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Families covered: Brander of Pitgaveny, Boddie (Boddye) of London, Borard of Clifton, Bludder of Flanchford, Bloodworth of London

John Brander of Bogsie, co. Elgin
m. Margaret Allan
1. James Brander
m1. _ Dickenson
  A. John Brander of Pitgaveny, co. Elgin
  m. Margaret Brander (dau of Alexander Brander, Provost of Elgin)
  i. James Brander of Pitgaveny House (b 05.06.1791, d(sp) 1854, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (01.1834) Margaret Brown
  ii. Mary Brander (d 05.05.1869)
  m. (26.09.1822) Sir Archibald Dunbar of Northfield, Bart (b 1772, d 1847)
  Pitgaveny passed to their son who assumed the name Dunbar-Brander.
  iii.+ other issue (dsp?) - William, John
  B.+ other issue - James, William
  m2. ?? Dunbar (dau of ?? Dunbar of Northfield)
  D.+ other issue (d young) - 1 son + 1 daughter
  m3. _ Stephen (dau of _ Stephen, Provost of Elgin)
  F. Thomas Brander (d 1839)



William Boddie in Portsmouth (a temp Henry VIII (who r. 1509-1547), Captain RN)
1. William Boddie of London & Crake, Yorkshire (d 1557)
  m. Anne William (sister of Lord Williams of Tame (Thame))
  A/B. William Boddye of London & Crake (d 1587)
  B/A. John Boddye of London & Rayleigh, Essex (d 1580)
  m. Elizabeth Bishope
  i. Edmonde Boddie (b c1563, a 1570)
2. John Boddie 'of London' (bur 22.05.1591, Admiral)
  m. Thomasine Mildmay (dau of John Mildmay of Cretingham (probably not FRamling, son of Sir Thomas of Chelmsford)
  A. Anthony Boddie of London
  m. Alice Twynes of Sussex
  i. John Boddie of London & Ingatestone (Essex) (bur 11.08.1640)
  m. Mary (m2. John Wallhead of Ingatestone)
  a. William Boddie, later of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, North America (bpt 133, d 1717)
  m1. Anne
  (1) Mary Boddie
  m. John Browne
  m2. (1683) Elizabeth
  (2) John Boddie (b 1685, d 03.1720) had issue in North & South Carolina
  m. Elizabeth Thomas (m2. John Dawson of North Carolina)
  (3) Elizabeth Boddie
m. Alexander Mathws
  m3. Mary (Mrs. Griffin)
  b.+ other issue
  ii. Robert Boddie (a 1635, settled in Virginia)
  iii. Anne Boddie
  m. Richard Heaward of Hornchurch
  B. Thomas Boddie of Bicnacre Priory, Essex (bur 28.04.1627)
  m. Mary Mildmay (dau of Thomas Mildmay of Framlingham)
  i.+ issue - John, Ann
  C. Christian Boddie
  m. Thomas Parker of Cambridge
  D. Katherine Boddie (d unm 1629)



This section was first uploaded into a Temporary page on 22.03.12. It was moved here following review using Nichols, which added the following earlier generation.
Simon de Bosco Boardo of Strathern (Leicestershire), Clifton (Buckinghamshire) & Oakley (Bedfordshire)
m. Juliana de Bellis
1. Sir Simon Borrarde of Clifton, Ockley & Statherne (a 1166, 1217)
  m. Hawisia de Wrocksale (Wroxsole)
  A. Sir Simon Borrarde of Clifton, etc. (b by 1209, a 10.1261)
  Nichols shows Simon as married to a daughter of Ascelin de Sydenham. Visitation provides more details as follows.
  m1. Elizabeth
  i. Simon Borard (dsp)
  m2. Margaret Sydenham (dau of Sir Asceline Sydenham of Tichmarche)
  ii. Richard Borard of Clifton, etc. (a 1293, dsp
  iii. Joane Borard
  m. Thomas Raynes or Reignes of Statherne, Clifton & Oakley
  iv.+ other issue (dsp) - Asceline, Robert



"of Lancashire origin" was ...
Sir Thomas Bludder of Mile End (Stepney, Middlesex) & Flanchford (Reigate, Surrey) (d 1618)
m. Mary Herrys (dau of Christopher Herrys or Herries of Shenfield)
1. Sir Thomas Bludder of Flanchford & Westminster (b c1597, d 29.09.1655, MP)
  m1. (by 1619) Elizabeth Brett (dau of Robert Brett of Rotherby)
  A.+ issue (dvp) - 3 sons + 1 daughter
  m2. (by 1637, sp) Jane Franklyn (dau of Henry Franklyn of Thorley, widow of John Bill of Blackfriars ("printer to the king"))
  m3. (after 1640, sp) Elizabeth
  Wikipedia reports that Thomas married 3 times and that his 3rd wife, who survived him, was Elizabeth, dau of Robert Bret. We show the wives as reported by HoP.
2. Martha Bludder probably of this generation
  m. Henry Peck of Lewes & Winchelsea



Edward Blidward of Heanor, Derbyshire
1. Sir Thomas Blidward, later Bloodworth (Bludworth or Bludder) 'of Leatherhead', Lord Mayor of London (bpt 13.02.1620, d 12.05.1682, MP)
  Thomas was the Lord Mayor at the time of the Great Fire of London (September 1666). Wikipedia reports that "his inaction during the early stages (of the fire) was widely criticised as one of the causes of the great extent of the damage to the city".
  m1. Mary Rogers (dau/heir of Walter Rogers of London & Leatherhead)
  A.+ issue (dsp) - Walter, John, Elizabeth (dvp)
  m2. (06.01.1657) Mary Butcher (widow of Herny Benn of London)
  D. Sir Thomas Bloodworth or Bludder (d unm 1694)
  E. Charles Bloodworth (b c1673)
m. (1696) Margaret Brett (dau of Major _ Brett by Katherine, dau of Earl of Orrery)
  F. Anne Bloodworth or Bludworth (bpt 16.12.1657, bur 29.09.1703)
  m1. Sir John Jones of Funmon (dsps 1678)
  m2. (06.1679) George Jeffreys, 1st Baron Jeffreys, Lord Chief Justice, Lord Chancellor
  G. Mary Bloodworth
  m. Richard Cawthorne (vicar of Hampton)
  H. Christian Bloodworth
  m. ??
2. Joseph Bloodworth of Birdholm possibly fits here
  m. Elizabeth Gladwin (dau of Thomas Gladwin)

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