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Families covered: Bode of Bayley, Bode of Rochford, Blackmore of Tenterden, Bungey of Filbye, Beswick(e) of Kent, Barreau of Jersey

John Bode of Bayley, Essex
1. Henry Bode of Bayley (Rayley?)
  m1. Margaret
  A. John Bode of Rochford, Essex
  m1. ??
  i. Thomas Bode of Rochford
  m. Thomasin (m2. John Ford of Buckley Abbey)
  m2. Joanna Strangman (dau/coheir of John Strangman of Hadley (son/heir of William), sister/heir of Francis (dsp))
  ii. Henry Bode of Bayley
  m. Ursula Wingfield (dau of Roger Wingfield of Swaffham)
  a. Henry Bode of Bayley
  m. Susanna Meirs
  (1)+ issue - John, William, Henry, Susanna
  b. John Bode
  m. Anne Meirs (dau of Christopher Meirs)
  c. Anne Bode
  m. Walter Meirs
d. Urrsula Bode
  m. Joseph Thornton
  iii. William Bode of Rochford
  m. Grace Orimble (dau of George Orimble (or Krymble or Crimvill) of Hakewell)
  a. John Bode of Feversham, Kent
  m1. Mary Boys (dau of Sir Edward Boys of Fredville)
  (1)+ issue - Mary, Elizabeth
  m2. Mary Hayman (dau of Henry Hayman of Selling)
  b. Susanna Bode
  m. Thomay Aylett of Ryvenell
  c.+ other issue - Fraunces, Ada
  iv. Edward Bode (dsp 1599)
  m1. Helen Pelborough (dau of Richard Pelborough)
m2. Frances Marshall
  v. Mary Bode
  m1. Thomas Collins of Assenden
  m2. Nicholas Marshall
  m3. Edward Jobson
  m4. William Grey of Shirley
  vi. Judith Bode
  m. James Osborne of Essex
  m2. Anne Strangman (dau of John Strangman)
  B. Henry Bode of Bayley
  m. Elizabeth Bishoppe (dau of _ Bishoppe by Agnes Pirton)



Berry starts with 3 brothers, shown as sons of ...
?? Blackmore
1. James Blackmore
  A. James Blackmore
  i. daughter
m. _ Moreton
  B. William Blackmore
  i. James Blackmore of Tenterden (d c1767)
  a.+ 2 sons + 3 daughters
  ii. William Blackmore of Tenterden (a 1777) had issue ("Several children")
  iii. John Blackmore
  a. Anne Blackmore (a 1777)
  iv. Hannah Blackmore (a 1768)
  m. Samuel Pattenson (nephew of Josias)
  v. Mary Blackmore
  m1. William Lott
  m2. T. Pomfrey
m3. _ Webb
  C. John Blackmore
  m. Anna Munn
  i. James Blackmore
  m. Margaret Marsh (d 1784, dau of Thomas Marsh by Margaret)
  a. Thomas Blackmore of Briggins
  m1. (07.1767) Mary Goodford of Yeovil
  (1)+ issue - Thomas, Mary
  m2. Harriet Borman
(3)+ other issue - James, Harriet
  m3. (1784) ??
  b.+ other issue (d unm) - James of Tenterden (a 1785), Margaret (d 1763)
  ii. Sarah Blackmore (dsp)
  m. Thomas Blackmore of Briggins @@ just below
  D. Margaret Blackmore (b c1661, d 23.10.1691)
  m. Josias Pattenson of Biddenden (d 26.02.1721)
  E. Hannah Blackmore
  m. Elihannan Tucker
2. William Blackmore (dsp)
3. John Blackmore
  A. William Blackmore of Covent Garden (2nd son?)
  i. Thomas Blackmore of Briggins, Hertfordshire (dsp)
  m. Sarah Blackmore @@ just above
  B.+ other issue (dsp) - John Elizabeth



John Bungey of Filbye, Norfolk
1. John Bungey of Filbye
  m. Agnes Guse of Suffolk
  A. John Bungey (d 20.11.1596, prebendary)
  m. Margaret Parker (dau of Thomas Parker of Norwich, brother of Matthew, Archbishop of Canterbury)
  i. Jonas or Thomas Bungey of Dorking, Surrey
  m. (1591) Jane Bartholomew (dau of John Bartholomew)
  ii. John Bungey of Ickham, Kent
  m1. Mary Robins
  m2. Susanna Alcock
  a.+ issue - Mary, Margaret
  m3. Mary Warner
  c. John Bungey of Littleborne
  m1. (1614) Susan Bridge of Canterbury
  m2. (1628) Mary Phillip (widow)
  d.+ other issue - William, Robert, Matthew, Benjamin, Samuel
  iii. Roger Bungey of Lynn, Norfolk
  m. _ Yong
  a. Samuel Bungey
  B.+ other issue - Margaret, Jane



Roger Beswicke alias Berwick of Wisteston, Cheshire
1. William Beswicke alias Berwick (d 05.05.1567, alderman of London)
  m. Jane Harte (sister of Henry Harte of Newenham)
A. William Beswicke of Spilmanden, Sheriff of Kent
  m1. Rachel Beacon (dau of Thomas Beacon of St. Christopher, Canterbury)
  i. William Beswick (dsp)
  ii. Ann Beswick
  m. Richard Wakes
  iii. Catharine Beswick
  m. Richard Drury of London
  iv. Elizabeth Beswick
  m. Innocent Castell of Bedfordshire
  v. Rachel Beswick
  m. William Allen of London
  m2. Elizabeth Malby (dau/coheir of Arthur Malby by Margery, dau of Cuthbert Cantelowe)
  vi. Arthur Beswick
  m. Martha Washington (d 1616, dau of Laurence Washington)
a. Mary Beswick
  vii. Elizabeth Beswick (2nd)
  m. John Canell of Maidstone
  viii. Mary Beswick
  m. Richard Langley
  m3. Alice Walterscott (dau/heir of John Walterscote, widow of John Ferne)
  B. Ann Beswicke (bur 02.01.1628)
  m1. William Offley (a 1600)
  m2. Sir Henry Bromley of Worcestershire (d 15.05.1615)
  m3. (10.02.1622) John Thornborough, Bishop of Worcester
  C. Christian Beswicke
  m. Sir Edward St. Barbe of Wiltshire (d 1616)
  D.+ other issue (dsp) - Rowland, Arthur



Alexandre Barreau of La Landiere (Bas Poitou), later in Jersey (d 1705)
1. Jacques Barreau
  m. (1748) Margaret Benard
  A. Jacques Jean Barreau (b 1750)
  m. Jane Dawson (dau/coheir of John Dawson)
  i. Jane Barreau
m. John Le Sueur
  a. Abraham Le Sueur (rector of Grouville)
  B. Bernabe Barreau (b 1753, d 1780)
  m. (1779) Elizabeth Dawson (dau/coheir of John Dawson)
  i. Bernabe Barreau (b 1780)
  m. Jane Gallieham (dau of John Gallieham)
  a. Francis Barreau had issue
  m. Elizabeth Hamptonne (dau/coheir of Francis Hamptonne)
  b.+ other issue
  C. Esther Barreau

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