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Families covered: Barwick of Bulcote, Barwick of Doncaster, Barwick of Towlston, Barwick of Wilcot

It seems likely that the families shown on this page were connected to each other. We do not (yet) know how. We start the first family with 2 brothers, shown as sons of ...
?? Barwick
1. John Barwick of Barwick, Northumberland
2. William Barwick of Northumberland
  m. _ Burley of Wiltshire
  A. John Barwick of Mayden Bradley, Wiltshire
  m. Ann Warren (dau of Thomas Warren of Fyfield)
  i. John Barwick of Wilcot, Wiltshire
  m. Dorothy Goddard (dau of Thomas Goddard of Ogbourne)
  a. Ann Barwick (bur 13.12.1610)
  m. Thomas Wroughton (b 1530/1, d 1597, son/heir of Sir William of Brodehenton)
  b. Christian Barwick
  m. Richard Moodye of Garsdon (b c1540, d 30.11.1612)
  ii. Elizabeth Barwick



Grandson of a Barwick of Barwick in Lancashire (sic) was ...
William Barwick
1. Avery Barwick
  m. Margaret Hussey (dau/heir of Thomas Curson of Bulcote by Margaret, dau of James Hussey of Flintham by dau/heir of James Bellers)
A. Thomas Barwick of Bulcote, Nottinghamshire
  i. Avery Barwick
  m. Mary Pennington (sister of John Pennington)
  a. Gabriell Barwick of Bulcote (Bullcot) (d 05.11.1569)
  m. Elizabeth Marmyon (dau of John Marmyon of Cotegrave)
  (1) Bridget Barwick
  m. Robert Stanton of Stanton (d 19.06.1582)
  (2) Anne Barwick
  m. John (not Gabriel) Odingsells of Eperston



_ Barwick
m. _ Billingham of Northumberland
1. Robert Barwick of Westmorland
m. _ Tunstall (dau of William Tunstall)
2. John Barwick of Doncaster
  m. _ Metcalf
  A. Robert Barwick of Doncaster
  m. _ Winter of Doncaster
  i. Sir Robert Barwick of Towlston (b 1587-8, d 25.04.1660, recorder of York & Doncaster)
  m1. (?) _ Ellis (dau of Bernared Ellis of York)
  m(2). Ursula Strickland (b c1601, 04.10.1682, dau of Walter Strickland of Boynton)
  a. Robert Barwick of Towlston (b 1632-3, d 16.06.1666, of Gray's Inn)
  b. Ursula Barwick (b c1641, d 05.11.1655)
  c. Frances Barwick (d 14.02.1683-4)
  m. Henry Fairfax, 4th Lord of Cameron (b 20.12.1631, bur 16.04.1688)

Main source(s):
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(2) For middle section : Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, 'Stanton') with a little support from Thoroton's 'History of Nottinghamshire' (Throsby 1796, vol 3, 'Bulcote')
(3) For lower section : FMG (vol 4, MS547, 'Barwick', p1191+)
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