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Families covered: Bressie of Audlem, Brassey of Buerton, Brassey (Bressey or Bresey) of Bulkeley, Brassie of Hatton, Bresey of Wistaston

(1) Ormerod, in his 'History of Cheshire' (vol 3, in a note under the pedigree for 'Walthall of Wistaston') reports that "The antient family of Brescy (or Bressy) of Wistanston, who appear connected with this parish shortly after the conquest, and subsequently became possessed of a share of the manor, which they alienated before 16 Hen. VI, were the parent stock of numerous branches."
(2) The first mentioned in Visitation (Cheshire, 1613) is the following Robert (Robarts) alongside whose name 'Wilcocke' is shown in italics. The Visitation identifies Robarts as father of Hammon (+ Jenkyn + Thomas) whilst Ormerord identifies Hamon as uncle of Wilcocke's daughters, leading us to show Wilcocke as another son of Robert.
Robert de Bresey of Wildcatheath (Wilcockes Heathe) in Wistaston, Cheshire
m. Alice
1. Wilcocke de Bresey of Wistaston
  A. Alison Bresey
  m. _ Whelocke
  B. Beatrix Bresey
  m. John de Bryndeley 'of Wistaston'
2. Hamon (Hammon) de Bresey of Wistaston (a 1401)
  m. Isabella de Hadley (dau of William de Hadley (Hadleigh) of Bulkeley, sister/heir of William)
A. William Bresey or Bressey of Bulkeley in Malpas, Cheshire (a 1429)
  m. Margaret le Brett (a 1461, dau/heir of Robert le Brett (by Amicia), son of Hamon of Davenham by Isabel)
  i. Thomas Bresey or Bressey of Bulkeley (a 1482)
m. Margery Wrono (dau of John Wrono by Katherine)
  a. Thomas Bressey of Bulkeley
  m. Margaret Hassall (dau of Hugh Hassall of Hanklow (Hulsall of Hankelow))
  (1) Ralph Bressey or Bressie of Bulkeley the first mentioned by Crisp
  m. Margaret Massey (dau of William Massey of Denfold (Denfield))
  (A) Richard Bressey or Bressie of Bulkeley
  m. Elizabeth Bulkeley (dau of Randolph (Randell) Bulkeley of Halghton)
  (i) Thomas Brassie of Bulkeley (d 31.10.1631) - continued below
  m. Amy Boothe (a 1631, dau/coheir of Thomas Boothe of Cholmleigh)
  (ii) Eleanor Bressey or Bressie
  m. John Kerrison of Wigland (Wegland)
  (iii)+ other issue - Ralph, Hugh, William (a 1631), George (a 1631)
  (B) Randell Bressey
  m. _ Smythe
  (C) Raffe Bressey or Bressie of Audlem, Cheshire (bur 27.06.1603, youngest son)
  m. Ellen Pickering (probably not Vicker)
  (i) Raffe Bressie of Audlem (bur 22.01.1623/4)
  m. Frances Ward (a 1629, dau of Hugh Ward of Minshull)
  (a) Edward Bressie of Audlem (b c1601, bur 11.04.1629)
  (b) Margaret Bressie (bpt 05.08.1607, a 1629)
  m. (by 1629) John Daxon
  (c)+ issue - Margaret (bpt 13.01.1601, bur 21.04.1602), Ellen (bpt 11.03.1604), Mary (bpt 04.06.1605), Frances (bpt 20.11.1610, a 1629), Jane (bpt 08.08.1617, a 1629)
  (D) Alice Bressey
  m. Roger Wright of Nantwich
  (E)+ other isssue - Thomas of London (haberdasher, had issue), Edmund of London
3.+ other issue - Jenkyn of Wistaston, Thomas of Wistaston (dsp)



Thomas Brassie or Bressey or Bressie of Bulkeley (d 31.10.1631) - continued above
m. Amy Boothe (a 1631, dau/coheir of Thomas Boothe of Cholmleigh (Cholmondeley))
1. Ralph Brassie of Bulkeley (b c1595, bur 17.04.1668)
  m. (15.10.1634) Eleanor Dutton (bpt 11.03.1609, bur 16.08.1669, dau of Edward Dutton of Hatton)
  A. Edward Brassie of Bulkeley (bpt 11.02.1638, d before 10.04.1695, 2nd son)
  m. Alice (a 1695)
  B. Thomas Brassie of Bulkeley & Buerton in Alford, Cheshire (bur 30.03.1721, youngest son)
  m. (18.12.1696) Elizabeth Bulkeley (a 1720, dau of Thomas Bulkeley of Bulkeley)
  i. Thomas Brassie of Bulkeley & Buerton (b c1702, d 02.05.1776) the first mentioned by BLG1886
  m. (10.02.1729) Mary Harrison (bpt 16.06.1711, d 14.05.1776, dau of George Harrison of Aldford)
  a. Robert Brassie of Bulkeley & Cotton Edmunds (in Christleton, Cheshire) (bpt 04.04.1737, d 19.03.1803, 2nd son)
m. (06.07.1761) Sarah Brooke (b 1736-7, d 04.06.1817, sister of Ambrose Brooke of Edge)
  (1) Thomas Brassie of Bulkeley (dsp)
  (2) Richard Brassie of Bulkeley & Cotton Edmunds (bpt 10.04.1769, d unm 06.04.1817, 3rd son)
  (3) Margaret Brassie of Edge House (b 1764-5, dsp 23.02.1844)
  m. (21.02.1807) William Smith of Milton Brook
  (4)+ other issue - Robert (bpt 14.02.1768, bur 24.07.1783), Ambrose (bpt 04.09.1773, bur 18.5.1779), Mary (bur 22.08.1763), Elizabeth (b 1771-2, d 04.07.1796)
  b. Thomas Brassie of Saighton, Cheshire (bpt 16.09.1742, d 10.12.1815)
  m. (29.06.1766) Margaret Brassie (dau of Robert Brassie of Hatton) @@ below
  (1) Thomas Brassie of Hatton Hall (bpt 03.12.1766, dsp 06.05.1819)
  (2) Robert Brassie of Rough Hill (bpt 06.01.1771, dsp 26.12.1826)
  m. (05.03.1810) Elizabeth Arrowsmith (b 25.10.1772, a 1851, dau of John Arrowsmith of Grreat Sutton, widow of Samuel Walton of Grange House)
  (3) Elizabeth Brassie (bpt 18.12.1768, d 25.11.1838)
  m. (17.09.1797) Robert Salmon of Hatton (bpt 09.05.1768, d 20.09.1843)
  (4) Margaret Brassie (a 1851)
  m1. William Moore
  m2. _ Barber (Captain)
  (5) Mary Brassie (bpt 02.01.1776)
  m. (25.03.1799) James Rowe of Lache (d 05.01.1834)
  c. George Brassey of Buerton (bpt 31.05.1744, d 13.11.1803)
  m. (17.02.1768) Elizabeth Jackson of Waterton (b 1749-50, d 02.02.1834)
  (1) Thomas Brassey of Bulkeley & Hatton (bpt 21.03.1769, dsp 12.04.1843)
  (2) John Brassey of Buerton (b 19.05.1778, d 28.01.1831) had issue
  m. (19.05.1805) Elizabeth Percival (b 14.06.1778, d 31.03.1840, dau of Ralph Percival or Perceval of Haslington Hall)
  Their eldest son's eldest son was created Baron Brassey of Bulkeley in 1886 and Earl Brassey in 1911 but his only son dspm when the titles expired. A son of one of the Earls' younger brothers was created a Baronet in 1922 and Baron Brassey of Apethorpe in 1938.
  (3) Benjamin Brassey of Chester (bpt 03.07.1785, d 26.10.1849, 5th son)
  m1.(05.1811) Elizabeth Davies (d 01.03.1815, dau of John Davies of Tarvin Hall)
  m2. (04.11.1817) Esther Evans (b 16.10.1800, dau of John Evans of Chester)
  (4) Mary Brassey (bpt 09.12.1770, d 06.11.1814)
  m. (29.12.1791) William Gaman of Brewers Hall (b c1760, d 07.09.1823)
  (5) Margaret Brassey (b 13.12.1773, a 1851)
  m. (21.121798) Richard Weaver of Tool Bank, Tarvin (b 11.12.1771, a 1851)
  (6) Elizabeth Brassey (bpt 21.07.1776, d 15.10.1842)
  m. (04.02.1799) Paul Miller of Farndon (b c1777, d 18.11.1820)
  (7)+ other issue - Robert (bpt 14.08.1780), George (b 09.08.1783, bur 06.09.1844, had issue), Richard (bpt 21.02.1788)
  d. Benjamin Brassey of Chester (bpt 08.07.1749, d 1826)
  m. (1779) Mary Bruce (b c1748, d 07.08.1805, dau of Robert Bruce of Acton & Tattenhall)
  (1) Bruce Brassey of Liverpool (bpt 24.09.1784, d unm 25.09.1846)
  (2) John Brassey of Tattenhall (b 20.02.1790, d 19.06.1849) had issue
  m. (08.01.1817) Mary Allman (b 20.10.1784, a 1851, dau of Ephraim Allman of Hartford)
  (3) Sarah Brassey (b 1783, a 1851)
  m. (sp?) Thomas Dodd of Christleton
  e. Margaret Brassey (bpt 11.04.1734)
  m. (28.01.1755) Job Watson
  f. Frances Brassey (bpt 06.08.1747)
  m. (28.02.1775) Thomas Eveson of Bangor
  g. Mary Elizabeth Brassey (bpt 22.01.1750/1, d 10.18.1778)
m. (03.03.1778) John Palin of Aldford (bpt 30.03.1749, d 21.07.1833)
  h.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 05.07.1733, bur 04.06.1734), Elizabeth (bpt 21.06.1739, bur 11.10.1739),
  ii. Robert Brassie of Hatton in Waverton, Cheshire (b c1709, d 03.02.1777)
  m. Mary (d 11.03.1800)
  a. Mary Brassie (bpt 03.04.1739, d 24.10.1824)
  m. (01.02.1760) Randle Hewitt of Hatton Hall (b 1737-8, d 12.03.1795)
  b. Margaret Brassie (bpt 13.02.1740, d 21.11.1820)
  m. (29.06.1766) Thomas Brassie of Saighton @@ above
  c.+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (bpt 14.10.1743, d 22.10.1767), Elizabeth (bpt 02.06.1737, d 17.10.1767)
  iii.+ other issue (a 1720) - Richard, Edward, Elizabeth, Anne, Mary, Margaret, Jane (bpt 06.09.1715), Martha (bpt 18.11.1717)
  C.+ other issue - Richard (b c1635, dvp bur 17.07.1664), John (a 1693), Peter (bpt 08.08.1647), Mary (bpt 05.11.1636), Elizabeth (bpt 10.09.1643), Jane, Amy (a 1693), Sarah (bpt 18.08.1650)
2. Elizabeth Brassie (a 1631)
  m. Anthony Furnivall of Milne House, Chelford
3. Alice Brassie (a 1631)
  m. Richard Herbert
4.+ other issue - Ralph (b c1692. dsp before 06.1623), Thomas of Nantwich (a 1623, had issue), Hugh (a 1631), Randle (a 1631), William (d before 1631), James (a 1613, 1631), Mary (a 1631), Frances (a 1631), Amy (a 1613, 1631)

Main source(s): BLG1895 ('Brassey'), Visitation (Frederick Arthur Crisp, England & Wales, Notes vol 11, 1915, 'Pedigree of Brassey', p87+) with input/support for upper section from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, 'Bressy of Bulkeley'), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, 'Bressey of Bulkeley and Audlem') and some support for lower section from BLG1886 ('Brassey of Preston Hall')
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