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Families covered: Bingham of Melcombe Bingham

BP1934 reports that, descended from Sir John de Bingham (who lived temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135), was ...
Ralph de Bingham of Sutton Bingham
1. Ralph de Bingham of Sutton Bingham
  A. Robert Bingham (a 1246, younger son)
  m. Lucy Tuberville (dau of Robert Tuberville)
  i. Robert Bingham of Melcombe Bingham (d 1307)
  m. Eleanor Wake (dau of Sir Andrew Wake)
a. Richard Bingham of Melcombe (d 1317)
  m. Pernell Warnhill (dau of Sir Galfrid Warnhill)
  (1) Robert Bingham of Melcombe (b c1295)
  m. Catherine Aston (dau of Sir Thomas Aston)
  (A) Richard Bingham of Melcombe (d before 1404)
  m. Catherine Silvester (dau of Thomas Silvester)
  (i) Robert Bingham of Melcombe (d 1431)
  m. Margaret Frampton (dau of John Frampton of Moreton)
  (a) Sir John Bingham (dsp)
(b) Richard Bingham of Melcombe (d 1480)
  m(1). Margaret Basket (dau of John Basket of Dawlish)
  ((1)) Robert Bingham of Melcombe (d 1524)
  m. Joan de la Lynde (dau of John de la Lynde of Winterborne)
  ((A)) Robert Bingham of Melcombe (d 1561)
  m. Alice Coker (dau of Thomas Coker of Mapowder)
  ((i)) Robert Bingham of Melcombe (d 1593) - continued below
  m. Jane Williams (dau of Robert Williams of Winterborne Herringston)
((ii)) Sir Richard Bingham, Governor of Connaught then Leinster, Marshal of Ireland (b c1528, d 19.01.1598-9)
  m. (11.01.1558) Sarah Higham (dau of John Higham of Giffords Hall (not Leigham of Sifford's Hall))
  ((a)) Martha Bingham
  m. (15.07.1612) Nicholas Bacon (son of Edward of Shrubland)
  ((iii)) Sir George Bingham of Ballymot, Military Governor of Sligo (a 1588)
  m. (1569) Cicely Martin (dau of Robert Martin of Athelhampton)
  ((a)) Sir Henry Bingham, 1st Bart of Castlebar, Sheriff of Galway then co. Mayo (b 1573, d before 27.01.1658-9)
  m. Catherine Byrne (d 1674, dau of John Byrne of Ballinclough)
  ((b)) John Bingham of Foxford
  ((iv)) Sir John Bingham (dsp)
  m. Alice Mills
  ((v))+ 4 sons and 3 daughters
  ((B))+ 1 son and 2 daughters
2. Robert de Bingham, Bishop of Salisbury (d 03.11.1246)



Robert Bingham of Melcombe (d 1593) - continued above
m. Jane Williams (dau of Robert Williams of Winterborne Herringston)
1. Robert Bingham (dvp (before 1590?))
  m. Anne Chaldecott (dau of William Chaldecott of Quarrelston)
  A. Richard Bingham of Melcombe (d 1636)
  m. Jane Hopten (dau of Sir Arthur Hopten or Hopton of Witham Abbey)
  i. John Bingham of Melcombe (b c1610, d 1673, parliamentary Colonel)
  m1. Frances Trenchard (dau of John Trenchard of Warmwell)
  a. Penelope Bingham (bur 05.06.1684)
  m. John Michel of Kingston Russell
  b.+ 4 daughters including Frances, Grace
  m2. Jane Norwood of Gloucestershire
  ii. Strode Bingham (7th son, b c1622)
  a. Richard Bingham of Melcombe Bingham
  m. Philadephia Potenger (d 1757, dau of John Potenger by Philadephia, dau of Chancellor Sir John Ernie)
  (1) Richard Bingham of Melcombe Bingham (b 1697, d 1755)
  m. (1740) Martha Batt (dau of William Batt of Salisbury)
  (A) Richard Bingham of Melcombe Bingham (b 1741, d 1823, Colonel)
  m1. (1766) Sophia Halsey (d 1773, dau of Charles Halsey of Great Gaddesden)
  (i) Richard Bingham of Melcombe Bingham (b 1768, dsp 1829, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Priscilla Carden (d 01.02.1848)
(ii) William Bingham (b 1771, d 27.05.1810, rector of Cameley and Molebury Hubb) had issue
  m. (20.04.1797) Sarah Emily Wynyard (d 14.06.1852, dau of General William Wynyard)
  (iii) Charles Cox Bingham (b 1772, d 1835, Colonel) had issue
  m. Sarah Osmond Hayter (d 1842, dua of Samuel Hayter)
  (iv) Sophia Bingham (d 1841)
  m. William Clavell Richards of Smedmore
  m2. (26.10.1775) Elizabeth Ridout (dau of John Ridout of Dean's Lease)
  (v) Sir George Rideout Bingham of Dean's Lease (b 21.07.1777, dsp 03.01.1832, Major General)
  m. (09.1814) Emma Septima Pleydell (d 03.02.1874, dau of Edmund Morton Pleydell of Whatcombe House)
  (vi) John Bingham (b 18.03.1785, d 25.06.1863, Commander RN) had issue
  m. Frances Eleanora Woollcombe (d 14.01.1871, dau of Rev. Preb. Woollcombe)
  (vii) Mary Bingham
  m. Nathaniel Tryon Still
  (viii) Leonora Bingham (dsp)
  (B) William Bingham (Archdeacon of London)
  m. Agnes Dorrien (dau of Libert Dorien)
  (i) Robert Turberville Bingham (b 1777, d 14.04.1851, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Mary Elliot (dau of Thomas Elliot of The Vines)
  (a) daughter (d 1817)
  (ii) Arthur Batt Bingham (b 1784, d 1830, Captain RN) had issue
  m. (11.03.1813) Emily Kingsman (d 25.11.1840, dau of W.L. Kingsman of Petworth)
  (iii) John Batt Bingham (b 1787, Rev.) had issue
  m. Frances Johnston (dau of Rev. Croxton Johnston)
  (iv)+ other issue - Martha Caroline Buckley, Agnata Maria
  (C) John Bingham (d 1760)
  iii. Jane Bingham (bpt 13.11.1627)
  m. (16.10.1657) Christopher Twyniho of Turnworth
  iv.+ other issue (a 1623) - Richard (b c1611), Robert (b c1612), Arthur (b c1613), Christopher of Howton (b c1619, a 1677), Henry (b c1621), son (bpt 11.07.1626, bur 10.08.1626), Dorothy (b c1615), Rachell (b c1616), Anne (b c1617), Elizabeth (b c1618)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BP1934 (Lucan)
(2) For lower section : BLG1952 (Bingham formerly of Melcombe Bingham) with a liitle support/input from Visitation (Dorset, 1623+1677, Bingham)
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