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Families covered: Bohun of Midhurst, Bohun of Rustington

Possibly connected to the Bohuns on page Bohun1 was ...
Enghiler de Bohun (a temp William the Conqueror who r. 1066-1087)
1. Savaric de Bohun (a temp King Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
  A. Savaric de Bohun (dsp)
  B. Jeldewin de Bohun
  i. Frank (Francis) or Franco de Bohun, lord of Midhurst Ford and Rushington or Rustington (d 14.09.1273)
  BE1883 suggests that Franco was alive in 1st Richard I (ie. 1189) but, if so, he must have been very young at that time. BE1883 also reports that it was his son John who married Sibel Ferrers (daughter of William, 2nd Earl of Derby - as reported on a supplementary page for 'Ferrers1', BE1883 appears to have confused the various Earls of Derby). TCP shows that Sibyl was John's mother.
  m(1). Sibyl Ferrers (dau of William Ferrers, Earl of Derby)
a. Sir John de Bohun of Midhurst and Rustington (b c1247, d 28.09.1284)
  m. Joan (b 12.1256, d before 23.03.1327/8, dau of Bartholomew de la Chapelle of Waltham)
  (1) John de Bohun of Midhurst (b 02.06.1275, dsp after 06.04.1295)
  (2) James de Bohun of Midhurst and Ballymadden (b 03.02.1280/1, d before 30.05.1306)
  m. Joan de Brewes (d before 23.06.1324, dau of Sir William de Brewes of Bramber and Gower)
  (A) Sir John de Bohun, Lord of Midhurst (b 14.11.1301, d 05.12.1367)
  m1. (before 1326) Isabel (perhaps dau of Sir Henry de Tregoz of Goring)
  (i) Edward de Bohun (dvpsp 01.1361/2)
  m. Philippe de Brian (dau of Sir Guy de Brian)
  (ii) Joan de Bohun
  m. John de Lisle of Gatcombe (dsp 1369)
  m2. (before 06.11.1342) Cicely Filliol (d 08.1381, dau of Sir John Filliol of Kelvedon, etc)
  (iii) Sir John de Bohun of Midhurst (b 06.01.1362/3, d 25.01.1432/3)
  m1. Alice (a 12.1419)
(1) Neither Sir John nor any of his successors were called to Parliament and so were not known as Lords in their time.
(2) BE1883 reports that Sir John had 2 sons - John (his successor who was father of John whose heirs were his 2 daughters) and Sir Humphrey (who dsp). We follow TCP which suggests that he had just one son ...
  (a) Sir Humphrey Bohun of Midhurst, Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire (b 06.05.1418, d 11.1468)
  m. Margaret Estfield (d before 15.03.1445/6, dau of Sir William Estfield, Mayor of London)
((1)) John Bohun of Midhurst (d before 26.04.1494)
  m. (before 25.06.1467) Anne Arderne (dau of Sir Piers Arderne of Latton)
  ((A)) Mary Bohun
  m. Sir David Owen of Easebourn
  ((B)) Ursula Bohun
  m. Sir Robert Southwell (dsp)
  m2. (before 25.10.1429) Anne Halsham (dau of John Halsham of West Grinstead and Applesham)
  (3) Elizabeth de Bohun
  m. Sir John Lesley = John Lisle of Gatcombe
  The following comes from Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Cooke-Covert).
  b. James Bohun
  (1) John Bohun
  c. Cicely Bohun
  m. William de Altaripa

Main source(s): BE1883 (Bohun of Midhurst) with some support/input from TCP (Bohun)
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