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Families covered: Barclay of Balmakewan, Barclay of Johnston, Barclay-Grahame of Morphie, Grahame of Morphie

John Barclay, 1st of Johnston
1. ?? Barclay, 2nd of Johnston
  A. ?? Barclay, 3rd of Johnston
  i. David Barclay, 4th of Johnston
  a. ?? Barclay, 5th of Johnston
  b. William Barclay, 1st of Balmakewan
(1) James Barclay, 2nd of Balmakewan
  m. Elizabeth Young (dau of Peter Young of Auldbar)
  (A) William Barclay later Grahame, 1st of Morphie, 3rd of Balmakewan (d 25.07.1776)
  William changed his name from Barclay to Grahame after inheriting the estate of Morphie from Francis Grahame of Morphie (dsp 1744), maternal cousin of his mother.
  m1. (mcrt 28.09.1748) Katherine Ogilvy (dau of John Ogilvy of Balbegnoe)
  (i) Anne Grahame (d 1815)
  m. James Badenach of Whiteriggs
  (a) Robert Badenach of Arthurhouse (d 1837) had issue
  m. (1831) Anne Wilson, later Badenach-Nicholson of Glenbervie (b 1799, d 03.10.1878)
  (ii) Isabella Grahame (d 04.03.1818)
  m. (27.12.1775) John Arbuthnott, 7th Viscount of Arbuthnott (bpt 25.10.1754, d 27.02.1800)
  m2. Wilhelmina Barclay (dau of Robert Barclay of Almericross)
  (iii) Robert Grahame, 2nd of Morphie (d 26.12.1792)
  m. (1785) Sarah Foster (dau of Emanuel Foster of Younger, Essex)
  (a) Robert William Graham (dvpsp)
  (b) Sarah Grahame
  m. Francis Bermingham
  (iv) Francis Grahame, 4th of Balmakewan, 3rd of Morphie (dsp)
  m. Marion Hutcheson
  (v) James Grahame
  m. (1781) Elizabeth Ewen (dau of John Ewen of Aberdeen)
  (a) Barron Grahame, 4th of Morphie (b 11.12.1792, d 06.08.1877)
  m. (1831) Somerville McCrae Morison (d 23.06.1881, dau of Sir Alexander Morison of Johnisburn)
  ((1)) Francis James Barclay Grahame (b 1832, d 1837)
  ((2)) Mary Barclay Grahame (b 1834, d 12.1909)
  ((3)) Marion Barclay Grahame (b 1836)
  m1. Christopher W. Kerr (d 1869)
  m2. (1870) Sir William Fettes Douglas (d 1891)
  ((4)) Francis Barclay-Grahame, 5th of Morphie (b 14.04.1838, dsp 25.06.1915)
((5)) Frances Barclay Grahame (b 1840, d 03.1935)
  ((6)) John Barclay Grahame (b 1842, d 1882)
  ((7)) Alexander Barclay Grahame (b 1844, d 1896)
  ((8)) James Barclay-Grahame, 6th of Morphie (b 1846, d 02.03.1918)
  m. (11.1875) Barbara Mary Thoms (b 02.03.1843, d 17.10.1918, dau of John Thoms of Clepington)
  ((A)) Barbara Marion Barclay-Grahame, 7th of Morphie
  m. (03.1912) David Rodan Hogg, later Barclay-Grahame
((B)) Somerville Catherine Barclay-Grahame (07.1877, d 1971)
  m. (03.1904) John Barns-Graham (b 1877, d 03.08.1954)
  ((C)) Agnes Muriel Barclay-Grahame (d 03.02.1932)
  ((D)) Joanna Olive Barclay-Grahame
  m. (06.06.1906) Edward Kynaston Williams (d 05.04.1947)
  ((9)) Somerville Barclay Grahame (b 1848, d 25.02.1930)
  m. (01.09.1873) Sir David Ferguson Ochterlony, 3rd Bart (d 25.12.1931)
  ((10)) Ann Barclay Grahame (b 1850, d 1936)
  m. (1875) Frederick George Cotman
  ((11)) Wilhelmina Barclay Grahame (b 1852, d 1869)
  (B) Elizabeth Barclay
  m. (28.10.1690) John Allardyce of Allardyce (bpt 06.08.1667, dsp 12.1690)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Barclay-Grahame of Morphie)
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