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Families covered: Barenton or Barrington of Hatfield Regis

Barentone probably father of ...
1. Randulfus de Barentone probably father of ...
  A. Sir Odynell de Barentone ('Barenton the Saxon') of Wegon (a 1066, forester of Hatfield)
  m. Isabella Wicmarc (dau of John Wicmarc)
i. Eustace de Barentone (a 1135, forester of Hatfield)
  m. Matilda de Montford (dau of Peter de Montford of Beaudesert)
  a. Humphrey de Barenton of Hatfield
  m. Griselda de Marcy (dau of Ralph de Marcy)
  (1) Humphrey de Barenton of Hatfield
  m. Amicia Mandeville (natural dau of William de Mandeville, 3rd Earl of Essex)
(A) Sir Nicholas de Barenton
  m1. Mary Boville (dau of John Boville)
  m2. Jean Montoft (dau of Sir Ralph Montoft)
  (i) Nicholas de Barenton (dvp c1260)
  m. Agnes Chetwynd (dau of Sir William Chetwynd)
  (a) Sir Nicholas de Barenton (d before 1336)
  m. Alice Belhouse (dau of Sir John Belhouse)
  ((1)) Nicholas de Barenton (d after 1343) - continued below
  m. Emma (dau of Sir Robert Baard or Bayard)
((2)) Sir Philip de Barenton of Rayleigh (4th son)
  m Margaret Tey (dau of Sir William Tey)
  ((A)) Nicholas de Barenton of Rayleigh
  m. Margaret Cloville
  ((i)) John Barenton or Barrington 'of Rayleigh, Essex'
  m. Thomasine
  ((a)) Thomasine Barrington (d 1521-2)
  m1. William Lunsford 'of Battel' of Lunsford
  m2. William Sydney of Penshurst
  m3. John Hopton of Cockfield Hall
  ((3))+ other issue - Thomas, Roger
  (b) Isabella Barenton
  m. Ralph de Coggeshall
  (c)+ other issue - John, George
  (ii) Humphrey Barenton (d by 1284)
  m. Auda
  (iii) Margaret Barenton
  m. Sir James Umpharaville
  (iv) Isabella Barenton
  m. John de Sidneia
  (v)+ other issue - Hugh, Richard, Geoffrey, Agatha, Cicely, Joyce
  (B)+ other issue - William, Hugh
  (2)+ other issue - Warine, Richard
  b.+ other issue - John, Eustace



Nicholas de Barenton (d after 1343) - continued above
m. Emma (dau of Sir Robert Baard or Bayard)
1. Sir John de Barenton of Hatfield (d after 1368)
  m. Margaret Blomville (dau of Sir John Blomville)
  A. John Barenton or Barrington of Hatfield (d c1426)
  m. Alice Battail (dau of Thomas son of Sir John Battail of Ongar Park)
  i. Thomas Barrington of Hatfield, etc, Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire (d 05.04.1470)
  m1. (sp) Margaret
  m2. Anne Holbeach (d 06.04.1470, dau of Sir John Holbeach)
a. Humphrey Barrington of Hatfield (d after 1484)
  m. Margaret Breton
  (1) Nicholas Barrington of Hatfield (d 27.09.1504)
  m1. Anne Darcy (dau of Thomas Darcy of Tolleshunt Darcy)
  (A) Richard Barrington of Hatfield (b c1484, d unm c1505)
(B) Sir Nicholas Barrington of Hatfield (d before 10.1521)
  m. Elizabeth Brocket (dau of Sir John Brocket of Brocket Hall)
  (i) John Barrington of Hatfield
  m. Elizabeth Bonham (dau of Thomas Bonham)
  (C) Thomas Barrington
  (i) Thomas Barrington
  m2. Elizabeth
  b.+ other issue - Edmond, daughter
  ii. Elizabeth or Alice Barrington (d 13.12.1468)
  m. John Sulyard
  iii. Lettice Barrington
  m. _ Chicksey
  iv.+ other issue - Humphrey, Edward
  B. Edmund Barenton of Graveley
2. Philip Barenton of Colewell (4th son)
  m. Joan Pykot (dau of John Pykot of Hatfield)
  A. Richard de Barenton
  m. Joan
  i. John Barenton
  a. John Barenton
  B. other issue - John, Alice
3.+ other issue - Humphrey, Thomas

Main source(s): G. Alan Lowndes's article on 'The History of the Barrington Family' in Volume I of 'Transactions of the Essex Archaelogical Society' (printed in Colchester in 1878), a transcription of which is contained on the web site at http://powys.org. [A database derived from that history may be found at www.southfarm.plus.com/barringtons/ .]
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