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Families covered: Ayloffe of Braxted Magna, Ayloffe of Brittayne, Ayloffe of Hornchurch, Ayloffe of Melbourne

Apparently descended from Aliff ("a person of great note in the time of Edward the Confessor"), himself descended from Aluphus ("a Saxon"), was ...
John Ayloff of Hornchurch
m. Anne West (dau of Thomas West)
1. Thomas Ayloff of Hornchurch (Essex) & Susbury (Suffolk) (a temp Edward IV who r. 1461-1483)
  m. Agnes Birch (dau of William Birch by Agnes, dau of Roger Grice of Norfolk)
  A. William Ayloffe of Brittayne in Hornchurch, Essex
  m. Audrey Shaw (dau of Sir John Shaw or Shaa, Lord Mayor of London)
i. William Ayloffe of Brittayne or Brettaynes, Sheriff of Essex & Hertfordshire
  m1. Agnes Barnardiston (dau of Sir Thomas Barnardiston of Ketton by Anne, dau of Sir Thomas Lucas of Colchester)
  a. William Ayloffe of Brittayne, Sheriff of Essex (d 08.11.1585, judge)
  m. Jane Sulyard (dau of Eustace Sulyard of Flemings)
  (1) Sir William Ayloffe of Braxted Magna (Essex), Sheriff of Essex, 1st Bart (b 1563, d 05.08.1627)
  Sir William's wife is identified as Catharine, dau/coheir of John Sterne of Melbourne, but it appears that she was ...
m1. Catharine Sterne (dau/heir of Thomas Sterne, son of John of Melbourne)
  (A) Sir Bernard Ayloffe, 2nd Bart of Braxted Magna, Sheriff of Essex (bpt 29.08.1592, d 1662-3, 2nd son)
  m1. (c1621) Alice Archdale (bur 28.11.1612, dau of Martin Archdale or Avondalte of London)
  (i) Barbara Ayloffe (dsp)
  m2. (09.05.1616) Margaret Fanshaw (dau of Thomas Fanshaw of Ware Park (remembrancer), Aunt of Thomas, Lord Fanshaw)
  (ii) Sir William Ayloffe, 3rd Bart (bpt 03.12.1619, dsps 1675, Colonel)
  m. Anne Orbye (d 08.11.1683, dau of Peter Orbye of Burton Pedwarden (by Elizabeth, dau of Robert Horseman of Burton Penwardine), relict of Frederick de la Tremouille, Comte de Laval & Benon)
  (a) William Ayloffe (dvp unm)
  (iii) Sir Benjamin Ayloffe of London, 4th Bart (d 05.03.1722)
  m. (21.09.1669) Martha Tyrrel (dau of Sir John Tyrrel of Heron)
  (a) John Ayloffe (dvp unm)
(b) Margaret Ayloffe
  m. _ Jenks (minister of St. Dunstan's)
  (c) Martha Ayloffe
  m. John Preston of London
  (iv) Henry Ayloffe
  m. Dorothy Bulkeley (dau/heir of Richard Bulkeley of Cheadle)
  (a) Rev. Sir John Ayloffe of Stanford Rivers, 5th Bart (d unm 10.12.1730)
(b) Anne Ayloffe
  (v) Catharine Ayloffe
  m. Thomas Hardwick of Leeds
  (vi)+ other issue - Alice, Margaret, Anne
  m3. (c 12.1621, sp ) Margaret Porter (d c1681/2, sister of George Porter, m2. John Wale?)
  (B) James Ayloffe of Melbourne, Cambridgeshire
  m1. Jane Herris (dau of Sir William Herris or Harris of Shenfield)
  The following comes partly from VCH (Canbridgeshire, vol 8, 'Parishes: Melbourn').
  (i) William Ayloffe of Bassingbourn & Melbourn (d 1691) who apparently married ...
  m. Elizabeth Whalley (dau of Thomas Whalley of Kirton)
  m2. Elizabeth Penyston (dau of Thomas Penyston of Rochester, sister of Sir Thomas, Bart)
  (ii) Thomas Ayloffe of Melbourn Bury
(a)+ issue (dsp) - William, Thomas, James
  (iii)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Anne, Caterine
  (C) Mary Ayloffe
  m. Sir Anthony Thomas of Cobham
  (D) Elizabeth Ayloffe
m. Gervase Lee of Norwell
  (E) Jane Ayloffe
  m. Edward Kighley of Gray
  (F)+ other issue - Wlliam (dvp), Thomas (dsp), Joseph (dsp), Anne (dsp)
  m2. Barbara Sexton (bur 16.12.1617, dau/heir of Thomas Sexton)
  (J) Thomas Ayloffe of Brettaynes, of Gray's Inn
  m. Elizabeth Wentworth (dau of Edward Wentworth of Bocking)
  (i) Benjamin Ayloffe of Gray's Inn (b c1631)
  m. Victoria Erskine (dau of Alexander Erskine, son of John, Earl of Mar)
  (K) John Ayloffe (dsp, Colonel)
  m3. Alice Stokes (bur 17.04.1652, dau of James Stokes of Stoke)
  (L) Joseph Ayloffe of Gray's Inn
  m. Frances Ayscough (dau of Henry Ayscough)
  (i) Joseph Ayloffe of Gray's Inn (d 1726)
  m. Mary Ayloffe (dau of Bryan Ayloffe of London)
  (a) Sir Joseph Ayloffe, 6th Bart (b 1708-9, dsps 19.04.1781)
  m. (c1734) Margaret Railton (b 1704-5, d 08.03.1797, dau/heir of Thomas Railton of Carlisle)
  ((1)) Joseph Ayloffe (b c1735, dvp unm 19.12.1756)
  (ii)+ 1 son and 5 daughters
  (2) Thomas Ayloffe
  m. Mary Guicciardine
  (A) Guicciardine Ayloffe (Secretary of the Duchy of Lancaster)
  (3) George Ayloffe (dsp)
(4) Margaret Ayloffe
  m. Edward Broom or Browne of Oxfordshire
  b.+ other issue - Thomas, Gyles, Raffe, Mary, Elizabeth
  m2. (sp?) Margaret Forster (widow of Eustace Suliard of Flemings)
  ii. Sir Thomas Ayloffe (d 1555, Alderman of London)
  m. Elizabeth (Isabel) Walsingham (dau of Thomas Walsingham, sister of Sir Edward)
  a. William Ayloffe
  m. ?? (dau of John Colche alias Sterne of Suffolk)
  (1) William Ayloffe
  iii. Elizabeth Ayloffe
  m. Thomas Gaynesford or Gainsford of Crowhurst
iv.+ other issue - Thomas, Giles, Ralph, Mary, Elizabeth, Edith
  B. James Ayloffe
  m. Elizabeth Walsingham (dau of Sir Edward Walsingham, Lt. of the Tower)
  i. William Ayloffe of Chissell, Essex
  m1/2. Alice Searle (dau/heir of John Searle of Barkway)
  a. William Ayloffe of Chissell (Sergeant At law to the King)
  m. Elizabeth Holcroft (dau of Thomas Holcroft of Battersley)
  (1) Thomas Ayloffe of Chissell (a 1639, 2nd son)
  m. Anne Powell (dau/heir of William Powell of Salop)
  (A)+ issue - Grandissonn (dsp), William, Elizabeth (d young), Elizabeth
  (2) Isabell Ayloffe
  m. Sir Edward Bolton of Staffordshire
  (3) Mary Ayloffe
  m. William Dawkes of Essex
  (4)+ other issue - William (dsp), Oliver (dsp), Henry (dsp), Elizabeth
  b. Mary Ayloffe
  m. Henry Wallis of London
  m2/1. Allice Ketleborough
  C. Agnes Ayloffe
  m. Sir John Bruges or Bridges, Lord Mayor of London (a 1521)

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Ayloff of Braxted Magna) with support/input from Visitation (Essex, 1612+1634, Ayloffe), Visitation (Cambridgeshire, 1575+1619, Ayloffe), TCB (Vol 1, 'Ayloffe of Braxted magna', p93+)
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