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Families covered: Boteler of Bewsey, Boteler of Warrington
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(1) We hope to find a more 'traditional' source to support this page in due course.
(2) The following Robert assumed the name 'le Boteler' as he was Butler to Ranulph de Gernon, Earl of Chester.
Robert le Boteler, 'Pincerna' (b c1105)
1. Sir Richard le Boteler, 'Pincerna', lord of Warrington
  m. Beatrice de Villiers or Vilers (dau of Sir Matthew de Vilers, lord of Warrington)
  A. Sir William le Boteler, 'Pincerna', lord of Warrington (d 1233)
  m. Ada of Workington (dau of Sir Thomas of Workington, lord of Culwen)
  i. Sir Almeric le Boteler, lord of Warrington (d 14.09.1235)
  m. Alicia le Garnet (dau of William le Garnet)
  a. Sir William le Boteler, lord of Warrington, Sheriff of Lancashire (d c1280)
  m. Dionysia de Lostock (dau of Henry de Lostock)
  (1) Henry le Boteler (dvp)
(A) Sir William le Boteler, Lord Le Boteler of Warrington (d c1328 / 20.05.1330)
  m. Sibyl (a 1330)
  (i) Sir William le Boteler, lord of Warrington
  m. Elizabeth de Havering (dau of Nicholas de Havering)
  (a) Sir John le Boteler of Bewsey, lord of Warrington (d 1400)
  m. Alicia de Plumpton (dau of Sir William de Plumpton)
  ((1)) William Boteler of Bewsey and Warrington (d 26.09.1415)
  m. (c1404?) Elizabeth Standish (d 1441, dau of Robert de Standish)
((A)) Sir John Boteler of Bewsey (b 26.02.1401/2?, d 12.09.1430)
  m. Isabel Harington (dau of Sir William Harington)
  ((i)) Sir John Boteler of Bewsey and Warrington (b 24.08.1429, d 26.02.1462/3)
  The following has been supplemented by information from various web sites plus data kindly provided by a contributor (DS, 22.11.07).
  m1. (08.1444) Margaret Gerard (dau of Peter Gerard of Kingsley & Bryn by Isabel Strangeways)
  ((a)) Margaret Boteler
  m. Adam Troutbeck of Thornton
((b)) Alice (or Elizabeth) Boteler possibly of this generation
  m. Hamon Mascy of Rixton
  ((c))+ other issue
  m2. (1454, div 1458) Elizabeth Dacre
  m3. (23.01.1459/60) Margaret Stanley (dau of Sir Thomas Stanley, 1st Lord)
((d)) Sir Thomas Boteler of Bewsey & Warrington (b 1461, d 27.04.1522)
  m. Margaret Delves (dau of Sir John Delves by Ellen Egerton)
  (((1))) Margery Boteler
  m. (09.08.1518) Sir Thomas Southworth of Salmesbury (b 1497, d 13.01.1545/6)
  (((2))) Elizabeth Boteler
  m. George Booth of Dunham Massey (d 1531)
  (((3))) Margaret Boteler
  m. Sir Richard Bold of Bold (d 1528)
  (((4))) Cecily Boteler
  m. Henry Keighley
(((5))) Eleanor Boteler
  m. John Bagott
  (((6))) Isabel Boteler probably of this generation (possibly the above Elizabeth, her 2nd marriage?)
  m. Sir Randle Brereton of Malpas
Not mentioned by the other sources but identified as a son of Sir Thomas of Bewsey, probably of this generation, possibly illegitimate, was ...
  (((7))) William Butler of Preston Capes (d 01.10.1558)
  m. Elizabeth Ruding of Coton
  ((ii)) Alice Boteler possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Nicholas Byron of Clayton
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Boteler possibly of this generation
  m. John Boteler of Rawcliffe (d 09.1488)
((B)) Margaret Boteler
  m. Thomas Astley of Patshull (d 1483)
  ((2)) Alice Boteler (d before 27.02.1441/2)
  m. John Gerard of Kingsley and Bryn (d 10.04.1431)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Boteler
  m. (before 1393) Sir Piers de Dutton (b 1366, d 1433)
  (2) Joan le Boteler
  m. Richard de Radcyffe (d 1326)
  (3) Ellen le Boteler
  m. James Banastre
  (4) Jane Boteler possibly of this generation (same person as Joan above?)
  m. Robert Bulkeley of Bulkeley
  b. Sir Richard le Boteler of Rawcliffe, Lancashire (d c1274/5) probably of this generation
  m. Alice (dau of William de Carleton)
  B. Edith le Boteler
  m. Richard de Molines

Main source(s): www.geneajourney.com/botelr1.html with very little support from TCP (Boteler Botiller or Butiller of Warrington) and BE1883 (Boteler of Warington)
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