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Families covered: Boynton of Aclam (Aclom), Boynton of Barmston, Boynton of Burton Agnes

Sir Ingram Boynton of Aclam
1. Sir William Boynton of Aclom
  A. Ingram Boynton
  m. Margaret Grendall (dau of Sir Walter Grendall or Grindall (a 1291))
  i. (Sir) Walter Boynton
  a. Sir Thomas Boynton
  m. Katherine Russell (dau/coheir of Sir Geoffrey Russell of Newton)
(1) Sir Thomas Boynton
  m. _ Sawkell or Salkeld
  (A) Sir Henry Boynton
  (i) (Sir) William Boynton
  m. _ Hardinge (dau of Simon Hardinge)
  (a) Sir Thomas Boynton (a temp Edward IV who r. 1461-1483) the first mentioned by BP1934
m. Isabel Normanville (dau of Sir William Normanville of Killinwyke)
  ((1)) Henry Boynton
  m. Margaret Say (dau/coheir of Sir Martyn Say or del See of Barmston by Margaret, coheir of Sir Christopher Spenser)
  ((A)) Thomas Boynton of Barmston & Aclam
  m. (before 1521) Cyssely Strangeways (dau of James Strangeways of Smeton)
((i)) Matthew Boynton - continued below
  m. Anne Bulmer (dau of Sir John Bulmer of Wilton)
  ((ii)) Anne Boynton
  m. Robert Huldenby of Huldenby (Haldenby of Haldenby)
  ((iii)) Jane Boynton
  m. Thomas Goldsborough
  ((B)) Thomas Boynton
  ((C)) Isabel Boynton
  m. Bryan Tunstall (d Flodden 1513)
  ((2)) Sir Christopher Boynton
  m. Elizabeth Conyers (dau of Robert Conyers of Horneby/Ormesby)
  (ii) Elsabeth Boynton
  m. Thomas Newton of Cleveland
  (iii) Jennet Boynton
  m. John Wydysforth



Matthew Boynton of Barmston - continued above
m. Anne Bulmer (dau of Sir John Bulmer of Wilton)
1. Sir Thomas Boynton of Barmston, Sheriff of Yorkshire (a 1576)
  m1. Frances Frobysher (dau of Francis Frobysher of Doncaster)
A. Sir Francis Boynton of Barmston, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d 09.04.1617)
  m. Dorothy Place (dau/heir of Sir Christopher Place of Halnaby)
  i. Sir Matthew Boynton of Barmston, Sheriff of Yorkshire, 1st Bart of Barmston & Baynton (bpt 26.01.1591, bur 12.03.1646-7)
  m1. (c1613) Frances Griffith (d 07.1634, dau of Sir Henry Griffith,1st Bart of Burton Agnes)
  a. Sir Francis Boynton of Burton Agnes, 2nd Bart of Barmston (b c1618, d 09.09.1695)
m. (07.03.1637) Constance Fiennes (bur 02.09.1692, dau of William Fiennes, 1st Viscount Saye & Sele)
  (1) William Boynton (dvp 08.1689, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (1661) Elizabeth Bernard (dau of John Bernard of Kingston-upon-Hull)
  (A) Sir Griffith Boynton of Burton Agnes, 3rd Bart of Barmston (b 08.12.1664, dsp 22.12.1731)
  m1. (1712) Adriana Sykes (d 19.11.1724, dau of John Sykes of Dort)
  m2. (07.11.1728) Rebecca White (d 08.10.1732, dau of John White of Tuxford)
  (B) Mary Boynton
  (C) Constance Boynton
  m. Richard Kirkshaw (Kirshaw)
(2) Nathaniell Boynton (b c1646, a 1665) mentioned by Dugdale
  (3) Henry Boynton (d 29.05.1719, rector of Barmston)
  m1. Dorothy Amcots (dau of Alexander Amcots of Penshire in Houghton)
  (A) Sir Francis Boynton, 4th Bart of Barmston (bpt 17.11.1677, d 16.09.1739)
  m. (08.04.1703) Frances Heblethwayte (d 01.04.1720, dau of James Heblethwayte of Norton by Bridget, dau/heir of Sir William Cobb of Otteringham)
  (i) Sir Griffith Boynton, 5th Bart of Barmston (b 24.05.1712, d 22.10.1761)
m. (05.04.1742) Anne White (d 27.02.1744-5, dau of Thomas White of Tuxford and Wallingwells by Bridget Taylor)
  (a) Sir Griffith Boynton, 6th Bart of Barmston, Sheriff of Yorkshire (b 22.02.1744-5, d 06.01.1778)
  m1. (09.05.1762) Charlotte Topham (dsps 09.09.1767, dau of Judge Francis Topham by Charlotte Oswald)
  m2. (01.08.1768) Mary Heblethwayte (b 05.01.1749, d 13.05.1815, dau of James Heblethwayte of Norton & Bridlington, m2. John George Parkhurst of Catesby Abbey)
  ((1)) Sir Griffith Boynton, 7th Bart of Barmston (b 17.07.1769, dsp 10.07.1801)
  m. (30.07/07.08.1790) Anna Maria Parkhurst (d 17.03.1853, dau of Capt. Richard Parkhurst)
((2)) Sir Francis Boynton, 8th Bart of Barmston (b 28.03.1777, dsp 19.11.1832)
  m. (10.06.1815) Sally Bucktrout (d 11.10.1877)
  ((3)) Sir Henry Boynton, 9th Bart of Barmston (b 22.03.1778, d 28.08.1854) had issue
  m. (01.01.1810) Mary Gray (d 26.06.1877, dau of Capt. _ Gray by sister of William Watson of Dover)
(ii) Francis Boynton
  m. Charlotte Pennyman-Warton (dau of Sir Warton Pennyman-Warton, Bart)
  (a) Francis Boynton had issue
  (b) Lydia Boynton (dsp 12.04.1836) possibly of this generation
  m. (12.06.1820) Robert Green Bradley of Slyne House (b 1788)
  (iii) Constance Boynton
  m. Ralph Lutton (not Hutton)
m2. Margaret Robinson (dsp)
  (4) Frances Boynton (b 03.03.1652-3, bur 07.05.1682)
  m. (04.12.1677) George Whichcote
  b. Matthew Boynton (Colonel)
  m. Elizabeth or Isabel Stapleton (dau of Robert Stapleton)
  (1) Katherine Boynton (bur 17.03.1677/8)
m. (before 03.04.1669) Richard Talbot, 1st Earl of Tyrconnell, Duke of Tyrconnell (b 1630, d 14.08.1691)
  (2) Isabella Boynton (d 09.1721)
  m1. (09.11.1674) Wentworth Dillon, 4th Earl of Roscommon (b c1637, d 20.01.1684)
  m2. (02.08.1702, sp) Thomas Carter of Robertstown
  c. Dorothy Boynton
  m1. John Anlaby of Etton
  m2. (by 1665) William Remington
d. Elizabeth Boynton
  m. John Heron or Herne (son of _ Herne of Bockenfield)
  e. Margaret Boynton
  m. John Robinson of Ryther
  f.+ other issue - Marmaduke, Gustavus
  m2. (sp) Katherine Fairfax (dau of Thomas Fairfax, 1st Viscount of Emley, widow of Robert Stapleton of Wighill, m3. Sir Arthur ingram, m4. William Wickam
  ii. Dorothy Boynton (d 23.01.1626-7)
  m. Sir Henry Bellingham, 1st Bart of Helsington (bur 10.10.1650)
  BP1934 identifies Frances Frobysher as Sir Thomas's first wife but does not name his second. Visitation shows a daughter Anne as daughter of Frances but Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Vaughan of Sutton-upon-Derwent) shows Anne as daughter by Sir Thomas's 2nd wife who was ...
  m2. Margaret St. Quintin (dau of Sir William St. Quintin of Harpham)
  B. Anne Boynton (bpt 18.07.1557)
  m1. Francis Vaughan of Sutton-upon-Derwent (a 1599)
  m2. _ Fairfax mentioned by Visitation (Yorkshire, 1584/5 & 1612, Vaughan of Sutton)
2. Margaret Boynton
  m. (17.01.1557-8) William Frobysher
3. Anne Boynton
  m. William Norton
4. Cicely Boynton
  m. Edmund Norton (d c1610)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Boynton), Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Boynton), Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Boynton of Agnes Burton), Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1665, Boynton of Barmston), TCB (vol I, Boynton of Barmston)
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