ other issue - Samuel of Walden (dsp), Anne
  ii. Elizabeth Cage
  m. Thomas Norbury of Avely
  a. Susan Norbury
  m. Walter Leowillis
  iii.+ other issue - Edmond of London, Henry, Peter of Gosfield (Essex), Thomas (dsp), Symon (dsp), William (dsp)
  C. John Cage of Pakenham father of Isabel, possibly fits here
  i. Isabel Cage
  m. Robert Bacon of Drinkstone & Hessett (d 1548)

Main source(s):Visitation (Cambridgeshire, 1575+1619, 'Cage'), CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p273) with some input/support from Visitation (Metcalfe (1882), Suffolk, 1577+1612 + Additional, 'Cage of Pakenham'), Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, 'Cage'), Visitation (Essex, 1634, 'Cage #1' & 'Cage #2') and as reported above
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