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Families covered: Bourke of Ardnaree, Bourke of Carrowkeel, Bourke of Castlebar, Bourke of Castlerea, Bourke 'Lords MacWilliam', Bourke of Rathroe Castle, Bourke of Tyrawley

Sir Richard O'Corksey (AnCorsky) Bourke, 'Lord MacWilliam' (d 1473)
BE1883 ('Bourke of Mayo') identifies Richard as "ancestor of the Bourkes of Castlebar (represented in the female line by the Earls of Lucan), the Bourkes of Tyrawley, Ardnaree, Castlerea, Carrowkeel, Curraghleagh, &c".
m. Cecilia MacJordan (dau of _ MacJordan of Ballylaghan)
1. Edmund Bourke of Castlebar, co. Mayo, 'Lord MacWilliam' (d 02.02.1513)
  A. Ulick Bourke of Castlebar had issue
  B.+ other issue - David 'Bane' (had issue), William (dsp)
2. Walter Bourke
  A. Theobald (Reagh) Bourke had issue
  m. ?? (dau of Theobald FitzUlick FizEdmond 'Barbatus')
  B.+ 4 sons
3. Thomas ('Lame') Bourke
  A.+ issue (all had issue?) - Edmund (Buy), John, William
4. John Bourke of Tyrawley, co. Mayo (d 1505-6)
  A. Oliver Bourke of Tyrawley, 'Lord MacWilliam' (a 1539)
m. ?? (dau of Hugh Dubh O'Donnell)
  i. Sir John Bourke of Ardnaree, Castlerea, etc. (co. Mayo), 'Lord MacWilliam' (d 1580)
  a. Walter 'Kittagh' Bourke of Ardnaree, Castlerea, etc., 'Lord MacWilliam' (d c1590)
  m. O'Donnell (dau of _ O/Donnell of Tyrconnel)
  (1) Sir Theobald Bourke of Ardnaree, Castlerea & Belleek (co. Mayo), 'Lord MacWilliam' (later 'Marquis of Mayo' in Spain)
  (2) Ulick Bourke
  (3) Mary Bourke
  m. Richard Roe Bourke of Rathroe Castle @@ below
  (4) Cecilia Bourke
  m. Henry Jordan of Ballylaghan
  (5) Sabina Bourke
  m. Neill McSweeny of Tyrbaine
  (6) daughter
  m. O'Boyle of Boyle
  b. Oliver Bourke of Iniscoe
  m1. Una O'Conor (dau of Cathald O'Conor Sligo)
  (1) Una Bourke
  m. Sir George Boyle (brother of Richard, Archbishop of Tuam)
  (2)+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas 'Roe' (a 1638), Walter
  m2. ??
  (4) John Bourke of Iniscoe ancestor of the Bourkes of Iniscoe
  (5)+ other issue - Ulick (Roe) of Crossmelina, John (an Thleive, of the Mountain), William (Fadha) of Castlelacken, David, Rickard, Thomas (Ciach)
  BLG1886 shows Ulick of Crossmolina and John 'of the mountain' as brothers rather than sons of Oliver.
  c. William Bourke of Castle Lacken (d 1591, 5th son)
  (1) John Bourk (d 1642)
  m. _ Burke (dau of Sir Hubert Burke of Glinsk)
  (A) William Bourke
  m1. _ Bourke (dau of Rickard Bourke of Newtown)
  (i) Thomas Bourke
  m2. Mary Sweeny
  (ii) Edmond Bourke
  m. Catharine Bourke (dau of Edmond Bourke of Ballintobber)
  (a) Thomas Bourke of Moyne (a 1754, d unm?)
  m. Bridget Cormick (dau of Michael Cormick of Mullinmore)
  (b)+ 1 son + 2 daughters
  (iii) William Bourke (3rd son of this marriage)
  (a)+ issue - William, Thomas, Walter (a 1750)
  (iv)+ other issue - Rickard, John & Walter
(B) Edmond Bourke
  (2) Richard Bourke of Ainhagh
  d.+ other issue
  ii. Sir Richard Bourke of Newtown in Tyrawley, 'Lord MacWilliam'
  BLG1886 identifies this Richard as "of Deel Castle (Newtown), Loughmask, &c.". As shown below, we suspect that BE1886 has confused this Richard with the Richard 2 generations earlier and, in the continuation, follow Lodge.
  m. _ O'Dowde
  iii. Thomas Bourke of Castle Cloghans, co. Mayo
  a.+ issue - Edmond (Buy), Walter, Theobald, John (friar), Richard
  iv. Edmond Bourke of Rappa Castle, co. Mayo had issue at Roppagh
v. David Bourke of Rathroe Castle, Inniscoe & Carrowkeel, co. Mayo (a 1570)
  a. Richard Roe Bourke of Rathroe Castle, Inniscoe & Carrowkeel
  m. Mary (Bourke) (dau of Walter Kittagh, 'Lord MacWilliam') @@ above
  (1) Charles Bourke of Rathroe Castle, Inniscoe & Carrowkeel
  m. Winifred O'Connor (dau of Thaddeus O'Connor Sligo (brother-in-law of 1st Viscount Mayo))
  (A) Walter Kittagh Bourke of Carrowkeel (Lt. Colonel)
  m. Sabina O'Mally (dau of Edward O'Mally by Mary, dau of Tordealvagh O'Donnell)
  (i) Theobald Bourke of Carrowkeel
m. Julia Martin (dau of Geoffrey Martin of Ballinderry)
  (a) Walter Bourke of Carrowkeel
  m. Elizabeth Lynch
  ((1)) Joseph Bourke of Carrowkeel (Captain) had issue
  m. (01.1800) Anne Blake (dau of Isidore Blake of Towerhill)
  ((2)) Walter Bourke of Oldtown, co. Mayo had issue
  m. Cecilia Coglan (dau of Charles Coglan of Prospect)
  ((3)) Mary Bourke
  m. Henry George Buller (Captain)
  ((4)) Julia Bourke
  m1. Joseph McDonnell of Mayower
  m2. Francs S. Stewart of Tymore & Ardagh (Lt. Colonel)
  (b) Catherine Bourke
  m. Charles McDonnell of Castle Laffy & Mayower
  (c)+ other issue - Geoffrey (had issue in Spain), Edmund 'Landler' (d unm), Cecilia, Margaret (d young)
  (ii)+ other issue - Edmond (priest of Killeran), Miles (Captain)
  (B) Bridget Bourke
  m. Rober O'Hara of Montagh (son of Cormack)
  (C)+ other issue - Rowland, Theobald (Captain)
  (2) Ulick Bourke had issue
  BLG1886 reports that, of Ulick's issue, 2 grandson dsp and "The 3rd entered the Franciscan Order."
  (3) Mary Bourke
  m. Edmund Barrett of Erris (Captain)
(A) Margaret Barrett ("only child")
  m. Michael Cormack of Erris (Captain)
  vi. Ulick Bourke apparently ancestor of the Bourkes of Rahens
  vii.+ other issue - Anthony (had issue d young), Walter 'Giber' (dsps)
  B. daughter shown as of this generation by Lodge, identifying David as "ancestor by her to the family of Partry"; see Joane just below
  m. David FitzEdmond Bourke
  C.+ "many sons, whose posterity are all extinct")
3. Richard (Rickard Oge) Bourke
  BLG1886 identifies this Richard as 'of Newtown in Tyrawley' and ancestor of the Bourkes of Loghmark & Ballintober. We are following Lodge in showing that Rickard 2 generations later although the contination does show this Rickard as father of a Bourke of Ballintobber.
4. Joane Bourke
  m. David Bourke
  BLG1886 reports that Joane's husband David "had, by his 1st wife, Richard-an-Ieran (Iron Dick), father of Theobald-na-Lung, 1st Lord Viscount Mayo" and shows Joane & David as parents of Walter, ancestor of the Bourkes of Partry. We follow Lodge/Archdall in showing his (unnamed) wife above, a generation later.
5.+ other issue - William (dsp), Ulick, David, Theobald, Mayler

Main source(s): BLG1886 ('Bourke of Curraghleagh') with some input/support from 'Peerage of Ireland' (Lodge, revised by Mervyn Archdall, vol 4, 1789, 'Bourke, Viscount Mayo', p228+)
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