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Families covered: Bligh (Blight) of Bodmin, Bligh of Botathan, Bligh of Carnedon, Bligh of Truro

Richard Bligh, Mayor of Bodmin (b c1452, a 1524)
m. Isabell Tankred
1. John Bligh, Mayor of Bodmin (d by 1559)
  m. Johanna Colquite (bur 1583, dau of John Colquite)
A. Thomas Bligh, Mayor of Bodmin (bur 1576)
  m. Johanna Newcourt (bur 1598, dau of John Newcourt of Pickswell)
  i. John Bligh, Mayor of Bodmin (b by 1555, a 1588)
  m. Agnes Arscott (dau of John Arscott of Dunsland)
  a. Thomas Bligh of Bodmin
  m. Jane Penkevell (bur 1637, dau of Francis Penkevell of Minver)
  (1) Richard Bligh or Blight (b c1610)
  m. Agnes (bur 1681)
  (A) James Blight (bpt 1629, bur 1630)
  (B) Richard Blight (bpt 1633, bur 1677)
  m. Cheson (bur 1728)
  (i)+ issue - Richard (bur 1678), Francis (bpt 1670, bur 1678), John (bpt 1678), Mary (bpt 1668, bur 1676), Elizabeth (bpt 1675, bur 1692)
  (C) Francis Blight, Mayor of Bodmin (bpt 1638, a 1684)
  m. Charity (bur 1676)
  (i)+ issue - Edward (bpt 1674, bur 1675), Francis (bpt 1675, dsp bur 1727)
  (2) John Bligh or Blight (bpt 1612, bur 1663)
  m. (1635) Jane Williams (bur 1700)
  (A) John Blight (bpt 1637, bur 1680, 2nd son)
  m. Patience (bur 1696)
  (i) John Blight
  (B)+ other issue - John (bpt/bur 1636), Richard (bpt 1641)
  (3) Charles Bligh or Blight, Mayor of Bodmin (b 1624, d 14.12.1684)
m. Elizabeth (d 17.09.1701)
  (A) Charles Blight of Launceston (d before 02.11.1716)
  m. (1678) Judith Bellew (dau of George Bellew of Plymouth)
  (i) Mary Blight (d 1773)
  m. Rev. William Bedford
  (ii) Judith Blight (bpt 06.01.1690, bur 21.09.1754)
  m. (1719) Arthur Lawrence of Launceston
(iii)+ other issue - Charles (bpt 1679, bur 1689), Elizabeth (a 1716), Ann
  (B) Richard Blight, Mayor of Bodmin (bur 1732)
  (i) Lewis Blight, Mayor of Bodmin (bpt 1695, bur 1760)
  m. (1743) Rebecca Hamley
  (a)+ issue - Charles (bpt 1726), Richard (bpt 1730, bur 1733), William (bpt 1735), Lewis (bpt/bur 1738), Elizabeth (bpt 1720), Anne (bpt 1722), Katherine (bpt 1728), Mary (bpt 1733)
  (i)+ other issue - Charles (bur 1707), Elizabeth (bpt 1697, bur 1743), Richard (bpt 1700, bur 1733)
  (C) Elizabeth Blight
  m. John Stone
  (D)+ other issue - Nevill (b 1663), Edith
(4)+ other issue - Agnes (bpt 1598), Katherine (bpt 1599), Mary (bpt 1602), Elizabeth (bpt 1603/5), Frances (b 1603/5?), Danett (bpt 1606), Phillip(a) (bpt 1608), Jane (dsp)
  b. John Bligh of Exeter (bpt 1572)
  m. Agnis Skinner of Exeter
  (1) Thomas Bligh or Blight of Parnacott (d by 1647, rector of Pyworthy)
  m. (19.12.1633) Dorothy Dennys (d 1656, dau of Rev. Thomas Dennys of Mennehiot)
  (A) Thomas Blight of East Looe
  m. (14.09.1660) Sarah Glanville of Launceston (a 1690)
  (i) Sarah Blight (a 1690)
  m. _ Pike (d by 1690)
  (ii) Mary Blight (a 1690)
  m. Philip Pope (d by 1690)
  (iii) Elizabeth Blight (a 06.1718)
  m. John Wilshman
  (B) Richard Blight of Launceston (a 1692)
  m. Phillippa Short (dau of John Short of Launcells)
  (C)+ other issue - John, Grace, Dorothy, Agnes
  c. Gilbert Bligh (bpt 1583, a 1614, vicar of Colan, 5th son)
  m. Elizabeth Roe (dau of Digorie Roe of St. Tisick)
(1) John Bligh or Blight (bpt 1627, bur 1683, 3rd son)
  m. (1663) Ann Trenowth
  (A)+ issue - Gilbert (bpt/bur 1666), Thomas (bpt 1669), John (bpt 1672), Richard (bpt 1675), Elizabeh (bpt 1664), Mary (bpt 1676)
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 1621, bur 1650), Gilbert (bpt 1624, bur 1652), Agnes (bpt 1619)
  d. Danot (Donet) Bligh (bpt 1575)
  m. (1595) George Glin of Glin
  e. Barbara Bligh (bpt 1585)
  m. William Williams of Bodmin
  f. Philip Bligh (bpt 1587)
  m. John Penhelick of Helston
  g.+ other issue (dsp) - William (bpt 1578), Richard (bpt 1592)
ii. Emanuell Bligh (dsp)
  iii. Jane Bligh
  m. Richard Wiat (Wyatt) of Lanevet
  iv. Honor Bligh
  m1. Nicholas Opye of Bodmin
  m2. William Kestell
  v. Elizabeth Bligh
  m. William Gill of Pelint
  B. Michael Bligh (dsp)
  C. Agnes Bligh
  m. Thomas Arscott of Holesworthy (d 1562)
  D. Emline Bligh
  m. (1559) William Achim of Pelint
  i. Agnes Achim or Achym probably of this generation
  m. William Fowell
  E. Joan Bligh
  m. _ Renawden
  i. William Renawden
2.+ other issue - William of Bodmin (a 1531), Rosa (dsp)



John Blighe
1. Thomas Bligh of Botaden, Cornwall
  m. Margaret Gache (dau/heir of _ Gache of Hinderthyn)
A. William Bligh of Botadon
  m. Jane Bant (dau/coheir of Stephen Bant of Bant by Blanch, dau of John Langdon)
  i. William Bligh of Botadon (Botathan) (b c1551, d before 08.08.1602)
  m. Jane Trevanion (dau of John Trevanion of Trevalster)
  a. William Bligh of Botathan (d 21.07.1627)
  m1. Margaret Cary (bur 27.05.1624, dau of George Cary of Clovelley)
  (1) Thomas Bligh (b c02.1610)
  m. Alice Langdon (dau of Sir Stephen Langdon)
  (A) William Bligh (bpt 09.06.1633, 2nd son)
  (i) William Bligh (bpt 18.05.1657)
  m. Johan
  (a) William Bligh of Botathan (bpt 27.06.1682, d before 22.08.1744)
  m1. Lucy French
  ((1)) Joan Bligh (bpt 31.12.1705)
  m. George Issack of North Hill
((A))+ issue (1744) - Thomas, Margery
  ((2))+ other issue - William (bpt 26.11.1718, dvpsp before 1744), Elizabeth (bpt 07.06.1709, a 1744), Cecilia (bpt 24.04.1711, a 1744), Lucy (bpt 11.10.1713, d unm before 07.07.1740)
  m2. Anne
  ((6)) Anne Bligh
  (B)+ other issue - Walter (bur 14.05.1633), Margaret (bpt 20.05.1638)
  (2) Jane Bligh
  m. (1614) Grigorie Cole of the Middle Temple
  (3) Julian Bligh
  m. Ezekiel Arscott
  (A) Elizabeth Arscott (bpt 01.01.1629)
  m2. Elizabeth
  b. John Bligh (d 20.02.1607, 3rd son)
  m. Judith
  (1) Anthony Bligh (b 1606)
  m. Jane
  (A) Anthony Bligh (bpt 04.06.1634)
  m1. Martha
  (i) Elizabeth Bligh
  m2. Anne
  (ii) Anthony Bligh (bpt 09.11.1683)
  m. Elizabeth
(a) William Bligh (bpt 17.07.1729)
  (iii)+ other isue - Nicholas (bpt 17.01.1674), Anne (bpt 13.04.1673), Margaret (bpt 14.04.1678), Catherine (bpt 25.07.1680), Elizabeth (bpt 04.04.1688)
  (B) Thomas Bligh (bpt 28.01.1639)
  (2)+ other issue - John, Elizabeth
  c. Radigunda Bligh probably the Radigund who married ...
  m1. Andrew Clobery of Lifton (d 06.01.1597)
  m2. (25.09.1598) John Kekewich of Polmarkin
  d.+ other issue - Thomas (d before 1601), Bridget, Anne
  ii. Leonard Bligh of Egloskerry (dsp 09.04.1583)
  m. Katherine
  iii. Anne Bligh
  m. Christopher Wallys of Totnes
2. William Bligh
3. Richard Bligh
  A. William Bligh of Trevaler
  m. _ Burnford
  i. Digory Bligh of Truro
  m. _ Tresillian
  a. Digory Bligh of Truro
  m. Johanna Kayser (heir)
  (1)+ issue - William (bpt 01.02.1612), Digory (bpt 1615), Anna (a 1663)
  b. Henry Bligh of Tresoddern in St. Columb Major (d before 16.05.1663)
  m. Margaret
  (1)+ issue (a 1663) - Gilbert of Helwin & Trevowa, John of Tresoddern, Peter of Trevella in Crantock, Elizabeth, Jenifer
  c. Jane Bligh
  m. _ Rogers
  d. Winifred Bligh
  m. Andrew
  e.+ other issue - John, Richard of Crantock (d before 17.06.1657)
  ii. John Bligh of Trewarlett (d before 26.05.1619)
  a. George Bligh of Alternon (dsp before 14.02.1654)
  b. Margaret Bligh
  m. _ Williams
  c. daughter
  m. William Allen
  d. daughter
  m. Stephen Allen
  iii. daughter
  m. _ Netherton
  iv. daughter
  m. _ Nickell
v.+ other issue (dsp) - William (d before 03.05.1616), Robert (bur 14.11.1607)
  B. Digory Bligh of Carnedon (a 1585)
  i. John Bligh 'of Carnedon' (d 26.04.1598)
  a. Neville Bligh of Carnedon (b c06.1577, d 12.09.1602)
  (1) Neville Bligh of Carnedon (b c07.1601, bur 22.01.1655)
  m. Mary
  (A) John Bligh
  m. Mary (bur 21.07.1665)
  (i) Neville Bligh (bpt 06.04.1665)
  b. Grace Bligh (d 1619) probably of this generation
  m. Arthur Seccombe of North Petherwin

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