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Families covered: Berry of Braunton, Berry of Chittlehampton, Berry of Crosscombe, Berry of Estley, Berry of Ilfracombe, Berry of Lobb

Nicholas Berry of Esleigh (Eastleigh)
m. Jane
1. Raphe Berry of Ilfordcombe (Ilfracombe)
  m1. Elinor Sale (dau/heir of Robert Sale (by Alice, dau of Simon Brises or Britt) son of John (by Catherine, dau/heir of Willam Auncell) son of John by Maude, dau of John de la Grave son of Hugh son of John son of Alexander son of John (de la Grave) by Juliana, dau of Sir Robert Delamore)
  A. John Berry of Elfordcome (Ilfracombe), Devon
  m1. Margaret Gobb (d 08.11.1551, dau of Thomas Gobb, widow of Phillip Chichester)
i. Anthony Berry of Combemartin (d 23.10.1555)
  m. (21.10.1540) Elizabeth (widow of _ Kellaway)
  a. Elizabeth Berry (b c1541)
  m. Philip Beville
  ii. John Berry
iii. Christopher Berry
  a. Thomas Berry of Lobb, Devon (bur 05.10.1582)
  m. Elizabeth Chichester (dau (sb sister?) of John Chichester of Hall)
  (1) Humphry Berry of Lobbe (bpt 20.10.1569, a 1620)
  m. (16.06.1590-1) Wilmot Skampe (dau of Robert Skampe of Braunton)
  (A) Thomas Berry 'of Lobb' (bpt 22.10.1591, a 1620)
  m. (1616) Florence Southcott (dau of Philip Southcott of Wear)
  (i) Richard Berry (b c1619)
(a) Philip Berry of Lobb (a 1697)
  ((1))+ issue (a 1697) - Philip, Nicholas
  (b) Lewis Berry of Bideford (a 1697)
  ((1)) Anthony Berry (a 1697)
  (ii)+ other issue - Barbara, Hester, Elizabeth
  (B)+ other issue - Robert, Humphry, Christopher, John (bpt 18.06.1594, bur 06.1594), Wilmot (bpt 18.09.1598)
  (2) Anthony Berry (bpt 05.06.1577, 3rd son)
  m. Katherine (d before 25.11.1656) ## probably here ##
  (A) Philip Berry (a 1652)
  m. Mary (a 1652)
(B)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Mary
  (3)+ other issue - John (bpt 18.02.1567-8, bur 21.04.1568), Mary (bpt 13.04.1571), Mary (bpt 23.03.1578-9), Elizabeth (bpt 21.09.1580, bur 31.10.1580), Ursula (bpt 06.07.1582, bur 14.10.1584)
  b. Wilmot Berry
  m1. _ Thomas
  m2. John Cholwill of Lodisford
  c.+ other issue - George, Humphry
  iv. Thomas Berry of Braunton (dsp bur 10.11.1570)
  m. Elizabeth Larder (bur 02.07.1569, widow of ?? Garland of Whitfield)
  v. Joane Berry
  m. Simon Isaac of Atherington
m2. Elizabeth Chichester (dau of Richard Chichester of Raleighe)
  The following comes from Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Berry of Estleigh).
  vi. James Berry of Estley, Devon (d 23.06.1537)
  m. Joane Lane (dau/heir of Thomas Lane)
  a. Anthony Berry of Estley (b 1513-4, d 23.02.1579)
m. Frances Luppingcott (dau of John Luppingcott of Alverdiscot, m2. Alexander Rolle)
  (1) Raphe Berry of Estley (b c1576, d before 19.06.1651)
  m. Cicilie Gifford (dau of Achilles Gifford of Instow)
  (A) John Berry (b c1611, d before 19.04.1673)
  (i) Sir Thomas Berry of Burrough in Northam (dsp 03.11.1698, MP) who married ...
  m. Mary Martin (dau of William Martin of Lindridge, sister/coheir of William)
  (ii) daughter
  m. _ Downe
  (a) Henry Downe of Barnstaple (a 1697)
  (iii) Joane Berry
  m. _ Melhuish
(iv) daughter
  m. _ French
  (a) Thomas French of Trevanion, Cornwall (a 1697)
  ((1)) Mary French (a 1697)
  (B) George Berry (b c1618, 3rd son)
  (i) George Berry of Braunton
  (ii) Edward Berry of Northam
  (C) Frances Berry (b c1613, d 23.07.1671)
  m. (01.06.1654) Humphry Prideaux of Hankford in Holsworthy (d 1664)
  (D)+ other issue - William (b c1617, a 1620), Anthony of Instow (d by 1697))
(2) Mary Berry
  b. Mary Berry (a 1579)
  m. _ Kayll
  c. Jane Berry
  m. Hugh Hext
  d.+ other issue - Alexander, Richard (a 1579), Lawrence (a 1579), Maude (a 1579), Elizabeth
  m2. Elizabeth Hatch (dau of John Hatch of Wolley)
  B. John Berry
2. Agnes Berry possibly the Agnes who married ...
  m. John Wulf
  A. Alice Wulf
  m. John Incledene
3. Julian Berry possibly of this generation
  m1. Richard Gay (bur 26.02.1544-5)
  m2. John Peard
4.+ other issue - John, Johanna



Richard Berry of Crosscombe
m. ?? ("da. of a Spaniard")
1. Thomas Berry of Crosscombe
  A. Richard Berry of Crosscombe
  i. John Berry of Crosscombe (3rd son?)
m. Jane Berry (dau of Nicholas Berry of Berry Narbor, widow of Edward Hensley)
  a. Richard Berry of Crosscombe
  m. _ Hensley (dau of Edward Hensley of Berry Narbor)
  (1) John Berry of Crosscombe
  m1. _ Belway (dsp, dau of Rev. _ Belway of North Tawton)
  m2. (22.12.1602/22.03.1604) Frances Wikes (dsp, dau of Roger Wikes of Northwyke)
  (2) Richard Berry 'of Croscom'
  m. Margaret Wichalse (dau of Nicholas Wichalse of Barnstaple)
  b. Anthony Berry
  ii.+ other issue - Robert (dsp), John (dsp), Robert
  B. John Berry of Chittlehampton (d c09.1540)
  m. _ Cobleigh
  i. Henry Berry of Chittlehampton
  m. Anne Smith (dau of John Smith of Bridgeton in Bury Pomeroy)
a. John Berry of Chittlehampton (2nd son)
  m. Gannet Chappell (dau of John Chappell)
  (1) John Berry of Chittlehampton (a 1634)
  m. Agnes Hill or Spurwaye (dau of William Hill alias Spurwaye of Okeford)
  (A) John Berry 'of Chittlehampton' (a 1634)
  m. Elizabeth Moore (dau of Humphry Moore of Collompton)
  (i)+ issue - William (bur 06.05.1615), William (bur 11.01.1616-7), Bartholomew (bpt 13.01.1617-8), Mary (a 1634)
  (B) Bartholomew Berry (b c1592, a 1634)
  m. (14.05.1622) Margery Hatch
  (i) Margaret Berry
m. (21.01.1644-5) William Bankes
  (ii) Agnes Berry (bpt 22.12.1622)
  (C) Ellin Berry
  m. (1617) William Nott of Swimbridge (not Sombridge)
  (D)+ other issue - William (b c1597, a 1634), Katherine, Agnes in London (a 1634), Anne
  (2) Bartholomew Berry of Barley near Exeter (dsp bur 10.01.1636-7)
  m1. Joane Prust (dau of Hugh Prust of Gorvin)
  m2. Mary Hole (d 03.1638-9, dau of Henry Holle of St. Giles)
  (3) Thomas Berry (d by 1634)
  m. _ Barnacott (dau of John Barnacott)
  (A)+ issue - Bartholomew (b c1601, a 1634), Priscilla
  (4) Henry Berry (a 1634)
  m. _ Loveringe of Tavistock
  (A)+ issue - Bartholomew, Henry (a 1634)
  (5) Robert Berry (d before 07.02.1594)
  (6) Agnes Berry
  m. Thomas Fletcher of Bickington
  (7) Joane Berry
m. Edward Laramore of Parracombe
  (8) Dorothy Berry
  m1. _ Peard
  m2. (1604) Thomas Acland of Goodleigh
  b. Andrew Berry (5th son)
  m. Julian Baker (dau of William Baker of Eastdown)
  (1) Matthew Berry
  (A) John Berry
  (2) John Berry (3rd son)
  m. Joane Grills (dau of William Grills of Tavistock)
  (A)+ issue - John (b c1613, a 1620), Mary, Katherine
  (3)+ other issue - Richard, Walter, Andrew
  c.+ other issue - Bartholomew, Richard, William, Joan, Dorothy
  ii.+ other issue - John, Joan

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Berry of Braunton) with input as reported above
(2) For lower section : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Berry of Chittlehampton)
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