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Families covered: Aylwin of Goring, Aylwin (Alwin) of Treyford, Aylwin of Westdean

John Aylwin of Canons in West Dean, Sussex (a 11.1557)
m. Joane (d before 02.05.1564)
1. John Aylwin
  This line supported by Visitation (Sussex, 1662, Aylwin of Goring).
  m. Agnes
  A. John Aylwin of Preston in Binderton, 'of Westdeane' (d 01.08.1616)
  m. Mary Comber (dau of Thomas Comber of Allington)
  i. John Aylwin or Alwin of Lewes and/or Goring (a 1662)
  m. (08.04.1616) Mary Row (bpt 05.12.1596, dau of John Row of Lewis & Clifford's Inn)
  a. Thomas Aylwin of Goring (a 1662)
  m. Hannah Follett (dau of Henry Follett of Dartmouth)
  (1) Hannah Aylwin
  b. Richard Aylwin of Dartmouth
  m. Mary Staplehill (dau of Alexander Staplehill of Dartmouth)
  (1)+ issue - Herbert, Alexander, Mary, another
  c. Elizabeth Aylwin
  m. Edward Children
  d. Susan Aylwin
  m. George Hide
e.+ other issue - John, Henry, Herbert, Mary, Judith
2. William Aylwin of Treyford (a 1572)
  A. William Aylwin of Treyford (d 03.06.1592)
  This line is supported by Visitation (Sussex, 1662, Aylwin of Trefford) which starts with this generation but with the first 2 generations being shown in italics. Italicisation is normally taken as indicating either that the information may not have been in the formal Visitation record but was added by the Harleian editor or that the information is not certain.
  m. Catherine Tregoz
  i. Robert Aylwin of Treyford (d 16.06.1607, 3rd son)
m1. Elizabeth Bettsworth (dau of Richard Bettsworth of Fyning)
  There is some confusion over the next few generations. Berry shows Robert's son Thomas as father, by Ann Pearce, of the William (d 1713) who, by Joyce Quenell, was father of William (d unm 1737) and Robert, father of Mary & Elizabeth. Visitation shows Robert as father (by Elizabeth Bettesworth) of William (b c1594) father (by Anne Bettesworth of Fining) of the William who, by Joyce Quynell, was father of Robert, Richard & Thomas (stopping at that generation). VCH names Robert's successor as William (b c1594) and then mentions that Robert, son of William (with the wording making it likely but not definite that this was the William who b c1594), succeeded before 1678, had a brother Richard and a nephew William who was father of Robert father of William (d 1737), Robert (d 1740), Mary & Elizabeth.
  a. William Aylwin or Alwin of Treyford (Treford) (b 03.1594, d before 1678)
  m1/2. Anne Bettsworth (dau of ?? Bettsworth of Fyning)
  m2/1. Joyce Quenell (dau of Robert Quenell of Leghill or Lighill)
  (1) Robert Aylwin of Treyford (b c1622, d before 1689)
  (2) Richard Aylwin of Iping (b c1624, a 10.1689)
  m1. (c05.1648) Elizabeth Burdett of West Wortham (b 1625-6)
m2. (by 10.1689) Magdalen
  (3) Thomas Aylwin not named by VCH
  m. Ann Pearce
(A) William Aylwin of Woolbeding, later of Treyford (d 1713)
  m. Joan (a 1706)
  (i) Robert Aylwin of Treyford (d 1736)
  m. Mary Brown (dau of Stanislaus Brown of East Bourne)
  (a) William Aylwin of Treyford (d 1737)
  (b) Robert Aylwin of Treyford (d 1740)
  (c) Mary Aylwin (d 1750)
  m. Charles Talbot (d 1766, son of George, Earl of Shrewsbury)
  (d) Elizabeth Aylwin (d 1774)
  m. Sir William Mannock of Gifford's Hall, Bart (d 1764)
  (4) Edward Aylwin (a 1635)
  (5) Elizabeth Aylwin
  m. Jo. Peche
  (6) Jane Aylwin
  m. Jo. Stafferton
  (7) Anne Aylwin
  m. Henry Ady
  b. Elinor Aylwin
  m. Richard Coldham
  c. Ann Aylwin
  m. Richard Peckham
  d. Elizabeth Aylwin
  m. Anthony Langrish
  e.+ other issue - Robert, Katherine, Agnes
  m2. Jane
  ii.+ other issue (dvpspm) - William (d 1585), John (d 1588)

Main source(s): CountyGen (Sussex, Berry), VCH (Sussex, vol 4: The Rape of Chichester, Treyford)
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