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Families covered: Bennet of Kenton, Bennet of Rougham, Bennet of Tollesbury, Bennet of Tresillian House, Bennett of Welby

George Bennett of London & Welby
1. George Bennett of Welby, Sheriff of Leicestershire (a 1623)
m(1). Susan Cotton of London
  A. George Bennett of Welby (b c1609, d 1637)
  m. Elizabeth St. John (dau/coheir of Oliver St. John, son of Oliver, Earl of Bolingbroke)
  i. St. John Bennett of Welby, Sheriff of Leicestershire (b 1651, a 1692)
  m. Mary Middleton (dau of Sir Thomas Middleton of Chirk Castle, Bart)
  a. George Bennett (b 1680, d 25.03.1738, 3rd son)
  m. Mary Mansfield (dau of Thomas Mansfield of West Leake)
  b. Anne Bennett
  m. Thomas Hartopp of Quorndon
  c.+ other issue - Thomas (b 1772-3, d 10.06.1738), St. John (b 1678), Elizabeth (b 1676, d unm 1751), Mary (b 1679, d unm)
  ii. Arabella Bennett (a 1682)
  m. Thomas Hartopp (son of Sir William of Burton Lazars)
  iii.+ other issue - George (b 1652, a 1683), Elizabeth (a 1682)
  B. Richard Bennett, Sheriff of Leicestershire (a 1657)
  C. daughter
  m1. _ Dormer of Oxfordshire
  m2. George Kendal (brother of Henry of Smithsby)
2. Elizabeth Bennett (b c1606, d 26.01.1682)



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Thomas Bennet of Newcastle
m. Allison Hewden (dau/heir of William Hewden by Mawde, dau/heir of John de Kinton of Kinton)
1. William Bennet
  A. Thomas Bennet
m1/2. ??
  i. ?? Bennet
  a. William Bennet 'of Kenton'
  (1) Anthony Bennet (dsp)
  m. Agnes Carnaby (dau of Thomas Carnaby of Halton)
  (2) Agnes Bennet
  m. "a Scotchman"
  (3) Jane Bennet (nun)
  (4) Isabel Bennet
  m. (c1539) John Woderington of Haixle (Widderington of Hauxley)
  (5) Margaret Bennet
  m. John Fenwick of Chebborne
  m2/1. ??
  ii. Elianor Bennet



BLG1886 identifies the arms of the following family as "Gu., a bezant between three demi-lions, rampant, couped arg.".
Philip Bennet
m. Jane Chapman (dau of Scarborough Chapman of Widcombe)
1. Philip Bennet
m(2). Mary Hallam (dau of Thomas Hallam of Tollesbury)
  A. Philip Bennet of Widcombe, Somerset
  m. (14.12.1769) Mary Hand (d 16.04.1822, dau of Rev. Christopher Hand)
  i. Philip Bennet of Tollesbury, Sheriff of Suffolk (b 1771, d 1853)
  m. (1794) Jane Judith Kedington (dau/heir of Rev. R. Kedington of Roughham Hall)
  a. Philip Bennet 'of Rougham' of Tollesbury (b 1795, d 17.08.1866, MP) had issue
  m. (1822) Anne Pilkington (d 17.08.1866, dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Pilkington of Chevet, Bart)
  b. James Thomas Bennet (Rector of Cheveley) had issue
  m. (06.04.1826) Henrietta Eliza Jackson (dau of James Jackson of Doncaster)
  c. Jane Fanny Bennet
  m. (04.12.1821) Samuel Alderson (Rector of Rishy)



BFR identifies the arns of the following family as "Gu. three demi-lions rampant couped arg. in the centre chief point a bezant".
Thomas Bennet (d 1767, vicar of St. Enodar, Cornwall)
1. John Bennet (d 1785, vicar of Gwinear, Cornwall)
  m. Philippa Gully (dau of Samuel Gully of Tresillian House, sister/heir of Richard of Tresillian House)
  A. John Bennet of Tresillian House, Cornwall (d 01.1805, curate of Antony)
  m. (c1792) Elizabeth Wallis (d 08.1805, dau/coheir of Rev. Mydhope Walis otr Trethill)
  i. Richard Gully Bennet of Tresillian House (b 1793, d 12.1836) had issue
  m. (03.01.1820) Loveday Basset (b c1798 ,d 22.12.1821, dau of William Bassett of Pencourse)
  ii.+ other issue

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