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Families covered: Buchanan of Buchanan

'Stathendrick' reports that the first of this family in Scotland was Anselan, son of a petty (petit) king of South Ulster, who was "obliged by the Danes to flee" from Ireland in about 1016. That book reports that it is not until the 7th laird that "we reach the firm ground of documentary proof" and starts its genealogy from that laird. We show the intervening lairds, their names having been obtained from various web sites. We have yet to identify how certsin cadets of the family, such as the McCauslands, connected to the family.
Anselan, 1st of Buchanan (a 1016)
1. John, 2nd of Buchanan
  A. Anselan, 3rd of Buchanan
  i. William, 4th of Buchanan
  a. Bernard Gerald, 5th of Buchanan
(1) Macbeth, 6th of Buchanan
  (A) Anselan (or Absalon), 7th of Buchanan (a 1225)
  (i) Gilbert Buchanan, 8th of Buchanan (a 1273)
  (a) Maurice Buchanan, 9th of Buchanan (a 1290)
  ((1)) Maurice Buchanan, 10th of Buchanan (a 1320)
  m. (Margaret?) Menteith (dau of Sir William (sb Walter?) Menteith of Rusky)
  ((A)) Walter Buchanan, 11th of Buchanan (a 1373)
BLG1952 and 'Strathendrick' disagree on a number of items over the next few generations. For example: BLG reports that the John Buchanan who married Janet de Lany was the eldest son of Walter, 11th laird, and was himself 12th laird. We follow 'Strathendrick'.
  m. Margaret
  ((i)) Walter Buchanan, 12th of Buchanan
  m1. ?? ## see here ##, Galbraith heiress, possibly his son (Patrick)'s wife
  m2. Isobel Stewart (dau of Murdoch Stewart, 2nd Duke of Albany)
  BLG1952 reports that Isobel Stewart was the mother of Walter's children. However, 'Strathendrick' (which does not identify any daughters) reports: "his children must have been by a former wife."
((a)) Patrick Buchanan, 13th of Buchanan (d before 07.1477) --
  m. Jonet Cunynghame or _ Galbraith --
  ((b)) Walter Buchanan
  ((c)) Thomas Buchanan of Gartincaber, Drummikill and Carbeth (a 1495)
  We follow 'Strathendrick' in identifying this Thomas as ancestor not only of the Buchanans of Carbeth (as agreed by BLG1952) but also as ancestor of the Buchanans of Drummikill. BLG1952 shows Thomas, son of Patrick of Buchanan, as the first of the Buchanans of Drummikill.
  ((d)) daughter
  m. _ Gray of Foulis
  ((ii)) Alexander Buchanan (dsp Verneul 17.08.1424)
((iii)) John Buchanan, 1st of Leny
  m. (c1392) Janet de Lany (dau of John de Lany) @@ below
  ((iv)) Elizabeth Buchanan --
  m. Sir Andrew Gray of Foulis, 4th of Broxmouth (d 1441) --
  ((v)) Jean Buchanan --
  m. Humphrey Cuninghame of Glengarnock --
  BLG1952 reports that Maurice, 9th laird, was also father of the Alan who married the heiress of Lany whose name is reported by 'Strathendrick' as below.
  ((2)) Allan Buchanan
  m. Margaret of Lany (dau of Gillespic de Lany of that ilk)
  BLG1952 and 'Strathendrick' report that the 6th or 4th (respectively) in descent from this marriage was John, father of Janet. Both assume much shorter generation gaps in this family than was the case with the lairds of Buchanan.
  ((i)) John de Lany
  ((a)) Janet de Lany
  m. (c1392) John Buchanan, 1st of Leny @@ above
  ((3)) John Buchanan ancestor of Buchanans of Auchieven

Main source(s):
(1) "Strathendrick and its Inhabitants from Early Times" by John Guthrie Smith, published in Glasgow in 1896
(2) BLG1952 (Murray-Buchanan of Leny)
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