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Families covered: Baskerville of Aberedow (Aberedw), Baskerville (Baskervile) of Erdisley (Erdesley or Eardisley), Baskerville of Pontrilas, Baskervill of Stanton-upon-Wye, Baskervile of Wotton

Sir John Baskervile (a temp Henry IV who r. 1399-1413)
Even though Visitation starts with this Sir John and Commoners provides the continuation page, BLG1952 starts with the next generation so there may be some doubt on (some of) the earlier generations.
m1/2. Johanna (probably not Elizabeth) de Brugge
Visitation shows this John's wife (and mother of his children) as a daughter of "Symon abruges". There is some confusion about her identity. Commoners shows only 1 wife for Sir John, Elizabeth (dau/heir of John Brugge of Letton & Stainton), indicating that she was mother of both John & Ralph. Contradicting itself, in the record for 'Hacklute of Eaton', Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569) shows the wife of Sir John and mother of John & Ralph as Elizabeth Einford. Provisionally & somewhat arbitrarily, we show Johanna as mother of Sir John and Elizabeth as mother of Ralph. This may be revised in due course.
1. Sir John Baskervile or Baskerville of Combe, Sheriff of Herefordshire (b 11-2.02.1403, d 23.12.1455)
  m. Elizabeth Tuchet (dau of John Tuchet, Lord Audley)
  A. Sir James Baskervile or Baskerville of Erdisley, Sheriff of Herefordshire (a 1487)
  m. Sybil (or Isabel or Katherine) Devereux (dau (sb sister?) of Walter Devereux, Lord Ferrers of Chartley)
i. Sir Walter Baskervile or Baskerville of Erdisley, Sheriff of Herefordshire (a 1501)
  m1. Anne (dau of Morgan ap Jenkin ap Philip of Pencoyd)
  a. Sir James Baskervile or Baskerville of Erdisley or Heredisley
  m. Elizabeth Brenton (dau of John Brenton or Breynton or Bramton of Herefordshire by Sibella, dau of Simon Milborne, grandson of Sir John Milborne, by Elizabeth, dau of Sir John Eynsford)
  (1) Sir James Baskerville of Erdisley, Sheriff of Herefordshire (d 1573)
  m. Catherine Devereux (dau of Walter, Viscount Hereford)
  BLG1952 & Commoners report that Sir James dsp. However, Siddons reports that he had the following illegitimate son.
  (A) Richard Baskervill (rector of Stanton-upon-Wye)
  m. Margaret Dawkes (dau of Rev. Henry Dawkes of Wolston)
  (i) James Baskervill had issue
  m. Ann Colins (dau of Richard Colins of Bish froom)
  (ii) Charles Baskervill of Blishall in Stanton-upon-Wye (4th son)
m. Jane William (dau of Roger William of Dillwyn)
  (a)+ issue (a 1634) - James (b c1632), Mary
  (iii)+ other issue - Richard, Gabriell, Humphrey, Henry, Anne, Suzan, Bridget
  (2) John Baskerville of Erdisley (d 1577)
  m. Elizabeth Hergist (dau of Richard (sb Roger?) Hergist of Shenston or Chanstone)
  (A) Humfrey Baskerville of Erdisley (d 1587) the first mentioned by Siddons
m. Elizabeth Scudamore (dau of John Scudamore of Hom Lacy)
  Visitation ends with naming their children. Siddons continues the line as follows.
  (i) John Baskerville of Erdesley (d 08.01.1589)
  m. Anne Southwell (dau of Richard Southwell of St. Faythes in Norfolk)
  (a) Sir Humphrey Baskerville of Erdisley, Sheriff of Herefordshire
  BLG1952 (supported by Commoners) reports that the male line of the above John (d 1577) "terminated 1617, at the decease, issueless, of his great-grandson, Sir Humphrey". However, Siddons suggests that he was still alive in 1634 having had children by ...
  m. Elizabeth Coningsby (dau of Sir Thomas Coningsby of Hampton Court)
  ((1))+ issue - Thomas, Henry, Phillipp(a)
  (ii) Katherine Baskerville
m. Anthony Raynesford
  (iii) Sybill Baskerville
  m. James Baskerville of Pontrilas @1@ below
  (iv) Joane
  m. George Midlemore
  (v) Bridget Baskerville
  m. (1582) Roger Bodenham
  (vi)+ other issue - John, Walter, James
  (B)+ other issue - Thomas, Alys
  (3) Sir Thomas Baskerville of Brinsop & Wolves Hill
  m. Eleanor Abington (dau of Richard Abington of Brockhampton, relict of John Dansey of Brinsop)
  (A) Eleanor Baskerville
m. John Talbot of Grafton
  (4) Walter Baskerville of Erdisley (dsp)
  m. Jane Grevill (relict of Thomas Thame of Stowell)
  (5) Humphrey Baskerville of Aberedw & Lambedr, Radnorshire
  m. Eleanor (dau/heir of John ap Gwillim)
  (A) John Baskerville of Aberedow
  m. (1578) Sarah Lewis (dau of Thomas Lewis of Harpton Court)
  (i) Thomas Baskerville of Lambedr (a 1610)
  m. Eleanor Lewis (dau of John Lewis of Lanwenny)
(a) James Baskerville of Aberedow
  m. Dorothy Blayney (d 1697, dau of David Blayney)
  ((1)) James Baskerville of Aberedow
  m. (1664) Elizabeth Griffin (dau of Edward Griffin of Bickmarsh)
  ((A)) Thomas Baskerville
  m. (1700) Sybill Collins of Bryngwyn
  ((i)) Humphrey Baskerville of Aberedow Court (d 1740)
  m. (1726) Meliora Baskerville (dau of Richard Baskerville of Richardston by Jane Gore)
((a)) Philippa Baskerville
  m. (1767) Rev. John Powell of Penland, later of Clyro Court (d 1819)
  (((1))) Meliora Powell (d 1829)
  m1. (1787) Peter Rickards Mynors of Treago (d 1794)
  m2. (sp) Jaspar Farmar
  (B) Anne Baskerville
  m. William Havard of Pontwall (Pontwilym)
  (6) Sybill Baskerville
  m. Sir Robert a Whitney of Whitney
  (7) Elizabeth Baskerville
  m. Charles Vaughan of Hergist
  (8) Elionor Baskerville
  m. Charles Hughes of Monmouthshire
  (A)+ issue - Roger, William, Richard, Walter, Sybill, Elizabeth
  b. John Baskerville
(1) Henry Baskerville
  c. Thomas Baskerville of Pontrilas
  partner unknown
  (1) Walter Baskerville of Pontrilas, Herefordshire the following is partly supported by Siddons
  m. Jane Monington (dau/coheir of Richard Monington of Westhide by Joan, dau/coheir of John (sb William) Baskerville of Wotton) @2@ below
  (A) James Baskerville of Pontrilas
  Commoners reports a report that James "by two wives .. had thirty children, and nearly as many by concubines."
m. Sybille Baskerville (dau of Sir Humphrey Baskerville of Erdesley) @1@ above
  (i) Walter Baskerville of Pontrilas
  m. Ann Vaughan (dau of Henry Vaughan of Moccas)
  (a) Humphrey Baskerville of Pontrilas (dvp)
  m. Anne Aubrey (dau of Sir Thomas Aubrey of Llantrydydd)
  ((1)) Mary Baskerville
  m1. Sir Edward Morgan, 3rd Bart of Llantarnam (d 1681/2)
  m2. John Howe (b c1657, d 1721)
  ((2)) Cicell(e) Baskerville
m. Bartholomew Games
  ((3))+ other issue (a 1634) - Humphrey (b c1632, d young?), Elianor
  (b) Anne Baskervill
  m. Henry Baker of Abergavenny
  (c) Bridget Baskervill
  m. Thomas Hudson of York
  (d) Mary Baskervill probably of this generation
  m. Gilbert Nicholetts of Hopton Solers & Hereford (bpt 1620, 1690)
  (e)+ other issue - William (a 1634, "in the Indies"), Elianor
  (ii) Thomas Baskerville
  (B) Walter Baskervile of the Grange, Herefordshire (3rd son)
  m. Frances Gage (dau of John Gage of Wormesley Grange)
  (i) Walter Baskervile of Pion Cannon, Herefordshire
  m. Judeth Vaughan (dau/heir of George Vaughan of Cannon Pion)
  (a) Katherine Baekerville
  (ii) Clare Baskervile
m. Bodenham Bradford of Garnston
  (C) William Baskervile of Garway, Herefordshire (a 1634)
  m. Elizabeth Raynescroft (dau of Arthur Raynescroft)
  (i)+ issue (a 1634) - William (b c1619), Thomas, Jane, Theodocia, Dorothy
  (D)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), John (dsp), Jane
  d. Elizabeth Baskerville
  m. Kynard (or Sanacre) Delabere of Kynardsley
m2. Elizabeth (dau of Henry ap Milo ap Harry of Poston)
  e. Philip Baskerville in Wiltshire
  m. Agnes Hamlyn (dau of John Hamlyn of Wiltshire)
  f. Simon Baskerville (youngest son?)
  m. Elizabeth Brand of Wanborough
  g.+ other issue - Edward, William (Sheriff of Hereford), James (possibly ancestor of Baskerville of Netherwood)
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) by which wife is unknown, was ...
j. Joane or Sibell Baskerville
  m. James Scudamore of Kentchurch (d 19.07.1522)
  ii. John Baskervile
  m. Alice Bridges (dau/heir of John Bridges of Hereford)
  a. Henry Baskervile
  m. Anne Rufford (dau of John Rufford of Gloucestershire)
  (1) Sir Thomas Baskervile of Goodrest, Warwickshire (d 1597, General)
  m. Mary Throgmorton (dau of Sir Thomas Throgmorton of Tortsworth)
  (A) Hannibal Baskervile
  m. Mary Baskervile (dau of Nicholas Baskervile) @3@ just below
  (i)+ 16 sons and 2 daughters
  (2) Nicholas Baskervile captain)
  m. Constantine Huntley (dau of George Huntley)
(A) Mary Baskervile
  m. Hannibal Baskervile @3@ just above
  (3)+ other issue (dsp) - John, Arnold
  iii. Philip Baskervile
  a. Thomas Baskervile of Netherwood had issue
  b. Edward Baskervile
  c. James Baskervile of Kyre Park, Herefordshire
  m. Izaed Bulkeley of Hampshire (relict of Sir Francis Willoughby)
  (1) Catherine Baskervile
  m. Richard Tomkyns of Monington-upon-Wye
  (2) daughter
  m. _ Hardwicke of Hardwicke
(3) Mary Baskervile
  m1. John Scudamore of Thruxton
  m2. James Garnons of Trelough
  m3. William Parry
  (4)+ other issue - James (dsp?), Honor
  d. Jane Baskervile (d 1566)
  m1. William Peverell of Bradford
  m2. Sir John Mervyn of Fountain Gifford
  iv. daughter
  m. _ Roden
  v. Sibyl Baskerville probably of this generation
  m. Watkyn Vaughan of Hergest
  vi. Elizabeth Baskerville possibly fits here
m. Rys ap David
B. John Baskervile of Wotton
  m. Elynor Holcott (dau/.heir of Thomas Holcott of Wootton in Wellington)
  i. William Baskervile of Wotton (in Wellington)
  a. Eleanor Baskervile
  b. Joane Baskervile
  m. Richard Monington of Westhide
  (1) Jane Monington (coheir)
  m. Walter Baskerville of Pontrilas @2@ above
  c. Jane Baskervile
  m. Thomas Pembruge of Mansel Gamage
  B. Sibill Baskervile
  m. Richard Rowdon of Rowdon
  C.+ other issue - Henry, Humfrey
See the note above about the allocation of children between Sir John's marriages which has been made somewhat arbitrarily.
m2/1. Elizabeth Einford (dau of Sir John Einford or Eynfforde by dau of Gerard Furnyvall)
2. Ralf Baskervile 'of Erdesley' (b 1410)
  m. Anne Blakett (dau of Sir John Blakett or Blackett of Icomb Place)
  A. Jane Baskervile identified as Ralf's sole heir in Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, Hacklute)
  m. Symond Mylbourne of Tillington

Main source(s): Commoners (vol I, 'Baskerville of Clyrow Court', p89+), Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, Baskervile) (this is the "Visitation" referred to above), BLG1952 ('Baskerville of Clyro') with some input as reported above from Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (2002), Herefordshire, 1634, 'Baskerville of Pontrilas' (p45+) & 'Baskerville of Eardisley' (p77) & 'Baskerville of Staunton on Wye' (p95))
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