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Families covered: Bedingfeld of Oxburgh, Bedingfield of Sturston

Sir Henry Bedingfeld (Bedingfield) of Oxburgh, Governor of the Tower of London (d 22.08.1583, Knight Marshal)
m. Catherine Townshend (bur 07.121581, dau of Sir Roger Townshend of Rainham)
1. Edmund Bedingfeld of Erswell, later of Oxburgh (d 24.08.1585)
  m1. Anne Southwell (dau of Sir Robert Southwell of Hoxne or Hoxon)
  A. Thomas Bedingfeld of Oxburgh (bur 28.05.1590)
  m. (09.10.1580) Frances Jerningham (bur 1598, dau of John Jerningham of Somerleyton, m2. Henry Jerningham)
  i. Sir Henry Bedingfeld of Oxburgh (b c05.1587, d 22.11.1657)
  m1. Elizabeth (or Mary) Howard (dau of William Howard of Naworth Castle)
a. Thomas Bedingfeld or Bedingfield (dspvp bur 27.04.1665, Colonel)
  m2. Elizabeth Hoghton (d 11.04.1662, dau of Peter Hoghton of Hoghton Tower, Sheriff of London)
  b. Sir Henry Bedingfeld, 1st Bart of Oxburgh Hall (b 09.1614, d 24.02.1684-5)
  m. (04.1635) Margaret Paston (b c1617, d 14.01.1702, dau/heir of Edward Paston of Appleton by Frances Sydenham)
  (1) Sir Henry Bedingfeld, 2nd Bart of Oxburgh (b c1636, d 14.09.1704)
  m1. Anne Howard (b c1650, dsp 19.09.1682, dau of Charles Howard, 'Viscount Andover', later Earl of Berkshire)
  m2. Elizabeth Arundell (d 13.04.1690, dau of Sir John Arundell of Lanhern by Elizabeth Roper)
(A) Sir Henry Arundell Bedingfeld, 3rd Bart of Oxburgh (d 15.07.1760)
  m. (28.08.1719) Elizabeth Boyle (d 25.11.1751, dau of Charles Boyle, Earl of Burlington)
  (i) Sir Richard Henry Bedingfeld, 4th Bart of Oxburgh (b 14.09.1720, d 27.03.1795, 5th son)
  m. (30.03.1761) Mary Browne (d 17.09.1767, dau of Anthony Browne, Viscount Montagu)
  (a) Sir Richard Bedingfeld, 5th Bart of Oxburgh (b 23.08.1767, d 22.11.1829)
m. (16.06.1795) Charlotte Georgiana Jerningham (d 29.07.1854, dau of Sir William Jerningham, 6th Bart of Cossey)
  ((1)) Sir Henry Richard Bedingfeld, later Paston-Bedingfeld, 6th Bart of Oxburgh (b 10.05.1800, d 04.02.1862) had issue
  m. (30.08.1826) Margaret Anne Paston, later Paston-Bisshopp (b 1807/8, d 31.01.1887, dau of Edward Paston of Paston)
  ((2)) Felix William George Richard Bedingfeld in Mauritius (b 12.08.1808, d 07.12.1884, 4th son)
m. (30.04.1849) Mary Woodward Chads (d 01.09.1910, dau of Lt. Col. John Chads, Governor of the British Virgin Islands)
  ((3)) Frances Charlotte Bedingfeld (d 1822)
  m. (1815) William Petre, 11th Lord (b 22.01.1793, d 03.07.1850)
  ((4)) Matilda Bedingfeld (d1881)
  m. (1820) George Stanley Cary of Follaton (d 1858)
  ((5)) Agnes Mary Bedingfeld (d 07.09.1870)
  m. (1823) Thomas Molyneux Seel of Bolton Park
((6))+ other issue - Charles Richard (b 09.1803, d 03.02.1870, Captain), Edward RIchard (d 1823), Charlotte Elizabeth (d 1879, nun)
  (ii) Edward Bedingfeld 'of York' (b 1730)
  m. (1754) Mary Swinburne (dau of Sir John Swinburne, Bart)
  (a) Anne (probably not Mary) Bedingfeld
  m. Thomas Waterton of Walton
  (b)+ other issue - John (b 1754, RN), Thomas (b c1759, d 18.11.1789), Edward (d 1802), Anthony (d young), Peter, Mary (nun), Frances (d young), Hellen, Isabella
  (iii) Elizabeth Bedingfeld (bur 21.06.1763)
  m. Charles Biddulph of Biddulph & Burton (d 1784)
  (iv)+ other issue (dvp) - son ("born dead"), son (died soon aft. his birth"), Henry (b 27.10.1723, d 1732), Charles (bur 1724), Mary (d young)
  (B) Elizabeth Bedingfeld (b c1685, d 1699)
  (C) Margaret Bedingfeld (dsp 23.12.1756)
  m. (1704) Sir John Jerningham, 4th Bart (b 1678, dsp 1737)
(D) Frances Bedingfeld (d 1752)
  m. Sir Francis Anderton, Bart (dsp 1760)
  (2) John Bedingfeld (b 1650-1, d 09.08.1693)
  m. Dorothy Ramsay (dau of John Ramsay or Ramsey of Wickmere)
  (A)+ issue - Henry, John, son, Frances (d unm 19.03.1718), Mary (d unm 28.03.1719)
  (3) Edward Bedingfeld of Gray's Inn
  m. Mary Fisher (sister (not dau) of Sir Clement Fisher, Bart)
  (A) Mary Bedingfeld (d 07.02.1761)
  m. (20.07.1721) Sir John Swinburne, Bart (b 08.07.1698, d 08.01.1745)
(B)+ 2 sons
  (4) Elizabeth Bedingfeld (b 1636, dsp 24.02.1664)
  m. Thomas Weetenhall or Whitenhall of East Peckham
  (5) Johanna Bedingfeld (b 1634-5, d 04.09.1704)
  m. Richard Caryll of Harting
  (6) Mary Bedingfeld (b c1643, d 28.09.1710)
  m. Thomas Eyre of Hassop
  (7)+ other issue - Margaret (abbess), Anne (nun)
  c. Jane Bedingfeld
m. (by c1636) (Robert) Apreece of Huntingdonshire (Colonel)
  d. Frances Bedingfeld
  m. Michael Timperley of Hintlesham
  (1) Justina Timperley (b c1641, d 1684)
  e. Elizabeth Bedingfeld 
  m. William Cobb of Sandringham (Colonel)
  f. Anne Bedingfeld
  m. Richard Martyn of Long Melford
  g.+ other issue - Edmund (a 11.1666, Canon in Brabant), William (dsp before 16.02.1685, Captain, "mar. a widow"), John (d unm bur 19.021685)
  ii. William Bedingfeld (a 1593)
  B. Edmond Bedingfeld of Bryston (and/or Lammas), Norfolk (d 1634)
  m. Elizabeth Castell (dau of John Castell of Ravingham)
  i.+ issue - Edmond, Frances, Elizabeth
  C. Anthony Bedingfeld
  D. Mary Bedingfeld
  m. Sir William Cobb of Sandringham
  E. Anne Bedingfeld
  m. Robert Skerne of Bondby
  F. Nazereth Bedingfeld
m. Edward Yelverton of Norfolk (d 1623)
  m2. Anne Moulton (d 20.06.1595, dau of John Moulton of Thorington)
2. Nicholas Bedingfeld of Swatshall in Gislingham (dsp 1636, 4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Hoogan (dau of Thomas Hoogan of East Bradenham)
3. Henry Bedingfeld or Bedingfield of Swatshall in Gislingham, Norfolk (a 1636)
  The following comes from Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Bedingfield of Sturstone).
  m. Mary Daniel (d 1629, dau of Edmund Daniel of Acton)
  A. Francis Bedingfield of Sturston
m. Anne Skipwith (dau of Edmund Skipwith of Fordham)
  i. Henry Bedingfield of Sturston (d 1694)
  m. (1663) Anne Crow (dau of William Crow of Bilney)
  a. William Bedingfield of Sturston (d before 29.07.1703) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Crow (sister of Roger Crow of Caistor)
  (1) John Bedingfield of Beeston St. Andrew then Calstor, Sheriff of Norfolk (a 1728) apparently of this generation
(A) Catherine Bedingfield (coheir)
  m. (1774) Rev. Daniel Collyer of Wroxham Hall & Newton Lodge
  b. Nicholas Bedingfeld (dsp 1679)
  c. Martha Bedingfeld (b c1672, d 1736)
  m. Caesar Life of Brandon
4. Alice Bedingfeld (bur 06.06.1594)
  m1. Thomas Carvell (Kervill)
  m2. Henry Seckford
5. Elizabeth Bedingfeld
  m. Edmund Richers of Swanington
6. Amy Bedingfeld
  m. Thomas Wilbraham
7. Eva Bedingfeld (d before 12.05.1631)
  m. William Yaxley of Yaxley
8. Katherine Bedingfeld probably the Katherine who married ...
  m. Walter Norton of Halesworth & Mellis Manor (d 1609)
9.+ other issue - Thomas (d 1613), John of Redlingfield (a 02.1606), Anne

Main source(s): BP1934 (Paston-Bedingfeld) with some support/input from Visitation (Norfolk, 1568+1589+1613, Bedingfeild), 'The Hundred of Launditch and Deanery of Brisley' (G.A. Carthew, 1877, Part 2, p720+)
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