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Families covered: Bendish of Bower Hall, Bendish of Hadley, Bendish (Westley) of Radwinter, Bendish of Steeple Bumstead (Bumsted)

BEB1841 reports that the family's surname "originally de Westley, was changed to that of Bendish, from a considerable lordship in Radwinter, whereof the family became possessed some time in the twelfth century".
Peter de Westley, alias Bendish (a 1216)
1. George of Gerrard de Westley, alias Bendish
  m. Margaret (or Margery) Burghwell (dau of Richard de Burghwell)
  A. Ralph de Westley, alias Bendish, of Radwinter
  m. Agnes Grauncester (dau of John de Grauncester)
  Visitation shows just the following generation between the above Ralph and the Thomas who marrried Alice Helion but, as BEB1841 describes the above Ralph as "direct ancestor of" that Thomas and omits any intervening generations, some uncertainty arises as to the correctness and completeness of the following generation(s).
  i. Ralph de Westley, alias Bendish
  m. Jermia or Jacoba Grygge (dau of Henry Grygge)
  a. John Bendish (dsp)
  b. Thomas Bendish (purchased land in Steeple Bumstead) (d c1342)
  m. Alice Helion (dau of William Helion)
(1) John Bendish
  m. Alice Rosse (dau of Sir Robert Rosse)
  (A) Edmund Bendish of Radwinter (d 1392)
  Visitation identifies Edmond's wife as Alice, dau/heir to Jo. Bannington by Isabell, 2nd dau of John Beachamp of Herford. BEB1841 identifies her as Alice, dau of William de Bennington, BLG1952 identifies her as ...
  m. Alice de Bennington (dau of John de Bennington)
  (i) Thomas Bendish (d 1447-8)
  m1. Margaret Bradfield (dau of Thomas Bradfield of Barrington)
  (a) Edmund Bendish or Bendyshe of Barrington
  m. Elinor St. George
(b) Thomas Bendish of Bumstead or Bumsted
  Visitation shows his wives as 1st Joanne Throckeldon 2nd Jane FitzWilliams but we follow BEB18412 which shows them the other way round. Visitation indicates that Jane FitzWilliams had a 2nd husband (_ Bradbery of Wickham Bonett) but we presume that he was her 1st husband.
  m1. Joane FitzWilliams
  ((1)) Richard Bendish of Bumstead (d 27.02.1486)
  m. Anne Royden (dau of _ Royden or Rawden of Royden Hall)
  ((A)) Richard Bendish of Bumstead (d 22.09.1523) - continued below
  m. Margaret Newport (dau of James or John Newport of Pelham)
  ((B)) Margaret Bendish
  ((2)) Thomas Bendish
  m2. Joane Thockeldon (dau of John de Thockeldon)
  ((3))+ other issue - Ralph, John, Maud
(c) Joan Bendish
  m. W. Wilford of Crocheston
  (d) Alice Bendish
  m. Walter Gerard of Essex
  m2. Alice Clopton (dau of Sir Walter Clopton of Roodes and Topsfilde Hall, Hadley)
  (e) Thomas Bendish of Topsfilde Hall, Hadley
  ((1)) Ralph (or Thomas) Bendish of Topsfilde Hall, Hadley
  m. Dorothy (or Elizabeth) Hobert (dau of Thomas Hobert of Leyham)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Bendish
  m. Thomas Doylyle (Doyley) of Overbury
  (f) John Bendish had issue in Norfolk
  (g) William Bendish had issue in Suffolk
  (h) Elizabeth Bendish
  m. John Huntingdon
  (i) Alice Bendish
  m. Richard Ongar of Yeldham
  (ii) Edmund Bendish (dsp 1401)
(2) Robert Bendish
  c. Richard Bendish
  m. Margery Butler (dau of John Butler of Walden)
  (1) Richard Bendish
  (A) Agnes Bendish
  m. John Mordant of Turvey
  Visitation shows the following children of this marriage. So far it has not been possible to reconcile this with what is shown on Mordaunt1.
  (i) John Mordant of Turvey
  (ii) Agnes Mordant
  m. _ Fotheringay
  (iii) Elizabeth Mordant
  m. John Warren of Walden



Richard Bendish of Bumstead (d 22.09.1523) - continued below
m. Margaret Newport (dau of James or John Newport of Pelham)
1. John Bendish of Bumstead (d 20.08.1585)
  m. Margaret Crawley (dau of Thomas Crawley of Lowghtes or Wendon Lofts)
  A. Thomas Bendish of Bumstead (b c1540, d 23.02.1603)
  m1. Eleanor Ford (dau of John Ford of Fraytinge & Great Horkesley)
  i. Sir Thomas Bendish, Sheriff of Essex, 1st Bart of Steeple Bumstead (b c1568, d 26.02.1636)
  m. Dorothy Cutts (dau of Richard Cutts of Arkesden & Debden)
  a. Sir Thomas Bendish of Bower Hall, 2nd Bart (b c1606, d c1674, Ambassador in Turkey)
m. (mc1627) Anne Baker (dau of Henry Baker of Shoebery)
  (1) Sir John Bendish, 3rd Bart of Steeple Bumstead (b c1630, d 22.04.1706-7, 2nd son)
  m. (b c1664) Martha Batson (d 05.12.1705, dau of Richard Batson or Betteson of London by Sarah, dau of Richard Ford)
  (A) Sir Henry Bendish of Bower Hall, 4th Bart of Steeple Bumstead (d 04.09.1717)
  m. (02.1706/7) Catherine Gostlin (d c1738, dau of Sir William Gostlin of Ealing, Sheriff of London)
  (i) Henry Bendish (d infant)
  (B) Sarah Bendish
  m. John Pyke Crouch
  (C)+ other issue - 6 sons (d young including John, Richard, Charles, Robert), Anne, Martha
  (2) Dorothy Bendish
  m1. _ Williams
  m2. _ Bowyer
(3) Abigail Bendish
  m. _ Edwards
  (4) Anne Bendish
  m. Sir Jonathan Dawes 'of Allhallows, Sheriff of London'
  (A) Elizabeth Dawes (b 1667-8, bur 21.08.1691) probably of this generation
  m. (03.06.1683) Sir Martyn Lumley, 3rd Bart (bpt 1662, d 1710)
(5) Elizabeth Bendish
  m. _ Cartwright
  (6) Diana Bendish
  m. (1674) Sir Strensham Masters
  (7) Susan Bendish
  m. Sir William Hooker
  (8)+ other issue - Thomas (b c1628, dvp), Robert/Richard, Henry, Andrew
  b. John Bendish (d young by 1612)
  c. Dorothy Bendish (b c1602)
  m. Sir Thomas Hartopp of Burton Lazers (b 1600)
Visitation shows another daughter Ellinor (b c1604) who married Miles Fernely of Sutton. BEB1841 shows ...
  d. Eliza Bendish
  m. John Fearnley of Creting
  ii. Richard Bendish
  m1. Elizabeth Richers (dau of Edmond Richers of Norfolk)
  m2. Margaret Golding
  a. Thomas Bendish (a 1634)
  iii. Barbara Bendish
  m. Thomas Smyth of Walsoken
  iv. Elizabeth Bendish (bur 1642)
  m1. John Pepys of Cottenham (bur 21.03.1606)
  m2. (1608) Richard Cracroft of Cracroft and Cottenham (bpt 15.12.1578, a 1634, dsp)
  v. Eleanor Bendish
  m. Robert Bryan of Bolinbroke
  vi. Elizabeth Bendish
  m. Jo. Huntingdon
  vii.+ other issue - John (dsp unm), Mary, Margaret
  m2. (sp) Thomasine Fincham
  m3. (sp) Alice
  m4. (sp) Margery Greene (dau of R. Greene of Little Stamford)
  B. Elizabeth Bendish
  m. Jo. Huntingdon
  C.+ other issue - Robert, Rooke (dsp), Francis, John of Wichingham (had issue)
2. Margaret Bendish

Main source(s): Visitation (Essex, 1612, Westley and Bendishe), BEB1841 (Bendish of Steeple Bumstead) with some support from BLG1952 (Bendyshe formerly of Barrington Hall), Visitation (Essex, 1634, Bendish)
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