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Families covered: Blennerhassett of Ballymacprior, Blennerhassett of Blennerville, Blennerhassett of Castle Conway, Blennerhassett of Tralee

Robert Blennerhassett of Tralee, Sheriff of co. Kerry (a 1634, 1682, MP)
m. Avice Conway (d 1663, dau/coheir of Edward Conway of Castle Conway, cousin)
1. John ('Black Jack') Blennerhassett of Castle Conway 'of Killorglin Castle' (d c1738, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Cross (b 1668-9, d 22.03.1732, dau of Rev. Benjamin Cross of Blackhall by Anne, dau/coheir of Rev. John Evelegh of Blackwell)
A. Conway Blennerhassett (b 03.10.1693, d 07.06.1724)
  m. Elizabeth Harman (dau of Col. Wentworth Harman of Moyle & Castle Roe)
  i. Conway Blennerhassett of Castle Conway (b 03.06.1720, a 1774)
  m. Elizabeth Lacy (dau of Major Thomas Lacy)
  a. Harman Blennerhassett, last of Castle Conway, later in Virginia (b 08.10.1764-5, d 02.02.1831, 3rd son)
  m. (1795) Margaret Agnew (dau of Capt. Robert Agnew by Catherine Blennerhassett, niece!)
  (1) Joseph S. Lewis Blennerhassett in Missouri (b 1812, dspms 08.12.1862) had issue (dvp)
(2)+ other issue - Dominick (b 1799, a 1830, dsp?), Harman (b 1801, d unm 10.08.1854), 2 daughters (d infant)
  b. Susanna Blennerhassett (d 13.12.1819)
  m. (31.10.1763) John de Courcy, 26th / 21st Lord Kingsale (d 24.05.1822)
  c. Elizabeth Blennerhassett (dsp)
  m. Daniel McGillycuddy (son of Cornelius)
  d. Catherine Blennerhassett
m. Robert Agnew of Howlish (d 30.11.1792, Captain, son of General James & great-grandson of Sir James, 4th Bart of Lochnaw)
  e. Margaret Blennerhassett
  m. (1781) Michael Coxon (d 30.11.1792, Captain, son of Rev. John of Sunderland)
  f. Anne Blennerhassett
  m. (24.10.1786) Michael de Courcy (Admiral, son of 25th Baron Kingsale)
  g.+ other issue - John (a 1774), Thomas (d before 1774), Avice of Bath (d unm 02.1838)
  ii. ?? Blennerhassett
  a. Thomas Blennerhassett of Tralee (a 1774)
  b. Conway Blennerhassett (a 1774) probably the Conway 'of Reen Lodge' who married ...
m. (1779) Jane Bateman (dau of John Bateman of Dromultin, m2. Pierse Crosbie, son of Pierse of Ballyheigue)
  iii. Margaret Blennerhassett (b 27.10.1721)
  m. William Gun (Captain, son of Francis)
  iv.+ other issue - Arthur of Tralee (a 1774), Avice (b 16.06.1718, d unm)
  B. John Blennerhassett (b 06.04.1696)
  m. Anne Dawson (dau of Col. James Dawson of Ballyncourty, sister of Lady Massy)
  i. Elizabeth Blennerhassett
  m. (13.07.1754) Robert Bolton of Brazeel (d 1798)
  ii.+ other issue - Dawson (b 23.10.1725, d unm), John (b 12.10.1726, d infant), daughter (a 1733)
  C. Benjamin Blennerhassett (b 13.09.1698)
  m. Susanna Richards (dau of John Richards, Dean of Ardfert)
  i. Susanna Blennerhassett (a 1733, d infant)
D. Thomas Blennerhassett (b 13.08.1700, d by 1767, vicar of Dingle, rector of Dunmanway)
  m. (09.03.1735) Mary Frankland (dau of Barry Frankland of Cork)
  i. Anne Blennerhassett (b 1736)
  m. Thomas Alleyne of Balydevane (d 29.07.1786)
  E. Edward Blennerhassett of Rossbeigh, co. Kerry (b 31.03.1705, a 1773)
  m. Mary FitzGerald (dau of Capt. Edward FitzGerald by Jane Leader)
  i. John Blennerhassett (b 01.1733, d 1803, rector of Tralee)
m. (02.02.1765) Louisa Goddard (dau of Capt. Thomas Goddard by Mary, sister of 1st Baron Ventry)
  a. Thomas Blennerhassett (d 1825, Captain, 2nd son)
  m. (1791) Mary Blennerhasett (d 28.12.1859, dau of Henry Blennerhassett of Dublin) @1@ below
  (1) Louisa Blennerhassett (bpt 04.07.1794)
  m. _ Wade
  (2) Eliza Blennerhassett (d 18.02.1868)
  m1. _ Brady
  m2. (02.11.1840) William Henry Garvey (d 28.03.1872, dau of Thomas of Brownsford Castle)
(3) Letitia Blennerhassett
  m. William Bruce
  (4)+ other issue - John (bpt 10.06.1792), Henry (d before 26.09.1819), Goddard (dsp), Conway (b 1808, dsp), Arthur (dsp), Charlotte (d 10.1801), Charlotte (bpt 30.06.1803, d unm)
  b. John ('the Evergreen') Blennerhassett of Greenville & Dublin (d 1855)
  m1. (10.01.1794) Mary Anne Phayre (dau of Lt. Col. Robert Phayre of Killoughrim Forest & Daphne Castle)
(1) Goddard Blennerhassett (b 1802, d 1833) had issue (2 daus)
  m. (1821) Sarah (Sally) King (d 23.12.1870, dau of Sir Abraham Badley King of Corrard, 1st Bart, Lord Mayor of Dublin, m2. ?? Fleetwood)
  (2) Aldworth Blennerhassett (d before 1855, Captain) had issue (2 daus)
  m. Lucy Anne ***
  m2. _ Gorges (dau of Robert George Gorges, Dean of Kilmacduagh)
  (3)+ other issue - Rachel Maria, Frances
  m3. (1841) Frances Louisa Digby (dau of Richard Digby, great-grandson of Simon, Bishop of Elphin)
  c. Elizabeth Blennerhassett (bpt 17.05.1772)
  m. (1791) Edward Fuller of Beechmount & Sackville (Captain)
  d. Louisa Blennerhassett (bpt 30.01.1774, dsp)
m. (1794) Rev. Thomas Cole (d 09.1830, son of John of Cork)
  e. Catherine Blennerhassett (bpt 09.06.1780)
  m. (16.05.1806) Thomas Finn of Dingle
  f. Letitia Blennerhassett (bpt 10.06.1780)
  m1. Richard Ponsonby of Crotto (Major)
  m2. William Lindsay of Tarbert
  g.+ other issue - Edward (d before 1805), Conway (bpt 10.12.1775, dsp), Goddard (bpt 29.09.1778, dsp)
  ii. Conway Blennerhassett (b 05.1736, dsp 1805, rector of Ballyseedy)
  m. (c1775) Lucy Orpen (dau of Rev. Thomas Orpen of Killowen)
  iii. Robert Blennerhassett
  m. Anne Blennerhassett (dau of Samuel Blennerhassett, widow of John Hoare of Droumcare) @2@ below
  a. Edward Conway Blennerhassett (b 1775, d 03.12.1857, emigrated to America) had issue
  m. Alice Spotswood (dau of Theobald Spotswood of lenville)
  b. Henry Blennerhassett (b 1777, d 07.11.1805, RN)
  iv. Avis Blennerhassett
  m. Gerald Blennerhasset
  v. Jane Blennerhassett
  m. Robert Hilliard of Hollymount
vi. Elizabeth Blennerhassett (b 1736)
  m1. Daniel O'Connor
  m2. Samuel K. Williams of Milltown
  vii. Mary Blennerhassett
m. _ Clifford
  viii.+ other issue - Thomas, Arthur
  F. Arthur Blennerhassett (b 19.02.1706)
  m1. Mildred Markham (dau of Capt. Joshua Markham of Killala Castle & Nunstown)
  i. Joshua Blennerhassett (a 1733)
  m2. (08.02.1734) Sarah Gun (dau of George Gun of Kilmorna, Gunsborough & Carrigafoile Castle)
  ii.+ other issue (a 1744) - William of Ballinagar, Arthur
  G. Anne Blennerhassett (b 24.01.1694)
  m1. (1717) Dennis McGillycuddy (d 1730)
  m2. (01.1731) Thomas Herbert (son of Arthur of Curreens)
  H. Elizabeth Blennerhassett (b 20.11.1702)
  m. Townsend Gun of Rattoo (d 1766)
  I. Tryphena Blennerhassett (b 21.01.1703)
m. Ulick FitzMaurice of Duagh (d 1738)
  J. Mary Blennerhassett (b 23.04.1707)
  m. Raymond FitzMaurice (brother of Ulick of Duagh)
2. Thomas Blennerhassett (d 1773?, 5th son)
  m. Jane Derby or Darby of Monmouth
  A. Elizabeth Blennerhassett
  m. (c1726) William Conron of Kinsale
  B. Avice Blennerhassett
  m. (c1730) Thomas Collis (vicar of Dingle, son of William of Lisdoge)
  C. Jane Blennerhassett
  m1. (09.08.1731) Maurice O'Connell of Imlaghmore
  m2. John Hurly (dsp, son of Dennis of Tralee)
  D. Alice Blennerhassett
  m. Thomas Hurly of Knocklong (son of Dennis of Tralee, cousin)
E.+ other issue (a 1733) - John, Chiswell, Arthur
  One of these brothers married (after 1733) and had ...
  i. Thomas Blennerhassett of Annadale (Treasurer of co. Kerry)
  m. Alice O'Brien (dau of John Philip O'Brien of Kilowen, widow of _ Brunton)
a. Anne Blennerhassett (d 13.10.1856)
  m. (10.1800) Peter Thompson of Tralee (d 03.01.1850, Treasurer of co. Kerry)
  b.+ 5 sons
3. Henry Blennerhassett of Gortmasherry, co. Kerry
  m. Dorcas Crumpe (dau of Francis Crumpe of Barley Mount by Dorcas, dau of Robert Orpen of Killowen)
  A. Robert Blennerhassett of Mount Rivers, co. Kerry (4th son)
  m. Frances Yielding (dau of Richard Yielding of Belview by Belinda, dau of Rowland Bateman of Oak Park)
  i. Henry Blennerhassett (d infant)
  ii. Sir Rowland Blennerhassett,1st Bart of Blennerville (b 1741, d 14.03.1821)
  m. Millicent Agnes Yielding (dau of Richard Yielding of Belview)
a. Sir Robert Blennerhassett, 2nd Bart of Blennerville, Sheriff of Kerry (b 26.01.1769, d 21.09.1831)
  m. (27.05.1790) Rosanna Blennerhassett (d 04.02.1828, dau of Arthur Blennerhassett of Fortfield) @3@ below
  (1) Sir Arthur Blennerhassett, 3rd Bart of Blennerville, Sheriff of Kerry (b 30.07.1794, d 22.04.1849) had issue
  m. (26.07.1826) Sarah Mahony (d 11.07.1866, dau of John Mahony)
  (2) Robert Blennerhassett (b 27.07.1797, dsp 02.07.1865, 3rd son)
  m. (04.09.1838) Sarah Eagar (d 02.02.1856, dau of Alexander Eagar)
  (3) Catherine Blennerhassett (d 11.1869)
  m. (16.05.1822) Edward Fitzgerald Conyers (Rev., son of Charles of Castletown Conyers)
  (4)+ other issue (d unm) - Rowland (b 06.11.1795, RN), Richard (b 25.08.1799), William (b 02.02.1802)
  b. Richard Francis Blennerhassett (b 23.05.1772, dsp 11.1827)
  m. Agnes Denny (d 19.12.1842, dau of Sir Barry Denny, 1st Bart)
  c. Arthur Blennerhassett of Blennerville (b 27.10.1776, d 31.05.1839) had issue
  m. Helena Jane Mullins (dau of Thomas Mullins, 1st Lord Ventry)
d. Rowland Blennerhassett of Kells (b 26.12.1780, d 12.04.1854) had issue
  m. Letitia Hurly (dau of John Hurly of Tralee)
  e. William Blennerhassett (b 26.12.1780, d 1842) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Blennerhassett (dau of Richard Blennerhassett of Ballymacprior) @4@ below
  iii. Arthur Blennerhassett of Fortfield (or Aunagarry) & Cara, co. Kerry (d 05.1790)
  m. Catherine (Rosanna) Hickson (dau/coheir of Sheriff James Hickson)
  a. Robert Arthur Blennerhassett (b c1722, dsp 08.1814)
  m. (22.05.1798) Catherine Hickson (dau of Robert Christopher Hickson of Fermoyle by Mary, dau of James Hickson)
  b. Rosanna Blennerhassett (d 04.02.1828)
  m. (27.05.1790) Sir Robert Blennerhassett, 2nd Bart of Blennerville, Sheriff of Kerry (b 1769, d 1831) @3@ above
  partner unknown
  a. Elizabeth Blennerhassett
  iv. Belinda Blennerhassett
  m. Charles Hurly (son of Dennis by Anne Blennerhassett)
  v. Alice Blennerhassett
  m. (09.06.1758) James Eagar of Castle Ballymalis (son of Alexander)
  vi. Millicent (Mildred) Blennerhassett
m. Tallis Eagar of Culleenymore (son of James)
  vii. Sarah Blennerhassett (d 09.1826)
  m. (10.09.1776) John Eagar of Ardrinane (d 1814, son of Alexander)
  B. Samuel Blennerhassett of Tralee (a 1774)
  m. Catherine Connor (dau of Maurice Connor, archdeacon of Ardfert, by Anne, dau of Barry Denny)
  i. Henry Blennerhassett of Dublin (2nd son)
  m. Mary Poujade (d by 1803, dau of John Poujade & grand-dau of John Plaguavan & Lucy Blennerhassett)
a. John Henry Blennerhassett of Tralee (a 1774, d 15.08.1841)
  m1. Elizabeth O'Connell (dau of Morgan O'Connell of Kiltannon)
  (1) Anne Blennerhassett
  m. (1822) Rowland Tallis Eagar of Cullenymore & Cottage
  (2)+ other issue (d unm) - Henry, Catherine, Mary
  m2. (1818) Veronica Montgomery (d 1828, dau of Robert Montgomery of co. Down)
  (5)+ other issue - Veronica Montgomerie (m. John Grey Porter Atthill), Henrietta (m. George Newnham Woolley), Elizabeth Montgomery (m. John Nicholas Thicknesse-Tuchet), Anne Sarah (m. Francis Green Tincler), jemima (d unm)
b. Francis Edward Blennerhassett (a 1774, d unm)
  c. Mary Blennerhassett (b 1764, d 28.12.1859)
  m. (1791) Thomas Blennerhassett (Captain) @1@ above
  d. Jane Blennerhassett
  m. (1783) Edward Armstrong of Dublin
  e. Charlotte Blennerhassett
  m. (1793) Rowland Eagar (son of James of Ballymalis, Droumavally & Cullenybeg by Alice Blennerhassett)
  ii. Frances Blennerhassett
  m. (1777) Daniel McCarthy of Srugrena Abbey
iii. Anne Blennerhassett
  m1. John Hoare of Droumcare (son of Edward of Dunkettle & Factory Hill)
  m2. Robert Blennerhassett (cousin) @2@ above
  m3. John Moore Eagar (son of James of Cottage)
iv.+ other issue - Thomas (dvpsp before 1774), John (d before 1774), William (d before 1774), Mary
  C. Richard Blennerhassett of Ballymacprior in Killorglin, co. Kerrry (d 1791?, 7th son)
  m. Mary Rice (dau of Edward Rice by Alice Shiercliffe)
  i. Richard Blennerhassett of Ballymacprior
  m. (06.1780) Elizabeth de Moleyns (Mullins) (dau of 1st Baron Ventry)
  a. Henry Blennerhassett of Dublin (b 1783, d 1861) had issue
  m. Anne Bell (d 1852)
  b. Arthur Thomas Blennerhassett of Ballymacprior had issue
  m. (11.1829) Sarah de Moleyns (dau of Capt. Richard de Moleyns or Mullins)
  c. Townsend Blennerhassett (d unm)
  d. Elizabeth Blennerhassett (d 21.12.1857)
m. William Blennerhassett (son of Sir Rowland, 1st Bart) @4@ above
  e. Theodora Blennerhassett
  m. (1824) Edward Supple Eagar of Ardrinane (son of Robert of Listry)
  f. Charlotte Blennerhassett
  m. Thomas Barry
  g. Mary Blennerhassett (b 1789, d 06.4.1872)
  m. Francis Walker of Lahereen
  h. Arabella Blennerhassett (b 1797, 07.1875)
  m1. (03.04.1825) Frederic Jones (d 05.1832, Lt. Colonel)
  m2. (1841) Bartholomew Hepenstal Hartley (d 1854, Captain)
  ii.+ 2 daughters
  D. Dorcas Blennerhassett
  m. John Godfrey of Ballingamboon
  E. Avice Blennerhassett
  m. (c1717) John Yielding of Tralee
  F. Alice Blennerhassett
  m. Daniel Ferris of Muckinagh
  G. Lucy Blennerhassett
  m. John Heaphy or Heafy (son of Daniel)
H.+ other issue - Arthur in France (b 1701), John (d young), William (d young), Edward
4. Catherine Blennerhassett
  m1. Richard McLoughlin of Ballydowny
  m2. John Conway
5. Avice Blennerhassett
  m. Thomas Spring
6. Alice Blennerhassett
  m. Walter Spring
7. Lucy Blennerhassett
  m. Jean Plaguavan
8. Anne Blennerhassett
  m. Dennis Hurly (of family of Sir Thomas of Knocklong)
7.+ other issue - Edward (d infant), Robert (d young), Conway

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Blennerhassett), BP1934 (Blennerhassett)
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