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Families covered: Bentley of Cheshire, Bentley of Derbyshire, Bentley of Staffordshire

The web site Sense of Place - South East contsins a page a number of items of interest about the Bentley family including an ebook called Bentley Ancestry (Reg Harrison, c1980) that contains snippets about the family. Apart from other matters, that ebook includes several generations starting with "Dreix, the Norman" father of "Dreu, who came to England in 1066" father of "Dru, of Bentley-Haye in Cannock Chase" father of:" Drew, of Bentley" father of "Gervaise Bentley" (d 1163). We have not yet managed to produce much of a meaningful pedigree out of the ebook. We may yet do so in due course but, for the moment, just include the following snippet.
Thomas Bentley (d 1549, physician)
m. Anne (a 1549)
1. William Bentley 'of Aston Boterell" (d 1574)
  m. Anne Porter (a 1574)
2. Anne Bentley (a 1574)
  m. (after 1549) William Botterel of Aston Botterel
3. Dorothy Bentley
  m. (after 1549) Roger Gifford of Hillersden (son of John of Hillesden)
4. Barbara Bentley
  m. Thomas Raynsford of Little Compton



MGH identifies the arms of the following family as "Argent, three bendlets sable".
William Bentley of Hungry Bentley
1. ?? Bentley of Hungry Bentley
  MGH identifies the above William as "of Hungry Bentley, co. Stafford" but Hungry Bentley was in Derbyshire. The above-mentioned ebook reports that the manor of Hungry Bentley passed to Edmund Browne c1584 "owing to the confiscation of the estates of the Bentleys of Bentley for adhering to the ancient faith in the reign of Elizabeth".
2. William Bentley (a 1401)
  m. Anne Bilston (dau/heir of Robert Bilston)
  A. Henry Bentley (a 1429)
  m. Jane (Joan) Plint or Plent
  i. James Bentley
  m. _ Ashenhurst (dau of _ Ashenhurst of Ashenhurst)
  a. John Bentley (a temp Edward VI who r. 1547-1553) the first mentioned by Visitation (Cheshire)
m. Anne Sutton (dau of John Sutton of Marston, co. Montgomery)
  (1/2) Hugh Bentley
  m. Margaret Stapleton (dau/heir of Roger Stapleton of Upton)
  (A) John Bentley of Ashes in Leeke, Staffordshire (a 1614)
  m. Ellen Bowyer (dau of William Bowyer of Knipersley)
  (i) Ursula Bentley
  m. John Bellot of Moreton (Morton)
  (2/1) William Bentley this line not in Visitation (Cheshire)
m. _ Swinton (dau of _ Swinton of Knutsford (probably not Kingsford))
  (A) William Bentley
  m. Anne Masterson (dau of John Masterson (of Nantwich?))
  (i) Richard Bentley (bur 13.11.1638?)
  m. Margaret but 16.05.1631?, dau (widow?) of Thomas Strettell (of Mobberley?))
  (a) William Bentley in Northwich, Cheshire (b c1602, d 13.09.1680, "Doctor of Physic") had issue (daughters)
  m1. Elizabeth (dau (widow?) of Thomas Clutton of Nantwich)
  m2. Mary Venables (dau of George Venables of Agden)
  m3. ??
  (b) Margaret Bentley
  m. (30.05.1627) Robert Odell or Okell of Denwall



John Bentley of Bentley, Staffordshire
m. _ Harper of Rushall
1. William Bentley of the Ashes, Staffordshire
  m. _ Blunt (dau of _ Blunt of Kederminster or Kinlet)
  A. Humphrey Bentley of Derby
  m. Ellen Grosvenor (dau of Thomas Grosvenor of Belloparte)
  i. Sir John Bentley 'of Rolleston' of Breadsall Park, Derbyshire (d 01.02.1621-2)
  m1/2. Maria Leigh (dau of Thomas Leigh of Adlington)
  m2/1. Frances Bradshaw (dau of Nicholas Bradshaw of Farwall, relict of Thomas Sutton of Overhadden)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  a. Maria Bentley (b c1599)
  b. Elizabeth Bentley (b c1600)
  m. Sir Gervase Cutler of Standbar Hall

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(3) For lower section : MGH (NS1, vol 3 (1880), 'Bentley of Breadsall. co. Derby, p120+)
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