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Families covered: Baillie of Jerviswood, Baillie of Mellerstain, Baillie of Monktoun

BP1934 ('Baillie'), which covers the Baronets of Polkemmet (see Baillie3), identifies that family as a cadet of the Baillies of Jervistowne "who were descended from the Baillies of Carphin, who were cadets of the Baillies of Lamington" (see Baillie1). As the first reported Baillie of Polkemmet was married in 1600, and as it is believed (but has not yet been fully proven) that Jervistown and Jerviswood were the same estate, or at least were originally part of the same estate, it is thought very likely that there was an earlier line of Baillies of Jerviswood before the one that was started by the undermentioned George of St. John's Kirk. According to various web sites, George bought Jerviswood in 1636 (and then Whiteside, later called Mellerstain, in 1643). He is reported to have been the son of a prosperous Edinburgh burgess (merchant) and to have been descended from the Baillies of Lamington. We speculate that he was descended from the earlier Baillies of Jerviswood of whom the first we have so far identified is the following Alexander. This section should really still be within a Draft or Temporary page but, having made little progress with it for over 15 years and as it has a connection with the lower section which we were wishing to upload, we thought that we may as well release it into the 'proper database' as well.
Alexander Baillie of Jerviswood
m. Margaret Livingston (dau of William Livingston of Kilsyth) her father died by 1545
1. Robert Baillie of Jarvieston father of Elizabeth, possibly of this generation
  A. Robert Baillie of Jarvieston possibly of this generation
  B. Alexander Baillie brother of Robert, father of Euphemia, possibly of this generation
  i. Euphemia Baillie
  m. (20.04.1636) James Binning of Carlowriehaugh (b 1579)
  C Elizabeth Baillie
  m. Archibald Roberton of Stainhill
2. ?? Baillie
Uncertain on number of intervening generations. Please remember that this connection is speculative!
  A. ?? Baillie
  i. George Baillie of St. John's Kirk, later of Jerviswood & Mellerstain (d 1646)
m. Anne Burnett (dau of Alexander Burnett of Leys)
  a. Robert Baillie of Jerviswood & Mellerstain (b 1623, d 24.12.1684, famous covenanter)
  m. (20.01.1661) Rachel Johnston (dau of Sir Archibald Johnston of Warriston)
  (1) George Baillie of Jerviswood & Mellerstain (b 1664, d 06.08.1738)
  m. (17.09.1690-2) Grisell Home or Hume (b 24.12.1665, d 06.12.1746, dau of Patrick Hume, 1st Earl of Marchmont)
  (A) Grisell Baillie (b 26.10.1692, d 06.06.1759)
  m. (1710, div 1714, sp) Sir Alexander Murray, 3rd Bart of Stanhope (d 18.05.1743)
  (B) Rachel Baillie (d 24.03.1773)
m. (by 1720) Charles Hamilton, Lord Binning (b 1697, dvp 27.125.1732)
  Their elder son became the 7th Earl of Haddington. The estates of Jerviswood and Mellerstain passed to their second son who changed his name to Baillie-Hamilton and was ancestor of the 10th and later Earls of Haddington.
  The following other children were kindly reported to us by a contributor (DMcA, 03.03.07).
  (2)+ other issue - Archibald (b 26.06.1665), William (b 27.01.1669), Helen (b 29.04.1662), Margaret (b 23.08.1667), Rachel (b 11.04.1670)
  b. Grizel Baillie probably of this generation
Paterson (p385), used for the section below, reports that George, son of Grizel by the following James, was cousin of George Baillie of Jerviswood.
  m. James Kirkton (minister at Merton then Edinburgh)
  (1) George Kirkton of Edinburgh (surgeon)
  m. Jean (m2. _ Gray)
  (A) Grizel Kirkton ("only daughter")
  m. (mcrt 1720) Hugh Baillie of Monktoun & Kilbride @@ below
  (2)+ other issue
  c. Christian Baillie probably of this generation
  m. (1660) Joseph Brodie of Asleisk Castle (d 1682)
  d. Rachel Baillie possibly of this generation
  m. (31.03.1654) Andrew Gray (bpt 23.08.1633, d 08.02.1656, minister)



Paterson reports that the following family claims to be descended from the Baillies of Lamington.
Hew Baillie in Kilwinning
m. Ann Buntine (sister of Major _ Buntine of Kilbride)
1. William Baillie of Edinburgh, 1st of Monktoun (b c1656, d 1740)
m. Margaret Cuninghame (dau of the Laird of Enterkine)
  A. Hugh Baillie of Monktoun & Kilbride
  m1. (mcrt 1720) Grizel Kirkton (dau of George Kirkton of Edinburgh by Jean (Mrs Gray)) @@ above
  Paterson notes that George Kirkton was cousin of George Baillie of Jerviston.
  i. Robert Baillie (b c1730, d 1807, younger son)
m. Mary Cuninnghame (dau of Reid Cuninghame of Auchenharvie)
  a.+ issue - John, son, 5 daughters
  ii. Hugh Baillie, later of Newfield (b 1732-3, d 27.09.1813)
  m. Anne Pearce (dau of _ Pearce, Chief Judge of Calcutta)
  a. Hugh Baillie (d 1806 in India, only son)
  b. Julia Baillie (eldest daughter)
  m. (1802) James Dunlop of Dunlop (Lt. General)
  iii. Jean Baillie
  m. _ Kennan, later of Newfield (son of _ Kennan of Dirletoun)
  iv. Margaret Baillie
  m. _ Harding in Dublin (Counsellor)
  a. Frances Harding
  m. William Ryves of Ryves Castle
  v.+ other issue - William (b c1728, d 1756 in the Black Hole of Calcutta, 3rd child), Leslie, 5 others
  m2. _ Spence
  B. John Baillie of Glasgow b 1694)
  i.+ issue - Anne, Robina
  C. Robert Baillie ("who commanded an India ship")
  m. ?? (a lady in India")
  i.+ 2 daughters
  D. Francis Baillie (Captain)
  m. "an Irish lady"
  i. daughter
  m. _ More in Ireland
  E. Anne Baillie (b 1695)
  m. (1719) Hugh McBride of Baidland

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (first uploaded to a Temporary page on 05.01.05) : various web sites, supported by cross-references from elsewhere in the database
(2) For lower section : 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 2, 1852, p684+)
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