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Families covered: Burges of Burghfield (Burville), Burges of East Ham, Burges of Greyslee, Burges of Reading, Burges of Tyrone, Lamb of Beauport

(1) BP1895 reports that "This family, deriving its surname from Bruges, in Flanders, and is said to have settled at Reading temp. Henry VII" (who r. 1485-1509).
(2) BP1934 shows quartered arms for this family, the Burges arms being identified as "per fesse arg. and arm. a fesse lozengy or and az.; in chief, three mascules of the last; a bordure of the fourth bezantée; in a dexter canon, gu., a bend of the first, charged with the baton of a knight-marshal".
Giles Burges (MP for Reading)
m1. ??
BP1895 reports that, by his 1st wife, Giles was "ancestor of the family of Burges, of Westport, Dorset, now extinct". 'A Display of Heraldry' (John Guillim, 1724, p413) reports that on 11.04.1614 a coat of arms "was confirmed or granted to William and John Burges of Westport in the County of Dorset, (Sons of John Burges of the said Place, the Son of John Burges of Stanford in the County of Berks)" which leads us to show the following.
1. John Burges of Stanford, Berkshire probably of this generation
A. John Burges of Westport, Dorset
  i.+ issue (a 1614) - William, John
m2. ??
2. Ralph Burges of Burghfield (d 1599)
  A. Elis Burges of Burghfield, Mayor of Reading
  m. Alice Fuggill (dau of John Fuggill by Joan Kibblewhite)
  i. Roger Burges (a 1651, Colonel, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Buckeridge (dau of Thomas Buckeridge & niece of John Buckeridge, Bishop of Ely)
  a. John Burges of Greyslee in Sulhamstead, Berkshire (b 11.1625, d 04.1707)
  m. Anne Burges (dau of Thomas Burges, cousin)
(1) James Burges of Burville & Greyslee (b 1681 (or 1686), d 04.1707 (or 1755))
  m. Mary Jones (dau of Rev. Robert Jones of Guilsfield or Gullsfield)
  (A) James Burges (d 1771) had issue (extinct)
  (B) George Burges 'of Greyslee & Mortimer' (b 1725, d 13/16.03.1786)
  m. (23.12.1748) Anne Wichnour Somerville (d 29.10.1778, dau of James, Lord Somerville)
  (i) Sir James Bland Burges of Burville, later Lamb, 1st Bart (b 08.06.1752, d 13.10.1824, MP, author)
  TCB reports that, in 1821, James "took the name of Lamb instead of Burges, having suc. to the estate of his friend, John Lamb."
m1. (19.06.1777) Elizabeth Noel (dsp 21.01.1779, dau of Edward Noel, 1st Viscount Wentworth, by Judith, dau of WIlliam Lamb of Farndish)
  m2. (16.12.1780) Anne Montolieu (d 17.10.1810, dau of Lt. Col. Sir Lewis Charles Montolieu, Baron de St. Hypolite)
  (a) Sir Charles Montolieu Burges, later Lamb of Beauport (Sussex), 2nd Bart (b 08.07.1785, d 21.03.1864, Knight Marshal of the Royal Household, 2nd son) had issue
  m1. Mary Montgomerie (dau/coheir of Archibald Montgomerie, Earl of Eglinton, by Frances Twysden)
m2. (28.10.1653) Frances Margesson (dsp 01.07.1884, dau of Rev. William Margesson of Van & Oakhurst by Mary Frances, dau of Bryan Cooke of Owston)
  (b) Somerville Waldermar Burges (b 09.03.1794, d 07.03.1869, youngest son)
  m. (1821) Melanie Marianne Meray (dau of Captain _ Meray "of the French army")
  (c) Emilia Charlotte Burges (b 12.04.1789)
  m. (25.05.1810) Sir Hugh Halket (Major General)
(d) Sophia Anne Burges (b 30.12.1793, d 11.10.1858)
  m. (21.12.1821) Warburton Davies
  (e)+ other issue - James George (b 06.09.1781, d young), Osborne (b 13.01.1788, d young), Wentworth Noel (b 30.12.1792, d Burgos 19.10.1812, Captain), Clara Maria (b 26.12.1783, d 04.02.1821), Caroline Eliza Anne (b 05.11.1790, d 20.11.1863), Julia Octavia (b 12.03.1797, d 28.10.1826)
  m3. (08.09.1812, sp) Margaret Lindsay d 01.12.1814, (dau of James Lindsay, 5th Earl of Balcarres (by Anne, dau of Sir Robert Dalrymple), widow of Alexander Fordyce)
  (ii) Frances Anne Burges (b 10.09.1753)
  m. (29.03.1781) James Roper Head (b 1757, d 1814)
  (iii) Maria Burges (b 12.1763, d unm)
  ii.+ other issue (dsp) - Elis (d 1652, archdeacon of Rochester), Richard of Burghfield & Sulhamsted (d 1637)



(1) BLG1858 ('Burges of Parkanaur and East Ham') reports that "The surname of this family, as appears from ancient documents, was formerly De Burgos, afterwards Burches, and subsequently, in 1747, the present one was adopted." That was not mentioned in BLG1886.
(2) BLG1886 shows quartered arms for this family, the Burges arms being identified as "a fesse chequy arg. and arm. a fesse lozengy or and az., in chief, two cross-crosslets gu., and in base a covered cup of the last".
Joseph Burges
m. (1716) Elizabeth Lloyd (dau of Ynyr Lloyd of East Ham)
1. John Burges
  m. (20.11.1763) Martha Ford (dau of Robert Ford)
  A. John Henry Burges of Wood Park, co. Armagh (b 15.07.1768)
  m. (1794) Marianne Johnston (dau/coheir of Sir Richard Johnston, Bart of Gifford)
  i. John Ynyr Burges, later Burges-Lloyd, of Parkanaur (co. Tyrone), Thorpe Hall & East Ham, Sheriff of co. Tyrone (b 31.01.1798, a 1886?) 
  m. (21.03.1833) Caroline Clements (d 12.10.1869, dau of Nathaniel (Clements), 2nd Earl of Leitrim)
  ii. Margaret Anne Burges
m. (07.1815) Thomas Charrette (d 01.1866, General)
  iii.+ other issue - Richard, Martha (d 11.1805)
  B. Mary Burges
  m. (1784) George Perry of Mullaghmore
  C. Martha Burges
  m. (1787) James Johnston of Knappagh
2. Ynyr Burges of East Ham, Essex
  m. (1792) Margaret Brown (dau of Governor _ Brown)
  A. Margaret Burges (dsp 28.05.1838)
  m1. (1771) Sir John Smith, later Smith-Burges, Bart (dsp 04.1803)
  m2. (23.07.1816) John, 4th Earl Poulett (b 1756, d 01.1819)
3. Margaret Burges
4. Alice Burges (dsp 1795)
  m1. W. James
  m2. (19.05.1764) Francis Methold

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 27.01.17) : BP1914 ('Lamb') with input/support from TCB (vol 5, 'Burges .. afterwards, since 1821, Lamb', p307+), Betham's Baronetage (vol 4 (1804), 'Burgess of Burville, Berkshire', p318+)
[Apart from the first generations, which were missing from BP1895 (and our damaged copy of BP1934) but which were provided by BP1914, the above was first uploaded to a Temporary page on 26.01.17.]
(2) For lower section (uploaded 07.02.20) : BLG1886 ('Burges of Parkanaur')
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