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Families covered: Bland of Ballybog, Bland of Blandsfort, Bland of Derriquin Castle, Bland of Killarney, Bland of Sedbergh

(1) BIFR1976 reports that the family shown in the lower section of this page is "said to be a cadet of the Blands of Kippax (who settled in Ireland ca 1670)". In fact, the arms of both of the families shown on this page suggest that it is likely that both were cadets of the family of Kippax (which is shown on Bland1).
(2) BIFR1976 reports of the family shown in the following section that "This family was originally in Yorks and was closeley connected with Sedbergh Sch from its foundation (three of the four Govs originally apptd by the founder, Dr Roger Lupton, were Blands)." Sedbergh School was founded in 1525.
John Bland of Sedbergh, Yorkshire
1. James Bland of Sedbergh, later of Killarney, co. Kerry (a 1684, Archdeacon of Limerick, Dean of Ardfert)
  m. Lucy Brewster (dau of Sir Francis Brewster, Lord Mayor of Dublin, by dau of Sir William Fownes)
  A. Francis Bland of Killarney 'of Ballybog' (Rev.)
  m. _ Waterhouse
  i. James Francis Bland 'of Ballybog' (vicar of Killarney)
m. Charity or Cherry Orpen
  a. Francis Bland
  b. Thomas Bland (Colonel)
  m. Judith Martin
  c. Nathaniel Bland (Major)
  m. Letitia Bland (dau of Rev. James Bland of Derriquin Castle) @@ below
  (1) Thomas Bland of Killarney (Rev.)
  (2) Nathaniel Bland (d 25.02.1885, Archdeacon of Aghadoe, 3rd son) who married ...
  m. Ann Fuller (dsp, dau of Edward Fuller of Beechmount & Sackville)
(3) Elizabeth Bland
  m. Robert Herbert (RN)
  (4) Lucy Bland
  m. _ Gallway (Captain)
  (5)+ other issue - Francis, Margaret, Maria
d. Agnes Bland
  m. Thomas Herbert of Mucruss (m1. Anne Martin)
  B. Nathaniel Bland (judge, vicar-general of Ardfert & Aghadoe)
  m1. (1721) Diana Kemeys (dau/heir of Nicholas Kemeys)
  i John Bland
  ii. James Bland of Derriquin Castle, co Kerry (Rev.)
m1. Elizabeth Julian (dau of Christopher Julian)
  a. Francis Christopher Bland of Derriquin Castle
  m. (15.03.1798) Lucinda (Lucy) Herbert (d 1862, dau of Arthur Bastable Herbert of Brewsterfield (son of Bastable) by Barbara (dau of Maurice FitzGerald of Kerry son (by Honora O'Brien, dau of Conor, 2nd Viscount Clare) of John of Kerry)
  (1) James Franklin Bland of Derriquin Castle, Sheriff (b 24.01.1799, d 06.03.1863) had issue
  m. (27.12.1825) Emma Taylor (dau of Joseph Taylor of Dunkerron Castle)
  (2) Elizabeth Bland
  m. Frederick Hyde
  (3) Lucy Bland
  m. Thomas Stuart (Captain RN)
  (4) Frances Diana Bland (d 23.04.1872)
m. Thomas Harnett Fuller of Glashnacree (son of Capt Edward by Elizabeth, dau of Rev. John Blennerhassett of Tralee)
  (5) Christina Frances Bland
  m. Robert Acheson Thompson
  (6) Clara Dalinda Bland
  m. William Allen
  (7) Letitia Bland (d 1887) probably of this generation
  m. (11.04.1837) Henry Stokes of Askive (b 1808, d 1883)
  (8)+ other issue - Arthur, Edward, John (d 03.1859), Mary Matilda
b. Letitia Bland
  m. Nathaniel Bland (Major) @@ above
  c.+ other issue - Nathaniel, James (a 1825, d unm?), Diana (d young?), Maria (d young?), Elizabeth
  m2. (sp) Barbara Nash
  m2. Lucy Heaton (dau of Francis Heaton)
  iii. Francis Bland of Killarney
m. Catherine Mahoney (dau of James Mahony of Killarney)
  a. James Francis Bland of Killarney (Colonel)
  b. Frances (Jane) Bland
  m. (1807) Rev. Robert Hewson
  iv. Nathaniel Bland (dsp)
  m. Mary Mead
  v. George Bland (dsp)
  m. Hannah Westropp
  vi. Lucy Bland
  m. (1759) George Orpen (son of Rev. Thomas of Killowen)
  vii. Hester Bland
  m. Robert Sinclair of Freswick
  viii. Dorothea Bland
  m1. Francis Crumpe
  m2. James Lawlor
  C.+ other issue - Lucy, Dorothea, Hester



Thomas Bland of Lisnagarvan, co Down the first mentioned by BIFR1976
m. _ Trydelt
1. John Bland of Blandsfort (dsp 1728, Colonel) the first mentioned by BLGI1912
2. Humphrey Bland of Blandsfort, Governor of Gibraltar (dsp 08.05.1763, Major General, CIC Scotland)
  m. (12.01.1755) Elizabeth Dalrymple (b 1721, d 1816, dau of George Dalrymplem son of 1st Earl of Stair)
3. William Bland (d 1746, Captain)
  m1. (1720) Elizabeth Cock (dau of William Cock, widow of Jones (alias Horseman)?)
A. John Bland of Blandsfort (b 1723, d 1790) the first mentioned by BLG1886
  m. (1763) Sarah Birch (dau of Charles Birch of Birchgrove)
  i. John Bland of Blandsfort (d 1810)
  m. (1790) Elizabeth Birch (d 1836, dau of Robert Birch of Turvey)
  a. John Thomas Bland of Blandsfort (dsp(s) 1849)
  m. Margaret Elizabeth Bond (dau of John Bond of Bath)
  b. Robert Wintringham Bland of Abbeyville, co Antrim (b 21.02.1794, d 21.12.1880, Rev.) had issue
  m. (14.07.1826) Alicia Evans (d 10.10.1879, dau of Rev. Edward Evans of Gortmerron)
  c. Loftus Henry Bland, later of Blandsfort (b 08.1805, d 21.01.1872, QC, MP, 4th son) had issue
  m1. (20.08.1840) Charlotte Elizabeth Annesley (d 26.03.1842, dau of Arthur Grove Annesley of Ann's Grove)
  m2. (02.12.1843) Anne Jane Hackett (d 17.01.1904, dau of John Prendergast Hackett of London)
  d. Catherine Jane Bland
  m1. Richard Croker of Thornbury (Captain RN)
  m2. Thomas Frere Bowerbank (dsp 1867, vicar of Chiswick)
  e. Georgina Elizabeth Bland
  m. James Franck Rolleston of Franckfort Castle
  f.+ other issue - Charles Humphry (b c1795, d 1816, RN), Sarah Annie (d unm 1823)
  ii. Elizabeth Bland
  m. J. Crawford of Balintober
  iii. Anne Bland
  m. George Pringle of Stradbally
  iv. Catherine Bland
  m. (1787) Thomas Lyon of Watercastle
  v. Hannah Bland
  m. M. Nugent
  vi.+ other issue - Robert (Captain), William
  m2. (c11.1732) Letitia Davis (dau of Col. Hercules Davis)
  B. Humphrey Bland (d 1788, Captain)
  m. (1763) Mary Matthews (dau of Edward Matthews)
  i. Jane Wilson Bland
  m. (07.1775) Thomas Sinclaire of Belfast
  a. daughter
  ii.+ other issue - Sarah Elizabeth, Dorcas Letitia
  C. Thomas Bland (dsp 14.10.1816, General)
  D. Neville Bland (d 1789, Captain)
  m. Charlotte Smith of Colbarey
  i. Humphrey Dalrymple Bland (Lt. Colonel)
m. (06.1793) Mary Graham
  a. Ellen Bland
  m. _ Easton
  ii. Loftus Otway Bland (d 1810, Post Captain RN)
  m. Sarah Foote (dau of Samuel Foote of Demerara, widow of _ Ashbourner)
  a. Neville Loftus Bland of Bath (d unm)
  b. Sarah Otway Bland
  m. Charles Clarke of Graiguenoe Park (d 08.1879)
  c. Elizabeth Bland (d 1876)
  m. (01.1830) Charles Carden Mansergh of Clifford (d 14.12.1873, son of John Southcote of Tipperary)
  iii. William Bland
  iv. Margaret Bland
  m. _ Cole
4. Frances Bland
  m. _ Lawless
5.+ other issue (d unm) - Anna, Elizabeth

Main source(s):
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(2) For lower section : BLG1886 (Bland of Blandsfort), BLGI1912 (Bland of Blandsfort), BIFR1976 (Bland (co. Leix)) with a little support from 'A History of the Ancient Family of Bland' (1826, p285)
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