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Families covered: Buchanan of Auchineven, Buchanan of Bankell, Buchanan of Leny, Buchanan of Stainiflet, Buchanan of Teucherhill

John Buchanan, 1st of Leny
m. (c1392) Janet de Lany (dau of John de Lany)
1. Andrew Buchanan, 2nd of Leny (a 06.1458)
  m. Marion Lockhart (dau of ?? Lockhart of Barr)
  A. John Buchanan, 3rd of Leny
  m. Marion (dau of laird of Muschet)
  i. Robert Buchanan, 4th of Leny (d before 12.11.1505)
  m. dau of laird of Gleneagles
  a. Patrick Buchanan, 5th of Leny
  m. dau of Semple of Fulwood
  (1) Margaret Buchanan (a 10.1539)
  m. William Luke
  (2) Janet Buchanan (a 07.1542)
  m. Maurice McNauchtane
p. Margaret Buchanan (dau of laird of Buchanan)
  (3)+ issue - Walter (dvp), Elizabeth, Geils Buchanan
  b. John Buchanan (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  c. Robert Buchanan
  m. (c1520) Marion Graham (dau of Earl of Menteith, probably Alexander Graham, 2nd Earl)
  (1) John Buchanan, 6th of Leny (d Pinkie 1547)
  (2) Robert Buchanan, 7th of Leny
  m1. Janet or Margaret Graham (dau of Patrick Graham of Inchbrakie)
  m2. Barbara (dau of "Laird Mushet")
  Uncertain which wife was the mother of ...
  (A) John Buchanan (d young)
  (B) Robert Buchanan, 8th of Leny (d 01.1615)
  m. Elizabeth Stirling (dau of Stirling of Ardoch)
(i) Robert Buchanan, 9th of Leny
  m. Katherine Campbell (dau of Campbell of Lawers)
  (a) Robert Buchanan, 10th of Leny (a 04.1643, dsp)
  (b) Jean Buchanan
  (ii) John Buchanan
  m. Agnes Barclay (dau of Barclay of Towie)
(a) John Buchanan, 11th of Leny
  m. (1666) Jean Macfarlane (dau of John Macfarlane of that ilk)
  ((1)) John Buchanan (dvpsp)
  m. (c1690) Mary Lennox (dau of John Lennox of Woodhead)
  ((2)) Henry Buchanan, 12th of Leny (d 1723)
  m1. (mcrt 17&20.07.1696) Janet Buchanan (bpt 05.04.1678, dau of John Buchanan of that ilk)
  ((A)) Colin Buchanan, 13th of Leny (d unm, 2nd son)
  ((B)) Robert Buchanan, 14th of Leny (dsp 1739, 4th son)
  m1. _ McAulay (dau of Archibald McAulay, Provost of Edinburgh)
  m2. Christian Buchanan (dau of Buchanan of Spittal)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Buchanan of Leny (dsp 11.02.1776)
  m. Francis Buchanan of Arnprior (dsp 18.10.1746)
  ((D)) Margaret Buchanan of Leny (d unm)
  ((E))+ other issue - John (d unm), James (dsp)
m2. Katherine Campbell (dau of Campbell of Lawers)
  ((G)) Jean Buchanan
  m. Patrick Drummond of Drummond
  ((H)) Katherine Buchanan (dsp)
  m. Thomas Buchanan, 10th of Spittal and of Leny and Bardowie
  ((I))+ other issue (dsp) - Henry, John, Lilias, Lilias
  ((3))+ other issue - Robert (d young), Mary
  (b) Katherine Buchanan
  (iii) Helen Buchanan probably the Helen who in 1624 married ...
  m. Donald Campbell of Achanard (d 1661)
(iv)+ other issue - George (d 03.1638), Barbara
  (C) Sir John Buchanan of Scotscraig
  m. Margaret Hartsyde
  (i) Margaret Buchanan
  m. (25.06.1628) Sir Arthur Erskine (d Worcester 03.09.1651)
  (ii) Catherine Buchanan probably the Catherine who married ...
  m. William Forbes (dvp Tippermuir 1644)
  (D) James Buchanan of Shirrahall, Orkney
  (E) Margaret Buchanan
  m. John Buchanan in/of Ballecondochie (Ballinquhondoche) (d 03.05.1603)
  partner unknown
  (F) Solomon Buchanan
ii. John Buchanan
  iii. daughter
  m. Graham of Garvock
  iv. daughter
  m. laird of "Darlethe bewest Levin"
  B. Archibald Buchanan
  C. Walter Buchanan in Cammisbarcia (Cambusmore) and Mills of Achlessy (Auchlessie) (a 1463)
  D. Walter Buchanan (2nd)
  E. George Buchanan
  i. Gilbert Buchanan
  a. John Buchanan
  (1) William Buchanan
  (A) John Buchanan in Bancleroch of Kirkton
  (i) Gilbert Buchanan in Bankier
  m. Margaret Wilson
  (a)+ issue - including Janet (bpt 25.01.1634)
  (ii) William Buchanan in Blairskaith
  m. Janet Balloch
  (a) John Buchanan (a 09.1640)
  (b) William Buchanan
  ((1)) William Buchanan
  ((2)) Gilbert Buchanan of Bankell (b 1653, d 27.12.1730, Dean of Guild of Glasgow)
  m. Dorothea Napier (d 03.02.1723, dau of William Napier, Provost of Glasgow)
  ((A)) William Buchanan of Bankell (d unm 08.1733)
  ((B)) Gilbert Buchanan of Bankell
((C)) John Buchanan in London
  ((i)) John Buchanan (merchant trading in Amercia)
  m. Elizabeth Wilson
  ((a)) Elizabeth Buchanan (d 23.10.1820)
m. (mcrt 01.09.1731) James Dunlop of Househill
  ((b)) Gilbert Buchanan (b 23.11.1750, d 31.122.1833, vicar of Northfleet
  m. Frances Reed (d 02.09.1800)
  (((1))) Gilbert Buchanan (b 1785, d 1875, General) had issue
  m. Harriett Wilkies Smith
  (((2))) George Buchanan (d unm)
  (((3))) John Buchanan had issue in America
(((4))) Frances Buchanan (b 1786, 1827)
  m. (1813) Henry S. Hyde Wollaston
  (((5))) Mary Buchanan
  m. (07.08.1818) Sir John Taylor Coleridge
  ((c)) Frances Buchanan (b 1758, d 1828)
  m. Edward John Burrow
  ((d)) Sarah Buchanan
  m. _ Sparrow
  ((D) Janet Buchanan (d 29.12.1735)
  m. (1720) Archibald Buchanan of Drumhead (bpt 22.10.1692. d 24.11.1744)
  ((E)) Mary Buchanan
  m. (1731) James Rowan of Heathriehall
  (c)+ other issue - Robert (bpt 08.03.1625), Marion (bpt 16.11.1626)
  (iii) John Buchanan
  (B) son ancestor of Buchanans of Orchard
  (2) son had issue
  (3) son
  F. Gilbert Buchanan (vicar of Leny)
2. William Buchanan, 1st of Auchineven (or Auchineden)
  A. Walter Buchanan of Auchineven
  i. William Buchanan of Auchineven
  a. George Buchanan of Auchineven and Stainiflet (a 1482)
  (1) Patrick Buchanan of Auchineven and Stainiflet
  (A) Thomas Buchanan of Auchineven and Stainiflet (a 1558)
  m. _ Edmonstone (dau of Edmonstone of Duntreath)
  (i) John Buchanan of Auchineven and Stainiflet
  (a) Walter Buchanan of Auchineven
  m. _ Edmonstone (dau of Edmonstone of Ballewan)
  ((1)) John Buchanan of Auchineven
  m. Elizabeth Crawford (dau of James Crawford of Partick)
  ((A)) John Buchanan of Auchineven
  m. _ Graham (dau of Graham of Killearn)
  ((i)) John Buchanan of Auchineven (a 1725)
  m. Katrine Graham (dau of Graham of Killearn)
((a)) John Buchanan of Auchineven in Jamaica (a 1761, dsp before 10.1769)
  ((b)) Margaret Buchanan of Auchineven (a 1771)
  ((B)) Walter Buchanan of Teucherhill
  m. (mcrt 01.06.1710) Janet Leckie (dau of John Leckie of Mye)
  ((i)) John Buchanan of Teucherhill (dsp)
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Buchanan of Teucherhill
  m1. (mcrt 01.06.1736) Alexander Buchanan of Cremannan
  ((a))+ issue - Walter, Alexander, Janet
  m2. (1747) John Buchanan, 2nd of Ardoch (b 1706, d 1774)
  ((2)) Walter Buchanan
  ((A)) John Buchanan in Glasgow (merchant)
  ((B)) Walter Buchanan in Glasgow (maltman)
  ((i)) Andrew Buchanan
  ((a)) Walter Buchanan (b 1755, d 1832, minister)
  ((b)) Andrew Buchanan in Glasgow
  m. Margaret Cockburn (dau of James Cockburn WS)
  (((1))) Walter Buchanan of Shandon (b 30.01.1797, d 1883, MP) had issue
  m1. Mary Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton of Middleton)
  m2. (1851) Christina Laura Smith (dau of James Smith of Jordanhill)
  (((2))) Andrew Buchanan (b 10.12.1798, d 1882, professor)
  (((3))) James Buchanan
  (((4))) several daughters (d unm)
  ((C)) George Buchanan in Glasgow (baker)
  ((D)) William Buchanan (sailor)
  ((E)) Marion Buchanan
  m. Robert Graham in Glasgow
  ((F)) Janet Buchanan
  m. George Currie in Glasgow
(b) Dugald Buchanan
  ((1)) son ancestor of Buchanans of Linlithgow
  ((2)) son ancestor of Buchanans of Queensferry
  ((3)) other issue in Ireland?
  (c) Janet Buchanan (a 1609)
  (ii) Alexander Buchanan
  (a) John Buchanan in Glasgow (deacon of Baxters)
  ((1)) Katharine Buchanan
  m. William Anderson in Glasgow
  ((2)) Elizabeth Buchanan
  m. George Dalziel
  ((3)) Mariota or Marion Buchanan
  m. Robert Buchanan of Arnprior

Main source(s): "Strathendrick and its Inhabitants from Early Times" by John Guthrie Smith, published in Glasgow in 1896
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